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Summer of New Beginnings

Jul 21, 2009 @ 5:22 AM Summer of New Beginnings    

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Tad's mind raced with antipation as his '78 Dodge pickup careened down the dusty road with his dog Jake to the camp entrance in the rugged hills rimming the the Snake River basin. After moving through registration formalities, he found his spot in a corner of a rather empty campground, dotted with tall Ponderosa pines.

Jake came bounding out the tailgate and began staking out the area, that Labrador nose alive, gliding to and fro along the pine needle-covered ground.

After pitching his blue Coleman tent and bear-proofing the food, he gathered his fishing gear together. Rod, line, bait - "Shit, I left the bait at the store in Lewiston!" He hesitated a moment, not quite sure what to do.

"Howdy stranger!" Tad jumped at the smooth, down-home female voice behind him, leaning on the trunk of one of the pines. She wore jeans and a cowgirl hat, was of average, slightly stocky build, red curly hair to her shoulders, and her frecked face and cute slightly upturned nose bespoke a woman of earth and cattle.

In the inner recesses of the depravity of his mind, he though "Oh, man I'd love to ride one of those!"

She spoke, "Lookin' for something?" He said, "Well, yeah, I have no bait."

She giggled. Her giggles sent the feeling of embarrassment - the sort one feels when one asks a lovely young teen on whom he's had a secret crush to the prom. It make him feel strangely manly.

There was silence. Tad, though a mountain man straight as the hairs on his chest, was a tad shy. His head was red from the sun, and his blond hair bleached.. His thin, sinewy body with well-defined calves and biceps, his average sized but rough hands, told a story of great trial and tribulation.

She approached him, hat removed to reveal the full glory of her head, and said in a soft voice, "I lost my husband two years ago. He never gave me a child. He was a man like you. I loved him." She paused, looking at the ground for what seemed like several minutes. Then she looked up: "I want you to give me the child I never had." She began caressing his arms, his sides, his body, then stood up and kissed him ever so lightly on the lips. Any remaining passivity in Tad flew and he grabbed her and locked his tongue onto hers. He gripped her shapely buttocks and kneeded it gently but firmly, continuing to kiss her. "Come." he said.

They ducked into the tent and then resumed their rhythm lying protrate next to each other on their sides, face to face. She began to unbutton his flannel shirt, beginning at the top, while he gently kissed her head and nibbled her ears. He then removed her shirt deftly and then her bra, such that the two of them were topless.

He began caressing her smooth, soft breast. It was not the breast of an 18-year-old, but of a 35-year-old mature woman seeing her own clock on the move. He caressed it, so gently, so slowly, so lovingly with his hand, gently bringing the nipple out of its shy retreat to full attention. At this point, he switch from hands to mouth, and ever so gently, almost imperceptibly, bit down and pulled back slightly, nibbling the sensitive little organ, Hester moaned slightly. Then he put his whole mouth on the breast - or as much as he could - and sucked deeply. Hester's moan this time was almost a scream of pleasure. As he fondled the other breast with his free hand, he worked Hester's right breast with his mouth in a regular rhythm.

Sensing the inertia of the moment, he continued sucking, but moved his hand down to Hester's pants, releasing his mouth from the breast long enough to unbutton and unzip her trousers. After lubricating his index finger with saliva, He creatively maneuvered his right hand down her pants - just enough to get to the clitoris, which he approached gently and reverently. This, after all, was the sacred statue that stood near the entrance to the Holy of Holies. Ever so gently he began fondling it, slowly at first, but with a definiate acceleration. Then - suddenly - he jumped up, pulled her trousers off, and dove in head first, not considering the tickling effect of his six days of beard growth. Passionately, deeply, purpopsefully, he tounged around the edges of Hester's clitorous, tasting (and enjoying) the rather tart juices that served as her native lubrication. As he worked, in a circular pattern around the clitoris, he felt Hester's pain. Something was transferred beftween them, an understanding, a deep sorrow even in the midst of her sexual ecstasy. She moaned louder and louder, matching his rhythm. He began using more the tip of the tongue, swinging it quickly side-by-side in the work zone and this time hitting the clitoris head-on with a fast, and complex pattern. Hester's moans became must more intense. The clitoris hardened. Her legs spontaneously came together grabbing his head, as if to say, "Well done, manly man!"

Now came upon them the moment this man and this woman, strangers not 20 minutes previous, would engage in the most sacred and intimate physical union among humanity. He sidled up on top of her, her eyes still closed, her breathing still heavy. Her eyes opened. Beautiful brown almond-shaped eyes, with no makeup on her face, just the natural beauty of an honest country gal. He pressed himself such that the tip barely entered the vagina - like a polite knock on the door.

"Come on, cowboy! I want you so bad! I need you!"

His entry thrust was slow, deliberate, and unstoppable. His pel
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Jul 21, 2009 @ 5:29 AM Summer of New Beginnings    

Posts: 10

"Come on, cowboy! I want you so bad! I need you!"

His entry thrust was slow, deliberate, and unstoppable. His pelvis met hers. She had no large stomach on which he had to teeter-totter, nor did she complain "Get off me, I cannot breath!" No, it was only "More. Fuck me." His second thrust was quicker. He had learned, from experience, that deep and deliberate beats fast and shallow - except at the very end.

Tad and Hester had stars in their eyes, like fireworks. They were united at the height of pleasure a man and woman can feel together. They rocked back and forth, in the same position, for ten minutes. Twice, Tad had to keep from coming.

Then he stopped. Hester seemed to know exactly what to do, as she assumed the position of the dog, her pussy dripping, her tight little rose-like elimination orifice punctuating the center of a spread of beautiful feminine derriere.

He sidled up behind her, and resumed his internal position in her pussy. This time, he quickly became primal, savage, violent - the atavistic tendencies of ancestors taking uncontrollable hold upon him. He RAMMED RAMMED RAMMED her, as she with her weaker frame tried to keep rhythm. Within a couple of minutes his shaft was like an overheading diesel piston, growing ever hotter, hotter, hotter, until.... BOOOM! And thrust, and another BOOM! And Thrurst, boom, thrust thrust boom!

The feelings on the back of his neck defy description. He know that he had given this woman Hester his best shot at what she had asked for. In the secret places he had no way of knowing if it would work, or if conception was beginning at even that very moment, but the outcome of the magic of Tad and Hester is something they glowed and basked in - for the next fifteen minutes.

"So what's your name, anyways?"
"Tad. What's yours sweetness?"
"Hester. So you like to fish? I got some bait up at the cabin."

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