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The first date

Nov 10, 2008 @ 8:20 PM The first date    

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We agree on a nice, casual restaurant for dinner, meeting around 7:00. I arrive in standard attire for me - jeans and a golf shirt, and find you in a light, silk blouse and jeans. We enjoy a nice dinner and a couple of drinks and as things are going well, decide to head to a nearby bar for a couple more drinks. We talk, things going well as we find a number of similar interests. Periodically, I glance at your chest, thinking I haven’t been caught but although you see me, you don’t call me on it.

We decide to play a little pool as the bar is quiet this evening and the tables are open. Tonight is not one of my better nights and you beat me handily. After a couple of games getting killed, I suggest a game of darts, one of my favorites. After a couple of warm-ups, we start and I’m winning easily, much as you did at pool. By the third game, I’ve gotten a bit cocky and offer you a proposition: A bulls-eye by me on the next throw and we head back to your place for a night cap, a miss and we stay here for the evening.

You accept, secretly hoping for a bulls-eye having seen my glances and having taken a few of your own, and I step to the line…. One dart, one bulls-eye. You act stunned, pretending to be shocked and a bit disappointed but, the slight stiffening of your nipples (which I notice) gives you away. I smile and ask you, “So, how do we get there?”

After a quick stop for a bottle of wine, we arrive. You open the door and show me in, apologizing for the mess as you weren’t expecting company. Not that I notice any mess but I smile and assure you it’s ok. We pour the wine and take a seat on the couch. As the evening progress, and a few glasses have been drunk, the conversation drifts towards sex., talking about past experience, not in detail but generalities. How good or bad an ex was, what he or she would and wouldn’t do. The conversation moves more to likes and dislikes and as we find a lot of things in common, I notice your breathing getting slightly deeper as your nipples are now pushing against your blouse. I also feel a slight pressure in my jeans and am sure a bulge is forming…. I only hope you don’t notice but, you already have.

Realizing the wine glasses are empty, you remember another bottle in the fridge. You excuse yourself to get more and I use the opportunity to, shall we say, adjust things so as not to be obvious. After a moment, you return from the kitchen and what I see stuns me…..

“Um, you seem to have lost something”, I say, referring to the jeans you’re no longer wearing. You smile, “Oops.” “And, well, I’ll be damned, I’ve lost my bra as well,” as you grin wickedly. Glancing toward my now obvious bulge, your tongue briefly runs over your lower lip as you say, “Hmmm, perhaps you should lose something too, before you strain something there…”
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Nov 10, 2008 @ 8:21 PM The first date    

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You walk and stand before me, slowly unbuttoning your blouse and letting it slip off your arms onto the floor. You lower yourself to your knees, reaching forward and unbuttoning my jeans, pulling the zipper down and tugging them off me. “Oh, that feels better I say,” now free of the fabric, my cock stands out. “I think I know something that will feel even better,” you say as you proceed to take my cock and rub it along your breasts, your hard nipples caressing the underside of my head. Your other hand reaches down, freeing my balls from my boxers and begins to fondle them, rolling them gently in your fingers. Without warning, your nipples are gone and my cock is in your mouth. I moan as your lips slide down it, taking my entire cock into your warm mouth. Your tongue moves back and forth, caressing my head as you begin to work your lips up and down my hard shaft. As I moan, you also moan, sending vibrations through my cock which almost puts me over the edge.

My hands reach to your shoulders and gently lift you up. As you stand, I notice a dark, damp patch on your panties and smile as I say, “Let’s get you out of those wet clothes.” I lean forward my lips, inches from your skin and slowly slide your soaked panties off you. As my head rises, the scent of you fills me and my tongue briefly touches your inner thigh. You moan and lean forward, your hands on the back of the couch on either side of me, your breasts in my face. I reach up and massage them, circling them and then lifting them, tugging your nipple as I let them fall from my hands. I bring one to my mouth, the tip of my tongue making circles, smaller and smaller as my lips close on your nipple and suck deeply. You gasp and then moan as a finger reaches between your thighs, running on along your dripping pussy, not entering you but moving over your lips and clit.

My finger moves away as my lips release your nipple and I lick the taste of you off it. “Mmmmm, sweeter even than the wine,” I say. At that, I pull you closer to the couch and coax one of your legs up, your foot resting on the top of the couch back, placing your now swollen, wet lips directly in front of me. My head turns slightly, reaching the appropriate angle and my tongue extends, pressing against your pussy until your lips open for me. My tongue moves into you, your moan so loud I’m sure the neighbors must’ve heard it. My hands are firmly on your ass, squeezing it, as my tongue darts in and out of you. I feel your pussy tense slightly then release, your hips moving in rhythm with my tongue. Sweet juices coat my tongue and lips as you get wetter than before. I pull my head back suddenly, lick the taste of you from my lips and smile.

As I start to pull off my shirt, you drop down and pull my boxers off, tossing them aside. You kneel on the couch over me, your knees on either side of my hips, pussy just above my rock. Reaching down, you take hold of me and look directly into my eyes, smiling and then moaning as you guide yourself onto me. You slide down my cock, taking all of me into you and our lips meet, kissing passionately as I feel myself completely in the warm folds of your pussy.

You begin rocking back and forth, slowly at first, my entire cock deep in your cunt as you do. My lips move to your neck as my hands slide up your sides and move inward, caressing your tits and playing with your rock hard nipples. I feel you rocking back and forth faster now, your breathing deepens as you tighten on my cock. My lips return to yours, opening as our tongues meet and I feel your hips rise slightly, up and down a bit more each time as you begin to slowly move up and down my cock. As you begin to ride the full length of me, you move up and down more rapidly, your arms outstretched, bracing yourself on the back of the couch. Your body now away from mine, I moan as you ride my and watch your breasts bounce as your pace quickens. One of your arms moves and suddenly I have your hand on my balls, caressing and fondling them as you ride me as hard as you can. Your moaning is constant now, getting louder and more high-pitched as you near orgasm. My breathing deepens, moans escaping my lips as I can feel the pressure building in me.

You can tell, as my balls begin to tighten, and you smile….. “Cum with me baby,” you say. Your hand now rubbing my balls, trying to coax the cum from my cock. My hips thrust upward as you come down, sending shivers through your body and eliciting a little scream of pleasure from you. Your pussy spasms on me and I can feel a bit of cum ooze from me. “Oh god, “ I moan as I grab your hips and pull you all the way down on my cock and drive my hips upward. “God yes,” you yell as my cock explodes in you, your pussy clamping onto it as your own orgasm hits you. Our hips pressed tightly to each other, we grind as my cock twitches and release my cum inside you. Your pussy clenches and releases, milking my cock as our lips have once again met, tongues circling each other….

We remain like that for a few minutes, our orgasms subsiding. My cock softens, and slowly slips out of you. Your thighs and my cock coated in a mixture of our cum, we’ve made quite a mess. You must be reading my mind as you look into my eyes and say, “Hmmm, we’re a bit sticky now, aren’t we? We really need a shower to clean off…..”
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