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A good shower...

Nov 1, 2008 @ 1:57 PM A good shower...    

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Coming home after a round of golf, I heat the water running as I open the door. You hear the door close and yell “Hi baby, I just got in the shower so it’ll be a bit before I’m out.” My head filled with thoughts of you, the warm water running over your body, I quickly undress and quietly head for the bathroom. You’re startled as I slide the shower door open and slip in but that surprise turns to arousal almost immediately. We embrace, our naked bodies pressed together, our tongues dance inside each others mouths as the warm water flows over us. Your tits press against my chest, nipples hard as my hands glide along your back, squeezing your ass and sliding up, fingers running through your hair as our kiss deepens. I turn you around, my chest pressed against your back, my now rock hard cock brushing your inner thigh as I kiss your neck on each side, arms around you, my hands cupping yours breasts, massaging them and rolling your nipples between my thumb and finger. Suddenly you turn and whisper in my ear that you want to suck my cock, nibbling on my ear as you pull away. Staring into my eyes, your hands on my shoulders as the water runs down our bodies you lather me up with suds, circling each of my nipples with the tip of your fingers. Your hands slide down my chest and to my waiting cock, stroking it a few times then moves to my balls. You roll them in your fingers as I kiss my lips, my neck and down the front of my body.

You slowly fall to your knees, kissing each of my balls nice and slow, surrounding them with your lips and sucking each one. Your lips move to my hard shaft, kissing up, kissing down, licking it all over. You then take your cock into my mouth, just the head at first, tongue cupping it as you slowly suck. My hands move to your head, fingers tangling in your hair as you move. As your mouth begins moving over my cock, each time a little faster, my cock sliding in deeper each time. You hear me moan, the pleasure you’re brining me so intense. You move faster now, lips locked on to my cock tight sucking hard, moving back and forth. Feeling as if I will explode soon, I look down at you and slowly pull my cock from your mouth. I pull you to your feet and kiss you deeply, my lips moving to your neck as the warm water runs down our bodies.

I nibble gently at your ears as I feel your hardened nipples pressing against my chest. I lower my head and circle your nipples with my tongue, first one than the other, before taking one in my mouth, sucking on it and nibbling as I tug on it. My hand slides down your stomach and finds its way between your legs. Your thighs part as my finger runs along your slit, warm and wet from your juices and the water pouring down on us. I drop to my knees, my tongue trailing down your stomach and brushing your clit as I find my way to your dripping pussy. I spread your lips with my tongue, running it up and down your hole, probing gently on occasion. Each time I push my tongue into you, you quiver and I reach up to massage your clit. My tongue moves up and down your cunt, circling it before I plunge it deep inside of you. You reach down and push my face hard between your thighs and grind against my tongue as your other hand plays with your nipples. You moan and move my lips slowly to your clit and suck on it gently at first, increasing the pressure as I slide a finger inside of you. I explore you with my finger as my tongue flicks at your clit. Deeper and deeper I probe as I work your clit. Small tremors run through your body and you begin to moan softly. I circle your pussy with my tongue, my finger sliding in and out of you. I look up at you and smile, you moan louder and drive my face into your pussy. My tongue presses into you and shiver, your moans turning to gasps of pleasure as I bury my tongue inside you. I slide a finger in and move back to your clit, flicking at it, circling at before I suck hard on it. You let out a light scream as you begin to cum. I move down and run my tongue along your pussy as you cum, savoring your juices. As you reach the peak of orgasm, I thrust my tongue you again and feel your muscles contract around it as you explode, your juices running down my chin. I pull away as I lick your juices from my chin. Smiling, I stand to kiss you, our lips pressed together as our bodies grind against one another.

My lips find your neck, kissing slowly up to you ear, nibbling your earlobe before whispering how badly I need to be inside of you right now, how I need to feel that wet, hot, tight pussy on my cock. Your moan tells me you want the same thing, no words need to be exchanged as your turn around, arms reaching, bracing your self against the shower wall as you bend over. The water from the shower splashes on your back, running over you as hands move to your hips, my cock brushing your thigh as the head moves to your wet opening. Slowly, I enter you, you moan and push back against me, wanting my cock deep in you. I begin moving, back and forth slowly at first, just inching my cock deep inside you. My desire builds as your moans get louder, my strokes longer, deeper and harder each time until my hips are smacking against you, burying my cock in you. My balls graze your throbbing clit each time, my hands sliding under you, reaching your tits, playing with your nipples as we fuck.

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Nov 1, 2008 @ 1:58 PM A good shower...    

Posts: 6
Suddenly, the water turns cold, startling us both as the hot water runs out since we’ve been in there so long. Quickly, we jump out, my arms grabbing you, sitting you on the vanity, your pussy right at the edge. My lips find yours as my cock drives back into you, your legs wrapping around my waist. Hard, long and deep strokes quickly have you moaning again and as my head lowers, sucking in a nipple, nibbling on it, you tell me you’re nearing the edge again. A moan from me sends vibrations through your nipple and they ripple throughout your body as I begin thrusting harder and faster. The water from our bodies as you sliding on the countertop so my hands move to your ass, pulling you against, driving my cock deeper into you with time. Your moans turn to screams as I feel your pussy clenching me, tightening on my cock each stroke. Your juices running out more, trickling over my balls as my lips move to your neck, kissing and then whispering in your ear how much I want you to cum baby. You feel my pace quicken even more, knowing I’m getting close myself. Our hips grind as they meet, your pussy squeezing me hard as you cum. I moan in your ear as I drive in deep one last time, my balls tighten and thighs tense as I erupt inside, my cum mixing with yours deep inside you….
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