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road trip By Phineas

Jan 22, 2008 @ 10:32 PM road trip By Phineas    

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Road Trip
by Phineas©

Mark glanced at his speedometer, it read 77 miles per hour. He adjusted his foot on the accelerator, regretting his caution but knowing that his luck did not allow for carelessness. He was on his way to meet with the women he impetuously referred to as his girlfriend. It was impetuous because they had never met before. Oh, they knew each other inside and out, from favorite foods to most embarrassing moments. They had seen each other countless times in pictures and streaming video, but at long last they were going to meet.

It was also impetuous because they were both mired in their careers and in their lives. Moving closer was not an option for either Mark or Kathy, but after a year of online chatting, including countless times spent in front of webcams, they had insisted upon taking the chance. They just had to know what the other person was like. In person, that is.

It was a dreary August day outside, something uncommon in southern Michigan. It was still hot and balmy, but the warm rain made the humidity even worse. Typical weather would have been hot and unpleasant and blisteringly sunny for the locals who were used to less direct sunshine. Thus it was only atypical in the absence of the sun.

Mark pulled off at their agreed upon exit and drove up the road a ways to the nearby state park. He pulled off and checked his watch, anxious. He was early by nearly 30 minutes, but given the speed his blood was pulsing through his veins he was surprised he was not earlier still. He settled back and tried to calm himself, seeking peace through meditation. It eluded him.

Kathy pulled up and parked ahead of him, surprising him. He glanced at his watch and noticed they had 25 minutes to go until they were supposed to meet. He grinned when he realized she was clearly as nervous and as anxious as he was. Then again, what if it was not really Kathy? He peered at the van, fearful of making an embarrassing mistake. The color, dark green, and the model, a Ford Aerostar, were correct. It had Iowa tags on it. It had to be her!

Mark shut his car off and opened the door, instantly feeling the choking moisture threaten to smother his lungs. He ignored it and stepped out of his car, wishing for a moment that he had an umbrella to protect him from the persistent drizzle. Realizing wishes were useless, he strode forward boldly and walked up to the driver side of the van.

Before he could reach the window the door opened and a leg swung out. Mark realized he was holding his breath as he looked at the leg. It seemed to go on forever and, aside from the open toed sandals she wore that displayed her cutely painted toenails, it was naked. Eyes wide, he was soon greeted with the rest of her body. She stepped out of the van and smiled a little nervously at him. She had on a light pale blue dress that fell nearly to her knees once she was standing. Mark saw her and returned her smile, feeling a little less foolish all of a sudden.

"Hi," he said, stepping towards her.

Uncertainly she responded, raising her own hand as she parroted his greeting.

Mark shook his head and laughed, growing bolder by the second. He saw the same person now he had seen countless times on his computer monitor, and he knew how to read her. He took her hand and pulled her to him, catching her off guard but not off balance.

"Shaking hands? That's no way for us to finally meet," he said as he pulled her to him.

Kathy was surprised but she did not resist. She let him pull her into his arms and she enjoyed the feeling of his strong grip. Then their lips were touching and she closed her eyes, surrendering to his masculinity. The raw smell of the falling rain on the grass and forest floor, the taste of his skin, and the feel of his hands on her body caused her to lose herself in him.

When the kiss ended she realized she was all but panting for breath. The rain had picked up some, from a drizzle to a serious sprinkle. She stared at him and said, after a moment, "Hi". This time her voice was more relaxed and playful. Mark grinned at her and leaned in for another kiss.

"We'd better go somewhere and get out of this rain," he said to her when they finished with their second, and longer, kiss. Already her dress was sticking to her skin and showing just how truly light it was. Mark was not complaining, by any means, but he though propriety might serve him well.

"Mmmm," Kathy moaned softly. "I don't think so. I love the rain… you know what I've always wanted to do…"

Mark chuckled, then looked at her. Yes, she was serious. "Okay, where to?" He asked her.

"Follow me," she teased, turning back to her van and reaching inside to get her purse. She pulled it out and Mark's eyes creased in a smirk. He had teased her many times about the size of her purse, though before he had only seen it in pictures or via a webcam. It was large enough to fit a small dog inside and still have room left over.

Kathy took off down a trail, surprising him with her speed and apparent self-confidence. Then again, he knew that when she made her mind up to do something she was a force to be reckoned with. A grin on his face, he followed after her.

Several minutes of walking brought them to an area where the trail widened and a few wooden benches rested. The tree cover prevented the worst of the growing storm from reaching them, but large drops of water and occasional gusts of wind still plagued them. Mark had no complaints, of
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Jan 22, 2008 @ 10:34 PM road trip By Phineas    

Posts: 31
course, because it had turned Kathy's dress into something that he could see through.

She turned to face him and smiled, a little anxiety apparent in her curved lips. Mark stepped towards her, keeping his eyes away from her dark nipples that poked through the soaked material covering them. Their arms opened and they embraced again, reliving the passion they had shared only moments before.

Kathy could feel Mark's hardness straining against her through their wet clothing. She ground her thigh up against it, making him gasp. She grinned, breaking the kiss, and stepped back away from him. Mark tried to move forward to her but she held her hands out, fingertips lightly touching his shoulders. She shook her head, saying nothing, and let her hands drop to her sides.

Mark watched her, fascinated and caught up in her spell. Her fingers curled around the hem of her dress and pulled it up, peeling it away from where it was clinging to her skin. In slow, torturous moments she stood with her dress bunched up in her hands, then it was sailing through the air and landing on a bench. She stood nude in front of him, save for her sandles. She had worn no underwear beneath her dress.

Mark stepped towards her again, determined to possess her again. She let him, and they kissed anew. Mark's hands roamed over her back and sides, then down to her ass. He rubbed and grasped her naked flesh. Gently, yet firmly, he conveyed his need to her. Kathy writhed up against his trapped cock and felt him trembling against her.

Neither of them knew what happened next, whether Mark had pushed her down or whether she had dropped to her knees herself in front of him. What mattered was that her mouth was inches from his waist and both of them were totally focused on the moment. Kathy licked her lips and ran her hands up his thighs. Mark just stared at her, lost in the moment and in his passion.

She was undoing his belt and then the button on his pants then. Mark came to life, lifting his hands to help her, then realizing he would only get in the way. She unzipped him and reached inside, pulling him free from the sleeve his underwear had trapped him in. Mark stared in awe as she held him steady in her hands and reached out with her tongue to lick the growing wet spot on the end of his penis. She withdrew her tongue, causing a strand of the pre-cum to grow until it finally parted. Mark gasped, and that was apparently the signal Kathy was waiting for.

She opened her glistening lips and took him between them with no more preamble or warning. He shuddered and his hips bucked at the sudden sensations of warmth, pressure, and suction. Kathy descended on him until he bumped into the back of her throat, then she stopped. There was still a little distance to go on him, but one thing at a time.

She held him there in her mouth, stiff as a piece of forged steel, and increased her hold on him with her lips and her tongue. Sucking as hard as she could, she swallowed repeatedly. Mark's knees trembled and his hands reached out to her head, whether for balance or to guide her neither yet knew. It turned Kathy on immensely to know the effect she was having on him. Already she could taste a fresh surge of his pre-cum. She fought the urge to chuckle, knowing he would not last nearly as long as he had claimed over the net that he would be able to.

She began bobbing her head up and down on him then, using one hand in front of her lips to cover as much of his cock as she could and increase the pleasure. He groaned and let his hands ride with her head as it slowly pistoned on his shaft. Kathy's other hand slipped between his legs, her fingernails gently tickling and scratching at his scrotum and then the skin behind and beneath it.

Mark shuddered, bucking his hips forward again instinctively. Kathy tried not to grin around her mouthful of his flesh. She loved giving head, the power she felt while bringing her lover such pleasure, and the trust she felt bestowed on her to do so, was indescribable. Beyond definition as it was, it was also an incredible aphrodisiac to her.

After a few moments of being fed a gradual stream of Mark's seminal fluid Kathy realized she had to have some attention herself. She loved giving head and could happily do it for hours on end, but there was something special about this meeting. All the time they had spent chatting, all the things they had shared, and all the intimate moments without physical closeness between them were making this first meeting something so overpowering that she was breaking her own rules.

She dropped her hand from his balls and reached between her own spread legs. She slipped her finger inside of herself and realized, for the first time, that she was so wet and turned on that her juices were running down her legs. She almost laughed again, but was stopped by her growing lust as much as the dick in her mouth that would have muffled any attempts.

She reached into the purse beside her, which she had dropped before removing her dress and all but forgotten about. A few moments of blind fumbling and she found what she sought. A small vibrator, ready and anxious to be used. She slipped it between her legs and slid it inside of her pussy, surprised at how both how good it felt and how easily it had gained entrance.

Kathy realized how incredibly turned on she was as well. She could not remember ever having been as wet as she was right then and there. She was so turned on her ju
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Jan 22, 2008 @ 10:36 PM road trip By Phineas    

Posts: 31
juices were actually running down the insides of her thighs. Just having the small vibrator inside of her, even turned off, was distracting her from the task that she took such painstaking care in perfecting over the years.

Kathy slid her hand back up Mark's leg, the dildo concealed from his view and carefully not touching his skin. She reached up with her pointer finger and traced a line from his sack back to his rectum, tickling the skin as she want and making him moan appreciatively. When she reached his ass Mark's breath hissed between his teeth. He hesitated a moment then shifted his legs, allowing her better access. Kathy could not help but smile around him this time.

Her finger, also slick with her juices, probed gently at him, teasing and relaxing the muscles as it insistently slipped inside of him. He grunted at the intrusion, swelling harder in her mouth. Kathy slowed down her oral ministrations on him, careful to keep him from exploding too quickly. She pursed her lips tightly around his cock just behind the head of it, squeezing with her hand on it as well to help him regain a few precious moments of control. It worked, for Mark relaxed a little, the death grip his ass had on her finger relenting.

Kathy removed the finger, hearing his disappointed sigh and loving it. She replaced it with the tip of the vibrator, surprising him with its thicker girth and sliding it inside of him before he had a chance to react to it. He grunted, surprised and suddenly filled. Kathy held it in place and did her swallowing trick again, sucking forcefully at his dick with her mouth. He relaxed again and started using his hands to guide her head up and down on his cock again. Kathy smiled around him, knowing it was time.

She pulled her hand away from him and let him pull her all the way down until her lips mashed against his pubic hair. He held her there for a second then pulled her away, repeating the process with growing speed. Kathy adored the attention and the obvious care he was taking in not gagging her, for he was clearly lost in his passion.

She twisted the base of the vibrator then, turning it on inside of him. Mark moaned, the loudest and most powerful she had yet heard, and shuddered in her mouth. He lost control, pulling her head harder and faster on to him. Grinning in satisfaction at knowing she had done this to him, Kathy managed to get her hand back around the base of his cock to keep him from choking her accidentally. Nothing killed the mood of a good blow job more than a gagging and retching woman.

She twisted the slippery vibrating dildo in his ass and pistoned it in and out a little, causing his cock to stiffen in her mouth and spill out a small tremor induced dollop of his cum. It was time, and she knew it.

She pulled away from him, her face only inches from his throbbing penis, and worked her hand up and down his spit-slickened shaft as fast and as firmly as she could. Mark gasped and surrendered control of his body to the passions racing through him. His hips bucked in her hands and in seconds the first explosion racked through him and caused a rocket of his cum to burst across her face. The geyser continued interrupted only by the spasming muscles with him, coating her chin, lips, cheeks, nose, and even forehead with his juices. It took all the control Kathy had to not open her eyes and watch him for fear of getting hit directly in the eyes.

Finally the deluge of his hot seed ended. She opened her eyes and looked up at him, smiling happily at her success. She still held his manhood in her hand, which had begun to slowly recede from her. Meeting his appreciate gaze with her own lustful one, she stuck her tongue out and licked the tip of his cock where a thick drop of his semen had gathered. Normally the texture was something she could not handle, but in small amounts and for someone special she was willing to make exceptions.

Mark watched her appreciatively, still to overwhelmed by the earth-shattering blow job to think or react. She slipped the head of his cock in her mouth and sucked, making him shiver at the now sensitive nerve endings. She turned the vibrator off and pulled it out of him, dropping it in the wet grass beside the trail for later recovery. Mark stared down at her lovingly as she continued to massage him with her tongue and lips.

Much to his surprise she continued to do it, worshipping his penis as though it staying hard mattered to her more than life or death. The minutes passed by and he realized that the mental change that always happened after an orgasm was receding. Her technique was working, he was feeling more energetic and more focused on sex again. To echo his sentiments his cock started to swell again. It had never fully deflated thanks to her ministrations, and now it was engorging itself again for a second round. He grinned and reached down to her shoulders, pulling her up.

Kathy stood, unhappily relinquishing her mouth's grip on his dick, and looked at him. Forgetting the cum spattering her face he kissed her again, their tongues battling against each other. Then they parted and he turned her around and guided her to one of the benches. She followed his lead knelt on the seat and supported herself with her arms on the backrest of it. Mark reached up and wiped his face, realizing he wore some of his own spunk from the kiss, and pulled his hand away in concern. He looked at it for a long second, then shrugged and wiped his h
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Jan 22, 2008 @ 10:37 PM road trip By Phineas    

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Kathy stood, unhappily relinquishing her mouth's grip on his dick, and looked at him. Forgetting the cum spattering her face he kissed her again, their tongues battling against each other. Then they parted and he turned her around and guided her to one of the benches. She followed his lead knelt on the seat and supported herself with her arms on the backrest of it. Mark reached up and wiped his face, realizing he wore some of his own spunk from the kiss, and pulled his hand away in concern. He looked at it for a long second, then shrugged and wiped his hand off on his shirt.

Mark stepped up behind Kathy and ran his fingers down her back, making her shiver in delight. He knelt down behind her and teased her ass with his fingertips, lightly running them all over it and paying special attention to the valley separating her cheeks. He slid his fingers down further, running them through the wet valley that her opened lips offered, and gently grazing her most sensitive spot. She jumped on the bench, surprised by her own reaction to his fingers and the magic they seemed to contain with them.

Then she felt Mark's tongue sliding down her that same valley. It dipped lower and lower, making her hold her breath and pray that he would not stop. She nearly squealed in excitement when he stayed on his course, and would have had her breath suddenly been lost to her. The feeling of his tongue licking over and teasing her rectum made her forget to breath. Then when she remembered all she could do was moan loudly at the incredible sensation of his hot breath on her sensitive skin. More than the sensation it was the intimacy and the knowledge that someone was actually licking her…back there!

She had fantasized for years of just such an encounter, and without even realizing it every shower had spent extra time making sure if it happened she would be ready for it. Having some warning, but still uncertain if they would hit it off in person, Kathy had gone out of her way to be sure she was as clean as humanly possible, both inside and out.

She had no idea if Mark appreciated her hard work or not, but she know that she certainly appreciated it! She moaned again as she felt his fingers flutter over her clitoris and his thumb slip insider her pussy. His tongue continued its dance and she lowered herself on the bench to push her ass up and back at him, giving him as much access as he wanted. To be so obscenely exposed only excited her more.

Knowing that the encounter was heading in the direction she had hoped and prayed it would, Kathy could stand no more torture, wonderful as it was. "I. Need. You. In. Me!" She gasped between breaths.

Unseen behind her, Mark grinned. He stood up and took his dick in his fist. It was still swollen and hard, begging to be used again. He nodded in pride and stepped up behind her, sliding it up and down from the steamy swamp of her pussy to the glistening starfish that was her anus. Kathy groaned and tried to talk but Mark was not paying attention, he slid his dick down to her entrance and plunged it inside of her liquid heat.

Kathy let out a long moan, her body pushing back against his instinctively. "No…" she gasped as the ground and pumped against each other. "Not there…"

Mark stopped, surprised. Did he hear her right? "You want it somewhere else?" he asked, uncertainly.

"Oh God yes!" she said, pushing back against him in spite of herself.

"Where do you want me?" He asked, playing dumb and having fun with it.

"Back there."

"Back where?" He continued, now teasing her.

"You know where, fuck me back there!"

Mark pulled out of her slowly, feeling the suction as her body told him it wanted him to remain where he was. He gently poked his dick at her asshole, just bumping up against it.

"You want me in here?" He asked.

"Yessssssss!" she hissed.

"You want me in your ass? You want me to fuck your ass?"

Kathy moaned and shook her head emphatically.

"Tell me then, tell me where you want it," he continued, applying a little pressure to drive her over the edge.
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Jan 22, 2008 @ 10:38 PM road trip By Phineas    

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"Fuck!" Kathy swore. "Put it in my ass, damn you! Get the KY out of my bag and lube us up then fuck my ass!"

Mark grinned. "Okay!" He said, turning and rifling through her bag until he found the tube of lubrication.

He squirted some out on his cock, smearing it over him with his hand until he was well covered, then doing the same with her ass. He worked it inside of her slowly and carefully, making certain she took first one, then two, and finally three fingers without any problems. He repositioned himself behind her and again let his dick poke gently at her backdoor.

"I'm ready, now fuck me with your ass," he told her.

Kathy grunted and pushed back on him instantly. Mark watched the head of his cock flatten and then begin to fight back against her. The only option was for her ass to open and accept it, which it did. He watched it stretch around him and then felt an almost audible pop as the head slipped inside of her. Kathy groaned anew and held still for a moment, becoming accustomed to his girth.

She pushed back again then, not stopping until her ass cheeks were fully resting against his abdomen. Mark stared down at her creamy cheeks and grinned. He held still and felt her alternately bearing down and then clenching on him, stimulating both of them from within.

"Oh God," Kathy moaned. "That feels so incredible… fuck me slowly, baby, I want this to last forever!"

Who was Mark to argue with a request like that? He pulled back slowly, focusing just as much as she was on the sensations of her tight sphincter clenching at him. Then they were pushing together again, just as slowly and every bit as caught up in the feeling of the incredibly arousing act. Mark also had the benefit of watching her ass push and pull with every thrust.

From time to time they would just stop and revel in the act of being joined in such an erotic way. The act of sodomy was so risqué, so wrong, so forbidden, so naughty, that they both had to be careful to avoid ending it prematurely from how much it turned them both on.

Finally even going slowly could not prevent Mark from growing too aroused. Kathy felt him stiffen and swell within her and she growled. "Not yet… please Mark, don't cum yet! You feel so good in me."

"Oh trust me, you feel even better!" Mark said, fighting the urge to pound into her and finish. He held himself still and let her tighten her ass around him, further distancing the climax he had neared.

They went at it for a while longer, both of them meeting each other as slowly as they could. Sometimes Mark would pull out of her completely and stare at her distended anus, then he would plunge back inside of her. From time to time he added some fresh KY as well to help ease their passage. At one point he noticed Kathy's hand slip off the back of the bench and slip up between her legs.

"Oh!" She gasped, surprised at how wet she was in spite of what she had experienced earlier. "Oh Mark! I'm…"

Mark laughed softly as she shuddered under him. She was so close she had not realized that she was more than ready to orgasm. She moaned nonstop, her ass pushing and pulling against him. Enough time had passed that Mark had gotten his stride and was doing fine, however, so he rode her as she orgasmed beneath and around him, doing what he could to try and increase her pleasure.

"Wow," she said dreamily when finally she began to relax.

Mark did not give her a chance for any more words. "Keep playing with yourself!" He demanded, grabbing on to her hips with his hands and suddenly kicking it into overdrive.

Kathy grunted in surprise as he began to hammer into her ass from behind. She remembered his words after a moment and renewed her rhythmic assault on her clit. It was super-sensitive, but his pounding into her filled her with warmth and a euphoric sensation that almost instantly transported her back to the magical location.

Resting just her shoulders on the backrest, Kathy reached back with her other hand between her legs and cupped Mark's testicles in them. Mark moaned and thrust even harder into her. She felt him stiffen and expand again inside of her, then felt his testicles draw up and begin to contract. He jerked and plunged himself fully into her time and again, and she found her own mind drifting into the clouds as her fingers circled rapidly around her sensitive button.

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Jan 22, 2008 @ 10:39 PM road trip By Phineas    

Posts: 31
"Woah!" Mark gasped, holding on to Kathy's hips as though his life depended on it. He was still hard inside of her, but the last of his cum had been blasted into her bowels. Kathy shuddered under him, still unable to speak.

Finally she turned her head a little and looked back at him, smiling softly. "Wow," she said softly, echoing his sentiments.

Mark started to back up and pull out of her but she stopped him. "No!" she asked, "just wait a little bit."

Mark nodded, in no great rush to end the tactile sensations himself. Together they had staved off biology once already, however, and soon they were forced to separate. He tucked himself back into his pants and helped Kathy back to her feet from the awkward position. She gathered up her dress, now thoroughly soaked with the rainwater, and smiled at him.

"This was incredible!" she told him. They kissed again and embraced, then she backed away.

"I've got to get going," she admitted.

"Going where? I thought we were going to spend the weekend together?" Mark said, suddenly surprised.

"Oh Mark… I'd love to but I need to get back."

"Oh, well… okay. Thanks for coming, I guess," he said, very confused.

"Look…" she began, then stalled. She turned and picked up her vibrator and slipped it into her purse. Then picking up the purse in one hand and the wadded up drss in the other, she started walking back down the trail towards the parking lot.

Surprised at her audacity and exhibitionism, Mark followed after her. He enjoyed the view very much and wondered if he could coax another performance out of his dick, but the growing concern over her suddenly strange behavior kept distracting him.

In the parking lot, with no other cars thankfully present, she hurried to her van and slipped inside of it. She pulled on a pair of sweatpants and a t-shirt inside of it and turned to face him.

"This was incredible," she admitted, smiling somewhat sadly. "But I have to get back. I haven't been totally honest with you this entire time."

Mark's eyes narrowed. He stared at her, waiting for the other shoe to drop. "I'm married, Mark.."

She kept talking but Mark did not hear her words. His world had just crashed down around him. He nearly stumbled and fell, but instead put his hand out to the van and maintained his balance.

"Mark… Mark, can you hear me? Oh baby… I'm so sorry. I wanted to tell you but I couldn't. I knew you wouldn't want anything to do with me and I wanted you soooo badly!"

Mark nodded, not trusting himself to speak.

"This was so good, baby, I'll never forget it! And if we can I'd love to do it again. Look, I-"

"What about your husband?" Mark asked bitterly.

"He's gone a lot on business," she admitted, looking away shamefully. "We've both been cheating on each other for years, and we both know about it, so we're not really cheating… right?"

Mark refused to confirm or deny her statement. He just shook his head and turned around. He started to walk back to his car but stopped when she called out his name again pleadingly.

"Mark! Please baby… I'm so sorry I didn't tell you, but that doesn't change what happened between us. How good we made each other feel! Look at my face, baby. It's covered in your cum still and I'm not going to wash it off until I get home. I promise… not even when I stop to get gas or anything. Anybody that sees me will wonder what's on my face, and if they ask I'll tell them! Then they'll know how great we made each other feel. They'll know how much I feel for you."

Mark glanced back at her, determined to not let her see the hurt or the anger in his expression. He nodded once to her and opened his mouth to say something. He had no idea what, but he felt like he should say something. Then he closed it and shrugged. He smiled apologetically and turned and walked back to his car. He had a long ride home to get started, after all.

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