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Jan 14, 2008 @ 10:38 PM For your reading pleasure    

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Just finished writing a hot new story and thought some of you might enjoy reading it.

We meet in a semi-secluded parking lot. Without saying a word, I walk over to you, pull your body tight against mine, and kiss you passionately.

As our tongues intertwine, my hand wanders down to your sweet ass pulling you even tighter against me. You feel my hard cock bulging beneath my jeans, longing to be free and attended to.

We climb into the back seat of my car and start making out hot and heavy. Without hesitation, your hand wanders down and sets my hard cock free. You stroke my hard shaft as our tongues continue to intertwine.

My hand wanders inside your shirt to your hard, awaiting nipples. You feel the pressure as I pinch them and roll them between my fingers.

Lifting your shirt I slide down and suck them into my mouth, scraping them across my teeth as they enter. My tongue teases the tip as I lightly bite on them while my hand wanders up inside your skirt to your wet, awaiting pussy. Your wetness is immense, and you let out a gentle moan as I plunge my fingers deep inside. You stroke my cock harder and faster as my fingers plunge in and out, massaging your clit as they go.

You feel my cock throbbing harder and harder as you stroke my long shaft. I pull your shirt all the way up and kneel in front of you and start stroking my hard cock until I bust my warm salty load all over your sweet tits. Reaching down I massage my cum all over your tits and nipples, then lean in and lick it off.

Sloooooowly I work my way lower…lower...lower, until I come to your warm, wet pussy. Spreading your legs you give me full access as my tongue slides across your sweet clit. Suddenly you feel a rush of erotic energy surge through your body as I suck your clit deeeeeeeep into my mouth, scraping it across my teeth and flicking it with my tongue as it enters.

My fingers probe your wetness as my tongue worships your clit, making you hotter and wetter with each passing moment. The energy builds as your clit throbs harder and harder. Your moans grow louder with each caress of my tongue until you can no longer fight the inevitable and finally give in. “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh, god, fuck me, fuck me now” you demand breathlessly.

Obliging your command I slide my hard cock deeeeeeeep inside. My cock fills your pussy to its limits as its walls wrap tightly around my cock, so tight that you can feel every bump, every vein in my rock hard shaft. As I glide in and out, I lean forward and kiss you more deeply, more passionately than before.

You feel my cock slooooowly slide in and out, then suddenly without notice, plunge hard and fast deep inside, then slowly, gently, glide in and out once again. You feel my huge balls slam against your ass when I drive it in hard and deep, and gently caress it when I slide slowly inside.

With each thrust of my cock you feel your clit throbbing harder and harder. The energy builds more and more until you can no longer fight it and the rush of erotic energy once again surges through your body as you cum even harder than before. “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh god, oh god, that’s it, god I love the way you fuck me” you moanfully scream out as my cock slams inside you hard and deep sending shockwaves of pleasure surging through your body.

After your done cumming I pull out and tell you to ride me. “I like to be kissed hard and deep as I cum? I tell you as you climb on top. You start riding my hard shaft up and down, grinding your pussy down deeply on me as you slide it all the way inside. I suck your hard nipple into my mouth, while with the other hand I massage your tit and pinch your nipple.

You feel my shaft throbbing harder and harder as you grind down on me deeper and deeper. I can you’re your womanly juices flowing down the innermost part of my thighs as you continue riding my rock hard, pulsating shaft. “Fuck baby, I’m going to cum, I’m going to cum. Kiss me, kiss me hard now baby, kiss me as I cum” I command in a breathless, moanful voice.

You lean forward and plunge your tongue deep inside my throat as I grab your ass and pull you down on me hard and deep. You grind down on my cock harder and faster as it explodes deep inside you, filling your hot, wet pussy with my hot load. Breathlessly you continue to grind down on me until we’re both exhausted and we can’t go any longer.

You continue to straddle me with my pulsating cock still inside you as we sit there for a few more minutes, gently kissing and letting our bodies wind down until it’s time for us to go.

As we go our separate ways I pull you to me and kiss you passionately one more time. “You know where I’m at if you want to do this again” I say with a naughty grin. “Ummmm, I’ll definitely be in touch” you reply as you lean forward giving me one more little kiss. With that said we both head our separate ways.

The whole drive home you can feel the combination of our warm juices running down the crack of your sweet ass. You reach down and slide a finger inside womanhood and let your mind wander imagining that it’s me who’s touching you.

Meanwhile, as I’m driving, I can feel your juices on my semi hard shaft and the taste of your sweet pussy still on my lips. I reach down and slide my fingers across my cock, lift them up to my mouth and lick the taste of your sweet pussy off of them to try and satisfy my need to taste your sweet wetness once again.
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Mar 15, 2008 @ 4:52 PM For your reading pleasure    

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hmm,very nice...
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Mar 20, 2008 @ 8:25 PM For your reading pleasure    

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i have to admit i want that so much lol im sick of having it slow but if its slow and then fast hard and deep hmm yumm lol ill be there
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