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Denese and laura Part III

Aug 28, 2007 @ 3:20 PM Denese and laura Part III    

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Hunger, love and lust were all equally portrayed within the touch and the kisses that followed.
That kiss lasted or almost five full minutes, and all the while Denese’s fingers continued to dance along Laura’s clit, until the moment arrived, and Laura could not possibly resist the urge, the fullness she felt, the heat, and desire, and yes a true love that transcended the moment. During the last moment of that shared kiss Laura’s Orgasm was not to be contained, and she exploded with a gushing release. The wetness flowed in torrents soaking the sheets as her body released the sexual energy that had been building from the first touch. Laura rode the waves of the orgasm, and Denese slowed her movements to bring about pleasure without disrupting the mood, or stopping the sensation altogether. Laura shuttered as the final wave of please rippled through her. She laid back and closed her eyes completely comfortable in our bed, close to Denese. After a few minutes Denese kissed her lightly and swept away a strand of errant hair that had fallen across Laura’s face. “Better?” she asked. “Oh my god, I am so spent, I was so ready for that, but sweetie, it doesn’t look like you have managed to get your cookies today, now does it?” Laura’s hand moved to Denese’s waist and again attempted to explore the area behind the thin black panties, now damp with excitement.
Laura’s fingers began to slowly explore the wonderfully soft warmth hat hid there, beneath the black fabric. Working in small circles she soon found the right spot and as the gentle massage continued the bulb of Denese’s clit began to swell and the nerves grew even more sensitive. Denese had laid back with her eyes closed, with Laura’s head resting lightly on her chest, slowly running her fingers along Laura’s spine, gently stroking her. As the excitement grew, so did the pace of Denese’s breathing soon she found herself stretching her full length, allowing her thighs to part, and whispering “Oh God, yes, Oh please don’t stop”. For Laura’s part she allowed a small gentle smile to cross her lips, knowing that she was the instrument of such deep pleasure.
Laura’s fingers seemed to dance along the most delicate of skin, enticing yet more reaction from Denese. Laura chose that moment to lightly pull at the panties, signaling that they should be removed. Denese was so very ready to comply, almost suggesting the same thing the moment before. With the constraint of the panties no longer an issue, Denese, knew that she had only moments to go before the earth would shake, releasing her to a world of forbidden pleasures.
Laura once more settled lightly onto Denese’s chest and picked up where she had left off before. This time however she began to move her fingers even lower, to the cleft of the vaginal opening and lightly explored this neglected region. Denese was soon panting in anticipation of what could come next. Laura began to slowly move her head bringing her mouth against Denese’s smooth skin, and as she continued to explore, and probe the pleasure spots along Denese’s lower body, Laura began to kiss Denese chest, working toward her breasts. Denese was completely enveloped in the pleasure of the moment, and the touch of the hot wet tongue on her upraised nipples only added to the fire of her desire. What started as a gentle kiss soon became something more, as Laura began to trace circles around Denese’s areola and fill her mouth with the hardened nipples. The simple act of tugging on the nipples, while fingers explored the depths of her womanhood were all to much for Denese, and with a Guttural moan of release, she allowed herself to surrender to the moment. Laura didn’t falter, and although she changed the rhythm of the movements, she continued to move her mouth, and fingers, walking through the release of pure sexual energy Denese was experiencing, and bringing about a second wave. Denese was no stranger to multiple Orgasms, and stretched again, pointing her toes, as her legs locked straight but splayed apart for the occasion. This time Laure slowed almost to a stop, waiting for Denese to catch her breath and recover. When Denese finally opened her eyes she found herself looking directly into the blue eyes of her best friend. They both smiled. Laura moved back and propped her head up on one hand. “That was wonderful, I can’t wait to try some other ideas with you” she Cooed.
Denese smiled as well. It indeed had been wonderful, and she felt even closer for the experience.
The Girls stayed in bed for another hour, then showered, and cleaned up the room, changing the sheets, and the bed spread. Laura helped Denese pick up the clothes that had been scattered about in their race to the bed, and offered to help Denese set the house straight before I returned from work.

Denese had prepared the meal, and as she finished telling me in exquisite detail about her day, explained she wanted me to pick up where Laura had left off.

I was only too happy to comply. Denese hinted that it might be fun to call Laura one evening, and have her sleep over.

I can’t wait

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Aug 29, 2007 @ 2:34 AM Denese and laura Part III    

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Now that was hot. Can't wait to hear about your future threesome!
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Aug 29, 2007 @ 9:27 AM Denese and laura Part III    

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Thank you, Hopefully you read all three parts to this story...
As I am now working on my next piece, I would love some constructive critizisms. No need to be nasty, if you didn't like the story, thats OK they make 32 flavors for a reason. If you read the story and have real ideas on how I might be able to improve, I am always interested.

Life is one big classroom, you can take the oppertunity to learn, or just sleep right through it.
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Mar 23, 2008 @ 11:25 PM Denese and laura Part III    

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Wow!!! Incredible! Definitely draws in the woman's largest sex organ....the brain. Nice descriptions! Keep up the writing!

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Mar 26, 2008 @ 3:22 PM Denese and laura Part III    

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Thanks Snowprincess. Glad to know that I can still appeal to some of the readers here.
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Apr 2, 2008 @ 10:11 PM Denese and laura Part III    

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very erotic 2 thumbs up
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