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Aug 1, 2007 @ 1:00 PM Smooth as ...    

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She lay helpless in the middle of the four-poster bed, her arms and legs bound comfortably with silk neckties each to a post. The velvet blindfold he had placed over her eyes prevented her vision, but had heightened her sense of smell and sound and touch to almost preternatural heights.

She was completely naked and moments earlier her lover had completed a full-body massage with scented oil. Her skin still tingled from his touch … her nipples almost painfully erect, the junction of her thighs dewy with moisture. A tiny rivulet of oil ran down from her core, sliding with maddening precision between the cheeks of her butt, before unerringly zeroing the tiny pink rosebud that marked her rear passage. In the absence of any other active sensation, the progress of the droplet fired the nerve synapses in its wake … she desperately wanted to touch the area, to wipe away the maddening sensation … an itch she couldn’t scratch.

The massage had been wonderful, but strangely it had been performed with a lack of the teasing and subsequent building of passion she had come to know and love. It was more as if the purpose had been other than the seduction. Not that she wasn’t ready for her lover sexually … her entire body
was taut … she felt like a violin, tuned and tightly strung, but as yet untouched by the her lover bow - wielded with such grace and precision.

In the silence, she heard a rustle of fabric … a cotton sheet? No, there was a treble note in the movement of fabric on fabric … almost like satin or …

She felt the air above her compress ever so slightly against her skin just before the gossamer piece of raw silk made contact along the entire length of her naked form. As the silk made contact with the oil, it blotted and soaked in, clinging to her body like a second skin.

With attentive care, her lover reached to mold the silk more firmly to her body, shaping the fabric to her form, sculpting the silk to accentuate her small breasts and nipples protruding firmly from her puffy areolas. He completed this task by tugging almost sharply on her nipples, rolling them and pinching them to further stimulate the nerve endings … his touch sent bolts of electricity shooting from her chest directly to her groin … the sudden heightening of her arousal causing the palpable wetness between her parted thighs to redouble.

Her lover’s hands left her breasts abruptly. She wondered what he was thinking … where he would touch her next. Suddenly, she was aware that the rest of the candle-warmed oil was being poured over the silk onto her lower abdomen just above the downy hairs that marked the top of her delta. The moisture quickly spread down, gravity and slope working to impregnate the silk with the dense, heady smelling oil … was that patchouli? Her lover’s strong hand abruptly covers her entire groin, massaging the oil and into the hair and between the outer lips of her core.

With a sudden convulsive shock she felt first one, then two of her lovers long, strong fingers invade her … pushing the raw, oily silk up, up, up inside her. Dear God, what an incredible feeling … she wanted him to fuck her hard with his fingers … but as soon as the silk was inside, his fingers were gone, leaving in their wake only the slightly scratchy feel of the silk in the vacuum that was now the focus of her entire being. One finger made one last foray, stroking and touching and prodding at her rosebud. Slowly but firmly she felt the silk being pushed back there … she squirmed at the sensation … so unfamiliar, but mmmmmm, so welcome… yes.

“Please, take me, ” she said pleadingly.

“Patience, little one, ” he responded, in a voice tinged with some amusement. “

She could sense her lover admiring her effect of his handiwork … as if she could slip from the silken bonds that held her fast, she visualized what he was seeing in the molten candlelight … a translucent piece of ivory silk covering her torso … the blindfold and bonds, the candlelight … she felt like a vestal virgin on the altar of the high priest.

“You are very beautiful, ” he murmured. “You have been prepared. Are you ready for what comes next?”

“Please, yes, ” she said.

A finger traced her lips lingeringly and then she felt him bend over her. His lips pressed firmly to her forehead in a sweet, chaste, but loving kiss.

“Wait here, ” he said. “I have a few more arrangements to make.”

She heard the sound of his bare feet swishing through the carpet down the hallway to his office. She heard a slight clatter and then the sound of his voice talking. Was someonehere, she thought with alarm … but, no. She could hear pauses in his voice … as if he was listening to someone … he was onthe telephone … who would he be calling at a time like this?

She heard another brief clatter … hanging up the phone. Then came the sounds of his feet descending the carpeted stairs to the first floor. Then nothing.

The sighing of the breeze through the crepe myrtles outside the window was the only sound … even birdsong was muted in the drowsy afternoon. Through the screened window the breeze whispered across the silk … after the sustained stimulus of the massage and the oil and the silk, the quiet outdoor sounds had a soporific effect. Her complete an utter arousal of five minutes ago fell from her like a discarded veil. Her adrenaline overload ebbed away and she felt sleepstealing deliciously over her.

With a sudden start she awoke … she had no idea how long sh
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Aug 1, 2007 @ 1:05 PM Smooth as ...    

Posts: 6
With a sudden start she awoke … she had no idea how long she had dozed … but something had awoken her. Her senses strained. There it was … a muffled thumping …someone knocking on the
front door? She heard the sound of footsteps downstairs in the front hall and then the sharp metallic click as the bolt was turned and the door opened … the opening of the door downstairs reversed the draft in the house and a sudden breeze stole up the stairs and blew across her body. Suddenly
her nipples were harder than ever. Apprehension filled her. Had her lover invited someone to the house? Had he forgotten her … no, impossible. She resolved to stay as quiet as a church mouse in case the visitor was a friendly drop-in.

She heard the murmur of conversation in the front hall and then footsteps approaching the bottom of the stairs. And then she distinctly heard her lover’s voice …

“She is upstairs, ” he said, as if talking to another man. “Please remember that she is yours to do with as you wish. The only requirement is that you are gentle and you do not remove the silk from her body, the blindfold from her eyes or the bonds from her arms and legs. Don’t talk to her at all.
Take your pleasure and then come find me in the garden.”

During the brief speech her heart had started to race uncontrollably… could he be playing a game with her, pretending another person was here. Could another man be standing at the bottom
of the steps ready to ascend and take her … she didn’t know… she couldn’t know. Her sense of hearing, so well tuned by the placement of the blindfold earlier, betrayed her now. The blood rushing in her veins and her heart beating in her chest distorted the sounds in the house. She thought she heard footsteps away and a door out to the porch and the garden close.

Then she distinctly heard the sound of footsteps coming up the stairs. A heavier tread than her lover? The steps paused at the top of the stairs as if the person was unsure which was to turn. Then they approached the open door. Then they stopped and she heard a sudden intake of breath.

Then she could feel the palpable presence of another in the room with her. She was convinced now that this was a stranger…someone completely unknown to her … one of her lover’s friends, perhaps? Someone he had met on the Internet? What if this person did know her? What if this man had wanted her for a long time and her lover had somehow discovered his feelings and found a way to accommodate them? She had to know …

In a strange dislocated way, she saw herself splayed through the eyes of the stranger. Felt his heat. She was also acutely aware of the raw, oiled silk clinging to her body and deliciously invading her pussy and ass.

“Who are you, ” she said. “Just tell me your name.”
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Aug 1, 2007 @ 1:06 PM Smooth as ...    

Posts: 6
Her answer was only the slightly accelerated sound of his breathing. Then she heard the rustle of clothing, two slight thumps as his shoes hit the floor. The jangle of a belt buckle, and finally the irrevocable sound of a zipper. The man undressed quickly, but efficiently. She guessed he was taking time to lay his clothes on the love seat at the foot of the bed.

Then she heard him approach the side of the bed. She felt his presence over her.

“Please, please tell me your name, ” she pleaded, a catch in her voice.

“Martin, ” came the whispered response. “He told me not to talk. You are gorgeous.”

She felt a flush suffuse her body. She didn’t recognize the voice, disguised by the whisper. This was a stranger… a man … Martin … he was looking at her … he said she was gorgeous… he wanted her … he was going to take her,

She felt one hand cup her breast … then the other breast was consumed by a hungry mouth … working at her nipple like a starving child. The direct attack was as unexpected as it was clumsy and unsophisticated. This man was not slow and patient like her lover … he seemed almost a neophyte to love, as if he had little experience … was this a young man …a virgin even?

And yet he found her body gorgeous. Immediately she was completely aroused soaking wet again. The man or boy continued to cling to her nipples as is she was the last refuge in a stormy sea. Then he seemed to come to his senses, realizing there was more of her to be sample. He pulled away for a second, then she felt his fingers exploring her mound, parting the lips, inspecting the silk inside her pussy and inside her ass. An exploratory finger entered her there, moved around, and then another entered her there. The silk and the oil had had the effect of rendering both passages soft and pliable but extremely sensitive to sensation. Wherever she was touched the millions of silk fibers spread word of the touch to millions of nerve endings. Delicious invasion.

Then his mouth was on her sucking and probing … his tongue laving her lips. Her hips moved involuntarily… first rolling and then lifting off the bed. Without hands she was trying to direct his tongue to her button …
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Aug 1, 2007 @ 1:07 PM Smooth as ...    

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She suddenly realized she had one power she could use effectively.

“Martin, ” she said, “I want you to slow down and take you time. Move your tongue higher … yes. A little higher … there … do you feel that on your tongue …. Yes … that feels good … oh … a little slower … back and forth … oh, yes … mmmm … don’t stop, please God, don’t stop …. Oh, oh oh oh…”

Her hips lifted completely off the mattress in spasmodic triumph and her release washed over her like a tidal wave engulfing every part of her being. Martin’s tongue lost contact with her flesh, but his finger continued to thrust within her as she rode the crest of her orgasm. On and on and
on …. Finally she was too weak to lift her hips and her body fell back to the bed in complete surrender.

The world went a little grey around the edges …. Time passed…

Sounds returned slowly … the ticking of the mantle clock, a blue jay scolding a squirrel trying to invade the birdfeeder … the sound of water running from the fountain head in the small ornamental pond in the herb garden … the sound of Martin’s excited breathing beside her ….

Martin … she summoned her senses. He wasn’t done … suddenly she felt a desire to give him as much pleasure as he had just given her.

“Martin…” she trailed off as she realized what she was about to say. Finding no other way to phrase it more delicately, she continued, “…come here, I want to taste you.”

She heard the sharp intake of breath again … surely this was a mere initiate to the arts of passion and love. Well, she could teach him …

She felt him kneel astride her, but instructed him to turn around so that he has kneeling at the head of the bed with her head between his knees. He adjusted his position and she felt his cock, all steel and velvet lying heavily across her face. She opened her lips and licked him, then tilted her head back and slid him in her mouth. Normally she would use her hands to control this part, but with her mouth suddenly full of him and her hands fettered to the bedposts she now had no control of situation and had even lost the power to instruct him verbally.

He was obviously overwhelmed by the sensation of her hungry sucking mouth and her laving tongue. He thrust himself more fully into her and then withdrew. He thrust again, almost choking her. Again he withdrew. He took her head firmly in his hands … strong hands … and pulled back … too far he flopped out and she took advantage of the moment to issue instructions.

“Slowly, gently, give me time to breathe and get used to you … put that pillow under my neck and tilt my head back toward you …I want you to fuck my mouth, use it for your pleasure … and when you can’t stand it anymore I want you to fill me with your cum.”
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Aug 1, 2007 @ 1:07 PM Smooth as ...    

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He adjusted the pillow and then repositioning himself slightly moved forward again, sliding into her, slowly … a little tentatively. She was able to adjust slowly as he stroked her. Gradually they adjusted to each other and his pace became a little more confident and assertive. She sucked him steadily on the inward thrusts and laved the crown of his cock as he withdrew, breathing through her nose, comfortable now and responding to his growing arousal. She heard him moaning and felt the length of him pulsing … she knew he was getting close and redoubled her oral ministrations. She could feel the heaviness of his balls in his scrotal sac dragging across her brow and nose with each thrust, she could smell the pungent sharpness of his ass hovering just above her … god, this was delicious.

Suddenly he thrust more fully and his cock trembled, she could feel his balls retract and then pulse and pulse and pulse … and then he was moaning and crying out and shooting into her, filling her mouth with sweet, salty cream …like the ambrosia of a raw oyster slurped from the half shell.
She gulped and swallowed, but couldn’t keep pace with his spurts. A trickle ran from the corner of her mouth and down her cheek. He was done …spent.

She held the length of him inside her mouth. He softened slightly, as his breathing calmed. He could see her under the silk, see the length of her …see the junction between her legs … know that there was at least on more orifice he must possess before he left this room. The thought reversed the softening process like the flipping of a light switch and he began to stiffen again. He slipped out of her mouth and broke contact, she heard him move down, between her thighs and his mouth returned to her … he learned fast, this one.

In no time, her hips were writhing again, but this time he broke contact and moved up and up stopping briefly to graze at her breasts … and then he was on her and the crown of his cock was between her … at the very entrance to her … and then inside. He took her fully on the first thrust, hilting himself in her sheath, driving the oiled silk further into her, pressing it outward against the walls of her canal.

Fully inside he paused to adjust to the new demands of the position. Soft lips kissed her on the mouth … she felt him pause to lick the stream of his own cum from where it had leaked from the corner of her mouth … his tongue followed the trail down her cheek and suckled the last of the residue from the hollow of her neck. Then his mouth returned and he kissed her fully, tongue sliding between her lips to engage her own. She could taste their mingled juices … her musky, perfumed wetness counter pointed by his heavenly cream.

And then he was moving again … hard …taking her with long, full thrusts. Demanding. His mouth moved to her breast and both his hands slid under her buttocks lifting her hips to meet his hungry hammering. The fingers of one hand moved between her ass cheeks and found her other passage. The tip of his finger insinuated itself inside pressing steadily inwards … she was filled with him. His weight was one her fully. She felt engulfed and taken.

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Aug 1, 2007 @ 1:08 PM Smooth as ...    

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She longed to wrap her legs around him, but she was bound, spread-eagled and helpless to help partner him in this joyous romp of pleasure. Her very helplessness increased her arousal … she was this stranger’s vessel … his for the taking … his pleasure.

But his taking was its own reward and she found her hips and thighs responding to his swift sure rhythm. As if they had danced this dance many times, their movements quickly synchronized and he rode her relentlessly, deliciously. Having just spent in her mouth, she expected that it would take him a long time to reach his peak again … but almost before the thought flickered on the edges of her consciousness, she felt his pace quicken.

“God, you are so sexy … I can’t help it, ” he hissed in her ear. Then he was moaning and the first hot splash of his cum boiled against her cervix through the silk. And suddenly she there with him, moaning and straining in futility to wrap him in her arms and legs and pull him deeper and deeper inside. She exploded again, this time taken unaware by the sheer magnitude of her response and release. Time stopped.

She was faintly aware of a feeling of loss as first his cock withdrew and then his weight was lifted from her chest. There might have been rustling and then a cool pair of lips pressed briefly but firmly against hers. She lay there unmoving like a statue. Footsteps retreated … a murmur of voices … a door closed … footsteps again …closer thistime.

Hands moving surely at each ankle, and then at each hand. The blindfold slipped from her eyes … she blinked, surprised that the light didn’t hurt her eyes … she turned her head to the window, drinking greedily at the colors of the world… outside dusk was falling.

She turned back and saw her lover standing beside the bed in the dimness. He reached for the silk and drew it from her body, taking care to slide it slowly from between her thighs.He brought that area of silk to his nostrils and inhaled the perfume … she and Martin … oh, my God …

“What … who ..., ” she struggled to say.

“Sssssssssh, ” he said, letting the silk drop to the floor and drinking in her now naked form with hungry eyes.

“It’s my turn now …”
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