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Hidden Fun. A story about a lady that loves cumming in public

Jul 8, 2007 @ 8:13 PM Hidden Fun. A story about a lady that loves cumming in public    

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If you like this story, there are 3 more in the series. Let me know if you'd like more.

Hi, my name is Lisa and one of my favorite pastimes is reading
the stories in these newgroups while I'm at work. For as long
as I can remember, I've just loved the feeling of being wet
and aroused in front of people without them knowing it. Something
about the naughtiness of being in that heightened state,
imagining a tongue between my legs, sneaking my hand under my
skirt, while in plain view of a couple dozen people walking by
makes the inevitable orgasm so much more intense.
I'm 25, very fit, and run a sportswear store at the mall - first
floor, over by the starbucks and the book store. It's one of
the ones where the sales associates all wear the same athletic
uniform. In our store, it changes from week to week, and I'm
the one who decides. Given my other fetishes, it often includes
spandex or tight nylon in one form or another. :-) I've got
a small workspace off to the side of the cash registers, where
I handle the usual day to day stuff that keeps a retail store
moving. I've also got an ISDN line to the net, and that's
where I get my fix of erotica whenever the mood strikes. And,
the mood is pretty much always striking.
>From my desk, I look out over the main aisle of the store, which

is also over the lines to the cash registers. Distance-wise, if
someone is at the cash register, they're not more than 10 feet
away. When I took over the store, I managed to arrange the desk
and filing cabinets such that there isn't really a clear line of
view below, say, my breasts unless you're standing directly in
front of the desk. It's a great arrangement for someone like
me. Being pretty much constantly turned on by all the mental
imagery from the net, and with all the shapely young bodies
(male and female) that come in to the store walking right by
me - not to mention Alison and Martina, my two young spandex-clad
sales associates, I'm nearly always craving some, shall we
say, stimulation.
It used to be that when I'd get wet and aroused enough, and
sitting behind the desk flexing my things together wasn't
enough, I'd wait until the girls were busy with customers
and I'd head to the stockroom in the back of the store. The
stockroom is separated from the store by a set of dark curtains.
When the lights are off in the stockroom, anyone standing behind
the curtains can see into the store, but not the other way around.
I'd walk casually into the stockroom, wait until the curtains
stopped swinging, and then stand behind them masturbating
myself into a frenzy. From that vantage point, there's a clear
view of almost the whole main area, and I could see when Alison
or Martina might be coming my way. I'd slight my hand under the
waistband of my running shorts or whatever I was wearing,
and let my fingers luxuriate in the puffy slickness between my
legs. I can make myself cum in under a minute when I'm really
turned on, and I had many wonderful climaxes standing there
ogling the curves of Alison's body, or the face of someone
browsing through the sports bras. I just loved the rush it
gave me to experiencing that kind of wicked sensation, to
be doing something so primal and base, in what felt like plain
view of a store full of people. The most intense climaxes I
remember were the ones when there was a customer standing an
arms length away, just on the other side of the curtain.
Alison always wondered why I kept a box of handi-wipes on
the shelf in there. :-)
That was my routine for months and, needless to say, I loved
coming to work. These little episodes fed my fantasies at
home, too. I replay them again and again in my head while
lazily stroking myself to a climax. It got so that just
thinking about what the day might bring while on the way
to work meant that I'd arrive already hot.
Then one day events conspired against me, or rather - they
conspired to push me to the next level of my fetish.
I was reading Ramapo's Heather series in,
and was _incredibly_ turned on. It was the scene where
a woman is demonstrating a wearable vibrator by walking
around a room full of women, slowly being driven to an
orgasm. She finally stops and leans against a chair and
the whole room watches as she arches her back in pleasure
and cums. It's a very exciting scene for me. Anyway, I
had just read this, and couldn't stand it anymore. I just
HAD to get some relief. Unfortunately, when I looked up,
Alison was just going in to the stockroom with a stack
of running shoes, and there was a young woman clearly
waiting for her return. It looked like they were going
to be there for a while. And Martina, young lithe Martina,
was bending over in her nylon running pants, showing
me every contour oh her beautiful rear end, straightening
out a display. Oof. I couldn't wait any longer.
There were no other customers in the store, no one was
looking at me, and I was so aroused I was squishy. I'd
often snuck my hands between my legs while at my desk,
but I'd never actually gone as far as getting myself off.
I sat back in my chair a little, and spread my legs
under my desk as wide as they'd go. I reached down and
started massaging the tight nylon triangle between
my legs. The running pants were very thin, and every
stroke was like a little electrical current runing
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Jul 15, 2007 @ 6:35 AM Hidden Fun. A story about a lady that loves cumming in public    

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made me cum
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Aug 27, 2007 @ 1:25 AM Hidden Fun. A story about a lady that loves cumming in public    

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HOT Story
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Sep 10, 2007 @ 1:37 PM Hidden Fun. A story about a lady that loves cumming in public    

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Oh wow, please don't stop! This made me so hot!
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Sep 18, 2007 @ 7:45 AM Hidden Fun. A story about a lady that loves cumming in public    

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Very HOT, want MORE, MORE, MORE!!!
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