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A 4th I'll Never Forget

Jul 5, 2007 @ 7:37 AM A 4th I'll Never Forget    

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My husband was working out of town for the week so yesterday I spent the day with our new younger neighbor couple Dan and Molly for some wine and grilled Salmon by their pool. A very seemingly intelligent couple for their ages... early 20s, successful, and cultured. What a wonderful time it was getting to know the interesting and fit couple. I actually met them the first time their second day in the neighborhood as they returned sweaty and exhausted from a long bicycle ride. I see them take out every evening on weekdays and Dan swims like a man possessed every morning before work. I will say that I notice Molly lying out by the pool every afternoon and often have caught myself licking my lips with desire as I notice her tanned and tight body.

Dan a muscular dark complected young man with coal black hair and dark eyes, the hottest square jawline, an awesome 6-pack, and yes... a huge bulge in his shorts. Molly also long straight black hair, as impressively toned, breasts that I would guess to be a 36C cup, curvy for someone of her athletic body, and the most lusciously thick lips I had seen. Suffice it to say that I was tingly being in their company.

Molly was flattering me speaking of how gorgeous I was and asked "Dan, don't you think so?". Dan replied "I'd fuck her. Who knows what you'd find when you come home from shopping one of these days," he said. Molly quipped back "Don't be so sure you shouldn't be worried about what you find when you get home from work". They both laughed and then apologized if I was offended. "Don't be embarrassed," I replied smiling coyly "It's true on both counts".

The conversation turned to the revelations that arose. They explained that they were not promiscuous although they have had friends, a single woman and a couple, with whom they engaged in extracurricular activities. On rare occasions they have brought home a woman or two from a club. I confessed that my husband does not know about any of my extracurricular activities, which also includes women, myself which I do keep at a minimum. During the conversation we didn't notice that our patio chairs had crept closer to one another.

Soon Molly and I were kissing, so tender but hot as our tongues touched and we sighed. As our hands explored each other, we both would sneak peeks over at Dan who sat watching causing us to smile as he massaged his gigantic bulge in his shorts. We exposed each other's breasts massaging them before I leaned over to place my lips on Molly's large, firm tits. I first felt shocked actually as my hand moved inside her panties to touch her pussy at how soaking wet she was. Then again more shock and awe as I peeked over at Dan who had his giant, rock hard cock out stroking it.

Eventually I had Molly totally naked and lying back on the reclining patio lounger.. what a fucking Goddess... her pussy tasted so heavenly as I moved my fingers in and out of her and I licked her. Dan had come over and presented his cock to Molly's lips which she eagerly devoured. As she sucked him, his hands felt along my ass squeezing and pinching before moving his fingers to my clit.

Molly and I moved to 69 with me on top... Dan then moved and slid that enormous cock into Molly's tight pussy as I tongued her clit. Their scents were amazing compared to anything I had smelled before. My tongue would move to let Dan's cock slide along as it penetrated his wife. He would take it off for me to suck like a crazed animal.. "Oh fuck! God, you can suck a cock lady" he groaned as he arched his back.

"Fuck her Dan! Fuck her wet cunt for me baby" Molly screamed as I licked and fingered her to her first convulsion. Dan moved behind me and entered my body. I had never felt anything like his cock before. He tried to be slow and tender at first but soon was just ramming me and I could her his groans as I felt his giant rod convulse as it felt like it was filling my entire body so violently. It felt like a man's cock feels when it's cumming but he wasn't... so hard to explain but that moment of euphoria lasted for so long. After what seemed an eternity he exploded the hottest, thickest feeling load of cum into my pussy and Molly proceeded to eat it out of me with such fervor. The best thing about young, fit men is that he was reloaded and ready to go immediately over and over again taking turns fucking the hell out of both of us all night.

I just got home a half hour ago and while Dan is at work today, Molly is bringing the wine to my pool this afternoon. Yeah... we're going to fuck each other some more. More good news for me, Molly leaves to visit her mom out of town this weekend and she told Dan before I left... "You fuck her good this weekend". I love having these new neighbors!!!!
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Jul 6, 2007 @ 1:24 AM A 4th I'll Never Forget    

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What a great story! Dying to hear more!
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Jul 17, 2007 @ 1:52 AM A 4th I'll Never Forget    

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What can I say sweetie. This one is as HOTT as MILF. Love the way you write. Would love to exchange stories and fantasies with you. Maybe I will post one myself. Again; EXCELLENT.
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Mar 21, 2008 @ 3:00 AM A 4th I'll Never Forget    

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Damn the story sounds amazing and the way ur writing just flows with such a sensual and powerful combos of words. Nice work
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