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A personal fantasy...

May 26, 2007 @ 1:53 AM A personal fantasy...    

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She steps out of the shower, dripping wet and grabs a towel. Quickly drying off, she then slips into a crimson silk robe and walks across the room. She walks through the open door going to her balcony, letting the air dry her damp skin, her nipples hardening slightly against the silk. Walking back into her bedroom, she shuts the door and slips out of her robe. She slips into bed, laying on her stomach, her arms pillowing her head. She's asleep when the man watching her widens her closet door enough to slip out of. Standing over her, watching to make sure she's sleeping deep enough he beckons to the woman hiding in the closet. He moves away from the bed, getting on his knees to grab 5 satin scarves he had hidden under there earlier. He stands up giving the woman two scarves and the order to tie the sleeping woman's hands above her head slowly so she doesn't wake up. Once done, he gives the woman two other scarves and tells her to tie her ankles on opposite sides of the bed. He gives her the last scarf, long and black, ordering her to blindfold the sleeping woman. Once completed he woman quickly walks to his side, her eyes downcast awaiting his next order. A pleased smile crosses his face briefly as he watches his slave do as she's told and scurries to his side. Without taking his eyes off the sleeping woman, he orders his slave to undress. She hesitates briefly, her eyes going to his face, just a moment too long and he turns to her. She quickly glances back down, her hands going to the hem of her shirt when he slaps them away. One hand grabs her chin, forcing her to look at him, the other pinching her nipples hard, first one then the other, he tells her to undress now or he won't be so nice should she hesitate again. He watches her undress, first her shirt, then her pants, sliding her panties down with them. Once she's naked, he turns his attention back to the sleeping woman, getting aroused from the combination of her innocence of what's going on and the scarves tying her to the bed. He grabs a chair, positioning it so he has an unobstructed view of what's to happen and orders his slave to take off his pants.
She gets on her knees in front of him, unbuttoning and unzipping his pants, sliding her fingers under the waistband of both his pants and boxers. She pulls them down, his hard cock springing from it's confinement. She looks up at him briefly for her next order. He sits in the chair, getting comfortable as it's going to be awhile, before he gives his slave her next task, which he states as quietly and as forcibly as he can. She gets up off her knees and walks over to the bed, placing first one knee gently between the sleeping woman's legs, then the other, very careful not to wake her. Placing her hands on either side of the sleeping woman's hips, she leans down putting her face just a few inches from the unknowing woman's pussy. She moves in a little closer, her nipples rubbing against the sheet on the bed, her ass in the air. She stays there waiting for her master's approval. He cocks his head to one side then the other, making sure everything's just right. The sleeping woman moves slightly, not enough to feel her bonds, then settles back down. His cock starts to throb a little, then orders his slave to lick softly starting near the sleeping woman's clit and go up, just the outer lips of her pussy. His slave complies, watching the sleeping woman for any signs of waking up. While his slave is licking up and down on the woman's pussy, he gives another order. She complies once again, her knees spreading and her right hand going between her legs as she works her tongue in the woman's pussy a little deeper. She doesn't dare finger herself until her master gives permission, so she continues to lick slowly, softly. Enjoying the display he continues to watch, the woman still not waking up he becomes frustrated. Wanting her awake now, he orders his slave to nibble the woman's clit, remove her hand from between her legs and slide both under the woman's stomach up to her nipples and pinch them as hard as she can. As she does as she's told, he watches the sleeping woman wake up, her breathing a little faster, moaning softly just before she's fully awake. He leaves the chair, walks over to the bed and whispers softly in the woman's ear. She struggles briefly against her restraints, against the woman between her legs. Not daring to scream she lays there listening to the man issue an order that speeds the tongue in her pussy, her nipples being pinched, tugged, and twisted. She moans a little louder, the only sound she's allowed to make until she's close to reaching an orgasm. She fights against her body's reaction, feeling herself getting wet, not wanting this forced threesome, not wanting the orgasm, but wanting it regardless. The man takes off her blindfold, gives the person behind her another order and sits in the chair next to her bed. As one hand continues to pinch her nipples, the woman behind her nibbles on her clit as she slides first one finger in her pussy, then a second, followed shortly by a third and fourth. She looks over at the man sitting in the chair, watching him as he slowly strokes his rock hard cock as the fingers start to fuck her slowly, then going faster and deeper with every order hi gives. Biting her lip, she swallows the moans, not wanting them to give any indication that she could be enjoying it. He watches her, enjoying her struggle against her restraints and the pleasure he k
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May 26, 2007 @ 1:57 AM A personal fantasy...    

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He watches her, enjoying her struggle against her restraints and the pleasure he knows she wants. He strokes his cock slowly, going faster the harder she fights. He orders his slave to slow down, wanting to prolong the orgasm for both himself and his captive. Trying her restraints once more, a moan slips past her lips, being turned on watching him masturbate, knowing there's nothing she can do. She rocks her hips unconsciously against the fingers and tongue in her pussy, wanting them deeper and faster. He sees this movement, ordering his slave to stop he stands up and walks over to the bed. She feels the weight of the woman leave the bed and as she comes into view she's rammed by his hard cock. As he rams into her again and again his hands slide up and squeeze her breasts, pinching her nipples, pulling them, twisting them. Abruptly he stops, withdraws from her, leaving her on the edge of orgasm, he walks into view again and behind the naked woman next to her bed. He grabs the other woman's waist, bending her over, ramming his cock into her. He hands play with her breasts, one slides between her spread legs, stroking her clit. The other woman moans each time he slams into her, then starts to violently shudder as orgasm after orgasm racks her body.
The bound woman feels herself being ever more aroused watching them, her pussy throbbing with each moan the other girl makes. At the point of her orgasms, the bound woman is close to begging. Begging to be fucked, begging for the intense orgasm that's sure to come. He withdraws from his slave, watching his captive as she pulls against her bonds, her breathing coming fast and hard, knowing she's close to begging, which is what he wants. He steps behind her, still rock hard and rubs the tip of his cock against her dripping wet pussy, feeling her push against him. He reaches up, gives her nipples one hard pinch and rams his cock full length into her as he hears her beg him to fuck her. She closes her eyes as he slams into her over and over, moaning louder and louder. She feels her orgasm get closer and closer, when he stops yet again. On the point of sobbing, she continually begs him to finish, moving her hips against his cock.
He slams full length into her yet again. Pushing deeper and going fast as he rams her again and again. He hears her moans as they get louder, he pinches her nipples again. As he slams into her for the last time, she screams as her orgasmn completely destroys her, drawing his own out, cumming in her. The intensity leaves him weakened, he pulls out, gets off the bed and orders his slave to his side. She gets on her knees in front of him as he orders her to lick his cock clean. She slowly lick from the base of his shaft to the tip of his head and back down, before deepthroating him and sucking gently. She slides him out of her mouth, staying on her knees for the next order. He looks at his captive and then his slave. His captive is close to sleeping, a pleased smile crosses his face again as he dresses and puts the chair back. One last look at his captive and he orders his slave to untie her, watching as she curls up to sleep. He orders his slave to dress and leave the room. Slipping the scarves back under the bed, he leaves the room, watching a contented smile cross the face of the once again sleeping woman.
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Feb 19, 2008 @ 8:49 PM A personal fantasy...    

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That is one hell of a fantasy. Made me hard fantasizing about it. Love to act it out.
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Sep 22, 2008 @ 2:47 PM A personal fantasy...    

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very good i think that is something a lot of us would enjoy

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Dec 1, 2008 @ 7:59 PM A personal fantasy...    

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Girl you have to make this fantasy come true...
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Feb 22, 2009 @ 6:55 AM A personal fantasy...    

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A well written fantasy ,which character were you?
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Nov 28, 2009 @ 7:14 PM A personal fantasy...    

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that is an amazing fantasy! it has me completly spellbound!
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Dec 28, 2009 @ 7:11 AM A personal fantasy...    

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Erotic..I would love to have been the woman who was going down...hmmm
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