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Apr 22, 2007 @ 11:25 PM TWICE AS NICE    

Posts: 37

It was a nondescript Saturday evening. About an hour earlier, you'd had a shower and have now settled in your favorite recliner to catch the tail end of a ball game. I glanced at the clock--nearly 8 pm. From the bedroom doorway I called, "Honey, I'm gonna jump in the shower."

"Yeah, yeah--ok" you respond.

"Oh, and honey?"

"Yeeeeees?" you reply, never looking away from the TV.

"I'm feeling a bit frisky, tonight. What do you say, after I have my shower, we get naughty together?"

Instantly, your head snaps up, and all of your attention focuses on me. With a wicked gleam in your eye and a lascivious smile pulling at the corners of your mouth, you groan, "Mmmmmm, sounds delicious. Count me in on that action!"

"How about a little preview of what I'm bringing to the party?" I ask in a low, sultry voice, as I pulled my shirt over my head and tossed it behind me onto the bedroom floor. Unclasping the front of my lacy bra, I let the straps slide down my shoulders and slowly pulled the cups open, until my breasts sprang free--bouncing a little as they settled into place. Arching my back and thrusting my breasts forward, I let the bra glide with a whisper to the floor. Caressing my hands over my breasts, I tease my nipples, until they are hard and swollen with desire. As I roll my hips in imitation of an exotic dancer, I unzip my jeans and slowly begin to ease them down. I lean over to push my pants to my ankles, while you watch the display of my breasts as they swing and sway beneath me. Rising up, I kick the jeans aside and lean against the door frame wearing only a skimpy satin and lace thong. To further your torment, I spread my legs apart, slide one hand into my panties, and begin to pleasure myself.

"Ohhhhh, baby," I groan, "You have no idea how hot and wet this pussy feels!"

"Woman!", you growl. "I think you'd best hurry up and get that shower before I get up, drag you to bed caveman style, then fuck you so long and hard that you can't walk straight for days. Now, wiggle that cute ass to the bathroom, get cleaned up, and be quick about it!"

With a mischievous grin, I pull my hand out of my panties and lick my fingers. "Mmmm...such a honey-sweet pussy," I taunt--then scamper toward the bathroom, giggling with delight. I was quite content to let you take an authoritative role...temporarily...for you had no idea of the erotic secrets of pleasure this evening would reveal.

My impromtu teasing had taken longer than I realized, and if my plans were to going to stay on schedule, I would have to step up the pace. Jumping into the shower, I quickly bathed myself. The hot water felt sinfully soothing, but I didn't have time to linger. Turning off the taps, I grabbed a fluffy towel, hastily dried myself, and threw on a long, silk robe. I was still a bit damp, and the luxurious fabric molded to my curves, leaving little of my figure to the imagination.

Poking my head around the bedroom door, I said invitingly, "I'm ready when you are, lover. And, would you please bring a kitchen chair with you?"

Raising your eyebrows in silent question you ask, "Feeling a tad kinky, tonight, are we?"

"Oh, you have nooo idea," I purred with a wink and a throaty chuckle.

Flipping off the TV, you rise and go to retrieve the chair I requested. As you wrestle it through the bedroom door, I ask you to place the chair near the wall adjacent to the foot of the bed. Since our bedroom is large and roomy, this leaves me plenty of space for what I have in mind. Once the chair is settled in the proper place, you turn and stare at me appreciatively, admiring the way the silk robe clings to my body. Reaching out, you caress the fullness of my large breasts and run your thumbs over the jutting points of my hard nipples. Your touch feels so wonderful, but I playfully bat your hands away. Now, it is time for ME to give the orders.

"Strip off your clothes!" I command in a firm, husky voice. As surprise and excitement flare to life in your eyes, I disappear into the walk-in closet. When I return, I find you standing naked, legs braced apart, arms crossed over your lean, lightly-muscled chest. Already, your long, thick cock is engorged and twitching in front of you.

"Please have a seat in the chair," I instruct. From the pocket of my robe, I pull four braided, silk cords and a satin blindfold. Securely, but comfortably, I bind each of your wrists to the arm of the chair. Grinning impishly, I slide the blindfold over your eyes, then bend to bind each of your ankles to a leg of the chair. As I raise back up, your lovely cock tempts me to have a taste. Slowly, I slide my lips over the head and down the length of the shaft. With a hiss, you suck in a sharp breath and groan, "Oh baby, yes." After my wet mouth pulls up and down on your cock a few times, your thighs start to tremble. Just as quickly as the sucking sensation began, it ends. Leaving you to wonder what I am up to next, I go back to the closet and pull a box off the the top shelf. Stepping out of the closet, I open the box and remove the costume I had bought when this evening's plan first came to mind. Untying my sash, I let my robe slide into a silken pool around my feet. Quickly, I don the costume, then return to where you quietly sit, bound in the chair.

Straddling your legs, I lower myself into the cradle of your lap. I smooth my hands across your chest, up your arms, and over your shoulders.

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Apr 22, 2007 @ 11:27 PM TWICE AS NICE    

Posts: 37
"Mmmmm...nice," you murmur with a smile.

" talking," I whisper. Leaning forward, I touch my lips to yours. We start to kiss with a deep, sensual passion. But, the intensity builds swiftly, until we are devouring each other with a fierce, driving hunger. Our tongues slide and thrust, as I grind my crotch on top of yours. Beneath me, your hips make small, frantic bucking movements. You moan into my mouth, and I can feel you trying to pull your arms free of their restraints. But, you are helplessly shackled for my pleasure. The fire of our kiss burns hotter and hotter, and flames of need and desire engulf our bodies.

And then, I hear it......the lilting, musical tones of the doorbell.

As if doused with a bucket of ice-cold water, we both freeze.

"Damn!" we swear in tandem.

"I'll be right back," I said.

"NO, don't answer it, and they'll just go away," you plead.

"I'll be right back!" I insist. "Sit tight, and don't go anywhere," I giggle.

"I doubt ANYTHING will be going ANYWHERE, now!" I hear you gripe, as I hurry out of the

A few minutes tick by, as you sit there alone, now limp, and sightless in the silence. Struggling to hear what is going on at the front door, you tug at your restraints and curse under your breath. After what seems like forever, you hear the front door close with a soft, distinctive click. The barest whisper of footsteps across the carpet alerts you to my returning presence.

“Who the hell was it?” you grumble.

“Oh, just some girl needing directions to a party.”

“Well, damn, woman!” you reply with a huge, leering grin. “Why didn’t you tell her we’ve got a party going on here she could join?”

“I don’t think so, buddy,” I sternly say. “But, she was dressed rather..ummmm..unusual. I think she might have been an exotic dancer,” I giggle.

“Well, hell, just my luck,” you ruefully chuckle.

“Don’t worry baby, this is one private party you won’t soon forget,” I purr. “Now, where were we? Oh, yes, I was just about to put on some music.”

“Forget the music,” you say. “Just bring that sweet ass and hot pussy back over here.”

Moving to the stereo, I put in a CD of mixed songs that I’ve prepared just for tonight’s activities. Over my shoulder I call, “Patience, stud! You’ll have your hands full soon enough. Ooop, my bad, I forgot that you’re kind of ‘tied up’!”

“Wicked wench!” you mutter.

“Why yessss, I am,” I reply seductively. “And you’re about to find out just HOW wicked I can be,” I taunt.

Shivers of anticipation race up your spine, as your cock swells anew and begins to throb with a life of its own. Your heart thunders inside the beautifully sculpted wall of your chest, galloping as wildly as a thoroughbred across a mountain plain. The tip of your tongue darts out to wet your dry lips. Your hands grip the arms of the chair in a white-knuckled vice. Being deprived of sight has sharpened your other senses and made you much more aware of subtle things you might not normally notice. Like a primal, male wolf you lean your head back and sniff the air, grunting with animal pleasure, when you detect the musky scent of purely feminine arousal. Your fully-engorged shaft twitches, and a single, pearly drop of pre-cum leaks out to bead on the tip. I need no further indications, that you are all-too-ready for what is to come.
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Apr 22, 2007 @ 11:29 PM TWICE AS NICE    

Posts: 37
"I am going to remove your blindfold, now, but you must promise to keep your eyes closed, until I give you permission to open them. NO peeking or you will spoil the surprise! Can I trust you on this?" I ask.

In a hoarse, passion-roughened voice you reply, "Yes, I promise. You have my word. I will keep my eyes closed, until you tell me otherwise."

Making sure your hair does not get tangled around the elastic band, I slowly pull the blindfold off of you, and toss it over onto the dresser. Then, you unexpectedly feel my wet tongue trace a fiery path up the length of your neck and around the shell of your ear.

"Showtime," I huskily whisper, noting with pleasure the goosebumps that ripple over your heated skin. "Sorry there's no popcorn & soda, but I'm sure you will enjoy this show all-the-same. Once you hear the music begin, you may open your eyes."
Backing away from you, I assume a pre-planned position, push the play button on the stereo remote, and eagerly wait to see your reaction to the scenario I have been carefully planning for a couple of weeks.

As soon as you hear the opening harmonica tones of Kid Rock's "Cowboy", your eyes pop open...then flare wide in disbelief--registering the proverbial "deer caught in the headlights" look. Blinking rapidly several times, you shake your head as if to clear your vision, then stare hard at the same scene that greeted you when you first opened your eyes. Gasping with shock, a beaded line of sweat breaks out above your upper lip, your hands begin to tremble, and you nearly swallow your tongue. What you see is beyond your comprehension and far above anything you ever dared to fantasize I might do.

Not ten feet in front of you stand two women, back to back, dressed in erotic cowgirl outfits. Feeling like your brain is mired in a foggy haze, you stare at us with passion-glazed eyes, finally noting that we are night and day images.

I am blonde; she is brunette. I am fair; she is exotically tanned. My hair lays in long, loose waves almost to my waist; hers is a straight, silken curtain falling to just below her shoulders. My eyes are hazel; hers a dark, dusky mocha. My breasts are large and full; hers small, tight, and perky. My ass rounds outward; hers curves charmingly in a classic, inverted heart shape. Even our attire contrasts in a complimentary fashion.

I am wearing a black cowboy hat, a black leather vest & fringed chaps, and black boots with traces of decorative light pink stitching. Completing the outfit is a pastel pink lace bra and thong. Her matching ensemble is white, the unfringed chaps showing off her long, tanned legs to perfection. Peeking from underneath the snowy leather is a red lace push-up bra and g-string.
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Apr 22, 2007 @ 11:30 PM TWICE AS NICE    

Posts: 37
Turning slightly, we each tip the brim of our hat at you in a silent, western-style salute. As the raw, Southern rock music of Kid Rock continues to play, we begin to dance in tandem with a rolling sway of eroticism. During the second chorus of the song, she gracefully lowers to the carpet and positions herself on all fours. Mounting her, I straddle her back and wind the "reigns" of her hair around my wrist. With a sensual rhythm, I ride my make-shift "horse", and as she bucks and undulates beneath me, I can't resist reaching back to give her a smart little slap on the ass. She jerks and moans softly.

Fastening my gaze on your naked crotch, I hungrily watch pre-cum spill over the head and trickle down the length of your thick, throbbing cock. I can tell you are close to bursting. I know you are aching to release the heavy load of cum that lust and desire has built up in your balls. I am aware of how your male mind works. And I realize that, at this point, you would love nothing more than to wrap your hand around your large, pulsing rod and furiously pump up and down on the shaft until, in a mind-numbing rush of ecstasy, cum shoots out in thick streams and sprays all over our bare tits. Licking my lips and giving you a wink, I decide it is time to turn up the heat on the furnace of your sweet agony.

Dismounting my dark, sultry filly, I motion for her to rise. Grabbing her hips, I guide her forward and pull her head in for a long, steamy kiss. I make sure that you have a clear view of our mouths, as our tongues thrust and swirl in an erotic duel. Bolts of sexual electricity shoot through my lower torso, and I can feel the wetness of my arousal start to dampen my panties. Slowly, I remove her vest and flip open the front clasp of her lacy, red bra. As the bra slides to the floor, I palm her small, perky breasts, leaning to take a swollen, dusky nipple into my mouth. As I suck, lick, and nibble at her pert little pebbles, she arches her back and groans with pleasure. The shape and size of her tits is devine, and I can't seem to get enough of the luscious mounds. As I feast on her breasts, she reaches around to caress and knead the round apples of my ass cheeks.

After a couple of minutes, she decided to take the more dominant role. Removing her hat, she tosses it into a far corner and shakes out her glorious, ebony mane. Playfully, she takes my hat and perches it on your head with a saucy grin. Next, she takes off her chaps, turns to peel off my vest, then walks to stand behind me. Deftly, she unbuckles and removes my chaps. Smoothly, she unclaps my pink bra and slides the straps down my shoulders. The lacy fabric falls away from my breasts and lands with a whisper at your feet.

The two of us now stand clad in only our boots and panties, and your eyes widen in hungry appreciation. Sweeping the golden curtain of my hair over one shoulder, she grasps my hips from behind and pulls me flush against her. As I lean into her, she kisses the exposed length of my neck, and her hands glide around to cup my tits. Artfully, she rolls and pinches my large nipples. One hand leaves my breast and glides in a sensual trail down my stomach, disappearing into the front of my panties. Finding the engorged nub of my clit, she strokes and teases the slick bud. When I am sure my knees are going to buckle from the pleasure, she crouches to slide my thong over my trembling thighs. As she draws the pink whisp down the length of my legs, she leans in to lightly run the tip of her velvety tongue up the crack of my ass. Jolts of excitement sizzle up my spine and goosebumps wash over my skin in tingling waves.

Placing the string of the thong between her teeth, she crawls through my legs and advances toward you like an exotic jungle beast with a trophy. When she reaches your chair, she purrs seductively, rubbing her face against your calf and up the inside of your thigh. Removing my panties from her mouth, she holds the lacy fabric under your nose, so that you can smell the animal scent of my arousal. Closing your eyes, you groan and inhale the musky perfume of my sex. Stretching up, she places the strings over your head and drapes my panties around your neck. Adding to your torment, she stands, and begins to rub her clit through the fabric of her red, g-string. Once they are well-coated with the fragrance of her arousal, she loops them around your neck to hang along with mine. She gives you sassy wink then turns slightly and motions me forward.

I crawl to you and position myself on my knees between your legs. While she removes her boots, I lean forward and begin to blow warm air across your balls. Flicking out my tongue, I lightly tease the sensitive stretch between your sac and your anus. Just as I begin to slide my hot mouth down your cock, she returns to stand behind me. To your shock, she props the tip of her left foot on your right shoulder. Using the fingers of her right hand, she spreads the lips of her smooth, hairless pussy and begins to stroke up and down her dewey, glistening slit. Once her fingers are drenched with her feminine moisture, she smooths the first two over your mouth, wetting your lips with the sweet nectar of her pussy. Slowly, she inserts the fingers into your mouth, so that you can lick them clean. As she resumes pleasuring herself, my mouth sucks rhythmically up and down the length of your throbbing cock.
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Apr 22, 2007 @ 11:32 PM TWICE AS NICE    

Posts: 37
When I realize you are dangerously close to spilling your hot cum, I stop sucking your cock and tap the inside of her thigh. She removes her foot from your shoulder and steps slightly away. Remaining on my knees, I turn around and recline back, until my head is laying in your crotch. She straddles us, draping a leg over each of your upper thighs, and bracing her arms behind her on your knees. Her wet, pink sex is open wide and sitting at just the right angle. Gripping the cheeks of her ass, I bury my head between her spread legs, running my tongue slowly from her anus to her clit. Above me, I can hear you panting and hoarsely chanting, "Oh God, oh God, oh God!" Smiling, I continue to enjoy my feminine feast. As she squirms and moans, I thrust my tongue in and out of her steamy vagina. After tonguing her for a while, I plunge two fingers into her slick heat. As I pump them in and out of her, my mouth latches on her clit, and I noisily slurp and suck at the swollen nub. As I continue the oral assault on her clit, I pull my fingers out of her and insert my thumb. As my thumb rotates inside of her, I rub the lubricating juices of her pussy around the rim of her anus and slowly insert my middle finger. She responds with a long, moaning "Yessssssssss!"

As she rolls her hips in rhythm with my plunging fingers and grinds on my teasing tongue, I extend my free hand above my head and grip your pulsing phallus. As as jack your cock with slow, firm strokes, you beg with a whimper, "Please, let me cum, baby. I'm aching to explode. I need it so bad!" Increasing my rhythm on your shaft, I feel her tense up and know she is about to cum, too. Arching her back, she lets go with a deep, gutteral cry. As her cum trickles down my face and fingers, you jerk and bellow out above me. While I lap up her hot cream, your searing cum erupts from the swollen head of your throbbing cock. Milky streams jet into the air then splatter down to land all over your stomach and my hand. Her head slumps forward onto your chest, the pair of you panting and trembling.

Sliding from underneath the two of you, I rise and walk to the bathroom, returning with two warm, wet cloths. Giving her ass a smack, I motion for her to move off of you. Gently, I press a warm cloth between her legs, and she reaches down to hold the soothing heat in place. With the other cloth, I wipe the globs of sticky cum from your groin and stomach. Leaning in, I give you a kiss filled with soft, sweet passion.

"What about you?" you whisper.

"Don't worry about me baby," I respond with a smile. "Show's not over, yet. You can be sure I'm gonna get mine."

"Are you going to untie me me, now?" you ask in a hesitant voice.

"Oooooh no...not as long as she is here," I reply. "You can look, but you can't touch...EITHER of us!"
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Apr 22, 2007 @ 11:33 PM TWICE AS NICE    

Posts: 37
With a wickedly saucy grin, I turn and walk to the bed. Bending over, I wiggle my ass at you, then pull a covered tray from beneath the bed. Siting on the edge of the bed, I place the tray beside me, as she piles some pillows behind me. When she has them arranged as she would like, she returns to me and gets on her knees between my legs. Reaching under the cloth covering the tray, she removes a small can of whipped cream. Vigorously, she shakes the can then pops off the top. Teasingly, she rolls the chilly canister up the inside of each thigh and across my stomach. With a smile, she sprays a cool, frothy dollop of cream onto each of my nipples. Leaning forward, she begins to lap and suck the sweet confection off of my tits. Next, she sprays a line between by breasts and down my stomach to my navel. As her hands caress my breasts and her fingers tease my nipples, she licks at the line of whipped cream. Starting at my navel, she trails her tongue upwards, eating her way to between my breasts. Pulling my head down, she thrusts her sweet tongue into my mouth. Flames of desire burst to life within me, and I think that nothing has ever tasted so delicious.

Pushing me back onto the mountain of pillows, she places each of my booted feet on the edge of the bed. She pushes my legs apart, until I am spread wide, and my pussy is stretched very open. Leaning forward, she lightly flicks her tongue over my clit a few times, then fills my slit with whipped cream. Diving between my thighs, she hungrily laps at the cream, until I am clean.

As she begins licking the sweetness of my bare pussy, I lock eyes with you. As you watch my desire mount, I note that your cock is, once again, engorged and straining upward. As her tongue twirls and swirls over my clit, she inserts a finger into me and strokes my wet, inner heat. As my climax crashes over me in powerful waves, I bow up off the bed, and shout with ecstasy. Before my orgasm has fully ebbed, she climbs on the bed and moves behind me.

Gently lifting me, she scoots closer, then lays me back against her. Flipping the cloth off the tray that is still beside me, she picks up a cylindrical object, and then you hear a soft hum. Mesmerized, you watch as she massages my clit with one hand, while the other hand moves the vibrator in circles around each of my nipples. Draping my thighs over hers, I bend my knees, and slowly she glides the toy down my torso and over the mound of my pubis. Teasingly, she buzzes my cit a few times, then sinks the vibrating phallus into me. Immediately, I groan out a loud, "Ohhhhhhhhhhh!" As the thumb of one hand rolls my clit in slow, lazy circles, the other hand pumps the vibrator in and out of me, alternating between shallow and deep strokes. Unable to hold back any longer, I scream with pleasure, and you watch as my pussy spasms around the substitute shaft. Warm cum trickles out to form a puddle beneath me. Still shuddering from the aftershocks of the orgasm, I look at you with passion-glazed eyes.

In a raw, husky voice I ask, "I bet you wish it was YOU pumping in and out of this hot, throbbing pussy don't you?"

Licking your dry lips, you stammer, "Ah, yeah. Ummm, yeah baby, I do."

Reaching down, I touch my hand to hers, and she slowly withdraws the vibrator from inside me.
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Apr 22, 2007 @ 11:35 PM TWICE AS NICE    

Posts: 37
A little weak kneed, I crawl off of the bed. Turning, I motion for her to join me. At my simple nod, we each take an arm of your chair and pull you forward, until you are only a couple of feet from the edge of the bed. With another nod from me, she returns to the bed, lays on her back, spreads her legs wide, then pulls up her knees up and out to the sides. Straddling your thighs, I reach between my legs and close my hand around your cock. Holding your shaft steady, I slowly lower my hips. Your breath draws in with a sharp hiss, as my tight, wet heat swallows the head of your cock then sucks the rest of your pulsing length deep into me. Once I am fully impaled on your long, thick member, I roll my hips in a few, tight circles.

"Baby," you groan, "I'm afraid I don't think I'm going to be able to last very long like this."

Taking that as a cue, I leaned forward and buried my face in the slick folds of her pussy. I moved my pussy up and down on your cock, as I ate her pussy. Very quickly, she came. Once her quivers had subsided, I sat up, leaned back into your chest, and bounced on your lap in a hard, fast, pounding fury. Throwing my hands behind my head, I grabbed the the back of the chair, giving you a perfect view of my big bouncing tits. As I bucked wildly on top of you, she got between your legs and began to tongue your balls. Jerking your hips upward, you jammed yourself deep into me on each downward thrust. Then, your body tensed, and with a magnificent, leonine roar, you erupted shooting a geyser of cum into me. Furiously I continued to fuck you, and as my orgasm burst inside me, you exploded again. With shaking fingers, I plucked loose the bonds at your wrists. Your arms curled around my waist to hold me to you. Panting and shaking, covered in a sheen of sweat, we sat together, drifting in a euphoric haze as our pounding hearts slowed, and our breathing returned to a somewhat normal rhythm.

When I chanced to open myeyes, I noticed that she had quietly gathered her things and left. When your now-limp cock slid out of me, I moved from your lap and bent to untie your ankles. Tiredly, we crawled onto the bed and snuggled into each other.

"Hey, where'd the girl go?" you asked.

"Home, I suppose, " I responded.

"Mmmmm...good," you replied in exhaustion, "Cause I can't take any more. Where'd you find her, anyway?"

"Oh, she's just a little something I picked up at the grocery store," I giggled.

"Honey, I promise to never complain when you go shopping, again," you chuckled.

And, those were the last words spoken that night, as we fell into a deep, restorative sleep.
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Apr 22, 2007 @ 11:44 PM TWICE AS NICE    

Posts: 581
Hmmm...intriguing story....

Excellent visuals, indeed...

Just got one thing wrong....

I don't watch ball games.....*Wicked Chuckle*

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Apr 23, 2007 @ 1:44 PM TWICE AS NICE    

Posts: 6
mmmmm nice!

can't wait to be the subject of one of your stories!
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May 16, 2007 @ 8:46 AM TWICE AS NICE    

Posts: 37
So, pick a show and substitute it for the ballgame DKW! ***wink***
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Feb 25, 2013 @ 9:20 AM TWICE AS NICE    

Posts: 22
hi... it's nice erotic story thanks for sharing... i like your story... Escorts in Holborn
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Jun 20, 2013 @ 10:37 PM TWICE AS NICE    

Posts: 2
Excellant story!!
You are a gifted 'wordsmith!!' The beautiful pictures that you paint with your choice of words are equal to the wonderful emotions that I experienced while I envisioned myself tied to your chair.
Thank you for sharing your talent!
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