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Mar 6, 2007 @ 11:07 AM CARE TO SHARE A FANTASY?    

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It starts with my lips brushing over yours, soft as a butterfly’s wings. My tongue slips between your lips and into your mouth, tangling with yours in a slow, warm, sensual dance. When I am drunk from the sweet passion of your lips, I move my mouth to your ear, circling its outside rim slowly with my tongue. I blow the warm heat of my breath into your ear and gently suck on the lobe. I let my tongue glide up and down your neck and feather a trail of hot kisses over the pulse beating at the base of your throat. I slide my hands up the front of your shirt, and as my fingers release each button, I lean in to leave a kiss on the naked skin of your chest—one kiss for each button that pops free. Sliding the shirt off of your shoulders, I let my hands caress the warm smoothness of your back. As your shirt falls silently to the floor, I grip your buttocks and pull your groin closer into mine. Grinding my hips into yours, I dip my head and begin to make small, slow, moist circles around each of your nipples. While I suck and nip at one nipple, my fingernail lightly grazes the other. Flicking out my tongue in a furious frenzy, I tease your nipples into hard, sensitive pebbles of sensation. Slowly, I kiss my way down your chest, stopping to lick and nip here and there. Inch by maddening inch, I kiss my way to your waist and run my tongue under the top rim of your jeans. Through the heavy fabric I can smell the intoxicating scent of your arousal. As I rub my cheek against the length of your hardness, I can feel it pulse and jump against my face. Using my teeth, I release the button of your jeans and pull the zipper down. I push your pants over your hips and to the floor. As you step out of them, I position myself on my knees between your legs. Your erection juts proudly forward and a drop of pre-cum glistens on the tip. Running my hands up the backs of your legs, I firmly grip your buttocks and pull your pelvis closer to me. Gently, I take your balls into my mouth and begin to suck and lick them. Your sac is warm and soft, and I relish the purely male taste of it. Above me, your shaft is twitching for my attention, so I run my hot tongue up the throbbing vein pulsing along its length. Sensing your excitement is at a fevered pitch, I close my mouth over the head of your cock and slide my lips down your shaft, until ...
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Mar 6, 2007 @ 11:08 AM CARE TO SHARE A FANTASY?    

Posts: 37
...until the tip of you is buried deep in the back of my throat. I let my lips glide up and down on you in a slow, wet rhythm of suction. One hand joins my mouth in its stroking movements, while the other hand cups and caresses your balls. Your hand cradles the back of my head, caressing my hair, as you help to thrust yourself in and out of my hot mouth. Each upward thrust makes your cock nudge the back of my throat and my lips tease the top of your sac. As your breathing becomes heavy and my tongue enjoys the delicious taste of your throbbing cock, I can feel myself becoming very wet with arousal. Withdrawing from my mouth, you push me back on the floor and kneel between my thighs. Slowly you plunge a finger deep into my slick heat. I throw my head back and gasp with intense pleasure. As your fingers works their magic inside of me and your thumb rubs my clit in slow, sensual circles your mouth covers mine, swallowing my moans of ecstasy. Our tongues slide back and forth as flames of desire burst into a roaring fire of raw passion. Unable to wait another moment, you spread my thighs wide and slowly sink yourself deep into me. You remain motionless for a few seconds, enjoying the feeling of being drenched in my wetness, relishing the pleasure of your shaft pulsing inside me, my tight walls hugging your shaft in the most intimate of embraces. Slowly, you begin to move within me in a steady, rolling rhythm, igniting a fierce burn deep in the core of my feminine sexuality. As our hips rock back and forth meeting and separating, you entwine your fingers with mine and hold my arms down on either side of my head. Our eyes lock, and a friction of sexual energy passes between us. Gazing deeply at each other, our emotions and passion are mirrored for each to see. Dipping your head, you kiss me with a greedy, sensual hunger. My hands move to cup each side of your face, and the kiss deepens, each sharing a piece of our soul with the other. Reaching between our bodies, your hand finds my clit and your fingers begin a slow, maddening dance between my thighs. A moan escapes from deep in my throat, as our bodies become slick with the sweat of our passionate efforts. As my climax builds, your thigh muscles tighten and tremble. Your balls feel heavy and your shaft expands within me. I arch my back and cry out as my desire for you sends me over the edge into a swirling chasm of sweet pleasure. As I pulse around you and bathe your cock with my hot cream, you allow the last bit of your control to slip away. You trust into me fast and hard and deep, until you feel yourself explode in long, hot spurts of mind-numbing ecstasy. You groan and jerk as your sexual liquid pours into me in a rush of warm wetness. Panting from our exertions, you collapse beside me, your shaft still cradled inside of my body. Drifting in a pleasurable haze, I lay my head on your damp chest and listen to your racing heart slow to a calm, steady beat once more. Together we glide into a peaceful, satisfied sleep—curled in the loving embrace of each other’s arms.

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Mar 8, 2007 @ 5:18 AM CARE TO SHARE A FANTASY?    

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All I can say after reading that is What can I do to make you fall for me so I can be the guy in the story???
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