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Taking my submissive toy to play pt. 1

Aug 17, 2013 @ 9:20 AM Taking my submissive toy to play pt. 1    

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After last night’s experience, we both slept in late. When I woke up and shook the sleep from my eyes I looked down and saw my cock head nestled gently in your lips. Looking over at my phone on the night stand I saw it was pushing 11 AM. I swatted you on the ass and told you to get up. “I have some more fun planned for us today and I don’t want to get started too late,” I told you. “Get cleaned up and then meet me in the living room.”

Having taken a shower last night, it took you little time to clean yourself up and get yourself presentable for me. I sat down on the living room couch as you entered, your succulent body almost floating on the wind. I started a few seconds, thinking of what I had planned for you before giving you the box containing your outfit, more appropriately uniform, for the day. I got up and took my shower to get myself cleaned up and when I was finished, you were standing at attention, as directed, in your uniform.

I am a sucker for the way your body looks and moves in a combination of stockings, high heels and a garter belt, so that is what I left in the box for you. This time, I chose a pair of pink ankle strap pumps (4” heel), black lace stockings and a pink garter belt. I had you twirl around several times for me, to bask in the beauty of my selections on your tight, curvy body. Since I hadn’t dressed yet, I walked up to you and pushed you onto your knees, rubbing your face over my cock and balls, pulling your hair roughly back when you try to lick them. “Only what you are told, kitten, or today will be harder on you,” I said. With that I let go of your hair, commanding you to return to attention until I call you into the bedroom.

I took my time, knowing you would obey. The pleasure I give you is too strong for you not to. Once I was dressed, blue jeans and a T-shirt, I called you in to join me. “Lay flat on the bed, legs straight and arms at your sides,” I said, pulling several lengths of rope out from under the bed. With one of the lengths I tied your ankles tightly together, making you test the bindings to make sure they were tight. “Arms up now kitten,” I said. This gave me the access to bind your wrists together, just as I did your ankles. With your arms still raised I grabbed your ankles by the rope and brought your knees to your stomach. “Just one more thing and we’ll be ready to go kitten,” I said smiling. You remained quiet, but I could see in your eyes a mixture of curiosity, lust and fear, just the way I like it.
I bent your knees so I could move your hands down and let your feet come forward so your hands were located behind your feet, curling you into a ball, almost into a fetal position. I used the final two lengths of rope to tie your wrist and ankles together and your forearms and calves together, confining you into this position. You always look so beautiful bound up for me. “How do you like it?” I asked. “Sir, I like it. I love feeling your hands on me as you tie me up. What next, Sir?” you answered.

With that I picked you up and carried you outside of the house, gently placing you in the grass next to the driveway while I unlocked the car. I made sure the trunk was clean before picking you up and placing you inside. “I want to surprise you so I need to put you in here to keep you from peeking. It won’t be a long drive,” I said as I closed the door. You heard the driver’s side door open and close, the engine start and the car start to move backwards down the driveway.

You knew it wasn’t forever, but it seemed like it in the dark. Your mind was consumed with thoughts of potential pleasure and pain that lay ahead for you. You wanted to touch your hot, dripping pussy, but obviously you could not. You could just feel the moisture gather, making you fantasize more in a vicious circle. Without warning you felt the car stop and the engine shut off. You heard muffled voices and then some light footsteps before the key was inserted in the trunk and the lid opened. “We’re here, kitten,” I said, carefully lifting you out of the trunk. I pushed the trunk lid down with my elbow to avoid putting you down on the hot asphalt of the parking lot. You swung your head around and saw I was taking you inside a mechanic’s garage.

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Sep 22, 2013 @ 1:28 AM Taking my submissive toy to play pt. 1    

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i want more baby
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Oct 28, 2013 @ 3:11 PM Taking my submissive toy to play pt. 1    

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More please??
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Main    Sex Stories    Taking my submissive toy to play pt. 1

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