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more of when we were young

May 1, 2013 @ 10:25 AM more of when we were young    

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it didn't take long for us to find out what a vibrator was. we were amazed watching a woman getting off with won. watching men and women fucking doing oral was turning us both on. my brother had a big hard on, I could tell just looking at his pants lol. the only thing that shocked us both was watching man and woman doing anal. we couldn't believe couples did that!
after being very careful to put everything back exactly the way it was we were ready to leave the room when he spotted something else in the closet. in one of dads jacket pockets was another tape. why wasn't that one with the others? we had to see it. complete shock came to us. it was a tape of mom and dad. she was giving him head then he was doing oral on her then they were 69ing. OMG THIS OUR MOM AND DAD DOING THIS! I wanted to stop watching but for some reason I couldn't. it was turning me on even more. at first I didn't realize I was doing it but I was rubbing my brothers cock through his pants. when I did realize it I pulled my hand away. he looked at me and smiled. after putting the tape back we left their bedroom we went back to the livingroom and talked about what we had seen. we were still shocked at what we saw mom and dad doing but then thought they were adults and that's what adults did.
the more we talked about it the more we wanted to do some of the things we watched. we went to his bedroom. it was still early enough so we didn't have to worry about them coming home. we started with him doing me. at first I didn't think it was that exciting but then he discovered my clit and it was feeling awesome. my legs began o quiver and I was moaning loud then I felt my first orgasm coming, OMG it was a feeling I had never come close to experiencing before, the more he stayed down on me the harder I came until I told him to stop I was getting lite headed. after a short break I took him in my mouth. it wasn't long before he let out a loud moan and I felt cum shooting in my mouth. I didn't like the taste but I swallowed it all anyway.
he left the room for a short time nd came back with a condom in his hand. I told him no way was going to but that thing in me. he asked why and told me we had watch people doing it including mom and dad. I still told him no I didn't want to. he said olay and didn't push it but I knew he wasn't to happy.
over the next 3 weeks I gave him handjobs, blowjobs, he got me off orally and I let him finger me. One night when we were home alone again we took one of tapes out and watched it. it was then I decided I wanted to feel his dick in me and I told him I did. he got a condom from dads drawer. he started putting it in but it hurt so bad I made him stop. he did but didn't take what was in out then I felt a little more go in. it still hurt like hell so he stopped again. it took a while but it was finally in and it still hurt but not as bad. after another 2 weeks and several more fucks I found I was looking foreward to the next time we would do it which was every chance we got. my brother knew an older boy who was able to get condoms for us. we could keep taking dads lol
sex between us was so great it all we both could think about,
when we were 15 we got a scare that made us not do it anymore. the condom broke and I was late with my period. we though OMG what are we going to tell mom and dad. a couple of days later I came around so we were safe.
we made up our minds that we would still do oral but no more fucking. we were both starting to date anyway so we could still fuck our dates if we wanted to.
we do get together now and the and oral is still a big thing between us
to our knowledge mom and dad never found out about us checking out their bedroom, watching their movies or us having sex
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May 1, 2013 @ 10:40 AM more of when we were young    

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See that answers my question. After reading the first part I was like when does she start figuring out that she can have a feeling just as good as he is getting from you rubbing his cock.
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