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Three's the magic number!! Part 5

Feb 6, 2013 @ 11:07 AM Three's the magic number!! Part 5    

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Then he slammed it in my causing me to go forward and shoving Seth’s cock in my mouth making me gag on it then shoving my back on to his hard cock again. As he was slamming into me and Seth was fucking my little mouth I felt his other hand start to massage around my tight little ass whole. As he got faster and harder I found myself stroking and sucking Seth faster and tighter. Edward got his figure wet and slid it into my ass never slowing down as he slammed into me over and over the pleasure of feeling all 3 wholes being filled was more than I had ever felt before and it was the most powerful amazing feeling in the world that I took Seth’s cock out of my mouth and started begging for more. “god yes oom y god yes fill me up give it all to me fill all my wholes. Then Seth shoved my head down onto his hard cock making me gag again. Both men started to cum holding themselves in me as deep as they could as my whole body convulsed with pleasure. I sat up and leaned against Edward again feeling completely open completely exposed and complete satisfied. I started to relax felt myself start to drift off to sleep as my husband picked me up and laid me on the bed. I was vaguely aware of them talking about how amazing I looked and what a great woman I was and I could not help but smile as I drifted deeper into sleep. What seemed like only minutes but must have been hours passed when I started on wake up finding myself on my side with a warm body pressed against my back and another pressed again my front while 4 strong motioned hands massaged my body starting with my neck I kept my eyes closed letting out a soft moan as I feel all 4 hands touch rub and massag my body. I reached one hand behind me and on in front grabbing both semi hard dicks at the same time. Seth was behind me and my husband was in front of me both facing me!!! They were getting harder and I could feel myself getting wetter as they continued their messages their hands started going lower more exploring and probing more than massaging Seth fingers found my tight little ass whole just seconds before my husbands fingers found my clit ring he pulled it gently then rubbed around it making my hips push toward his hand wanting more of him wanting him to fill me again but yt wanting to arch back to feel seths fingures fill me also. My body was worn on how to move my body trimmer as both men slide a figure into me then 2. My body started to shake and tense up as the pleasure grew and over took me. Seth stopped and got some lotion and put in on my hand as I stroked him into the most amazing hardness. Then he slid his cock into my tight little ass so slow I could feel myself start to stretch to make him fit completely my husband shoving his figures into me pushing my body farther onto Seth’s cock. I grabbed Edward as the pain took over for just a second then was replaced with pleasure as his lotioned cock started to slide in and out of me and my husband figures played and explored as he kissed me then pushed himself in me feeling both extremely hard big cocks in my his fingers finding there way up to my mouth letting me suck on them greedily and I moaned as I once again enjoy the feeling of them both filling me at the same time. They were sliding in and out at the same time letting them both be deep inside me together. My hips wanted to arch forward to feel my husband deeper in my yet arch backwards to feel Seth deeper in me they started to move faster thrusting deeper and harder both slamming into m at the same time. Shock waves of pleasure and plain pulsed through my body causing me to tingle and get light headed again. I could feel the intense pleasure build in my I grab my husband and wrap my arms around him holding him tight against me as I could feel I was getting close “make me cum with you” I cried out in him ear between gasps of breath I started slamming my body back and forth fucking them both fast and hard so they did not have to move. I could not stop myself from slamming back then forwards again “oo my god I’m gonna cum!!!” both men shoved there hard cocks into me as deep as they could and held themselves there. I could feel all my muscles tighten around then getting tighter and tighter by body stars to shake and convulse as I squirt cum all over my husbands. It seemed to last for minutes when I was about at the ten and the feelings started to subside both men unleashed their needs and started slamming into me once again both going frantic a slamming into me over and over making me cum again as they started to fill me with their cum. I laid there holding him feeling kisses places on my bake my shoulders neck checks lips then I laid back with another amazing smile on my face as the boys got up got dressed and started to talk about what to do for the day.
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Feb 7, 2013 @ 6:48 AM Three's the magic number!! Part 5    

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Hi, it's a nice rough threesome story...thanks for sharing... Escorts in Haringey
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Feb 7, 2013 @ 9:36 AM Three's the magic number!! Part 5    

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Thank you, to bad its all still just a story! I hope you enjoyed it.
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Main    Sex Stories    Three's the magic number!! Part 5

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