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Three's the magic number! part 4

Feb 6, 2013 @ 11:06 AM Three's the magic number! part 4    

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but I was so out of my element and yet so excited at the same time. “dance for me” he said and I started moving my hips dancing on him while still leaning my body against his when I felt Seth lift my legs and put them on his chair so I was rotating my hips in the air with my wet pussy right in his face. My husband’s hand found my breast squeezing twisting my nipples into hard peaks as his other hand started to rub his hard cock. I could feel the head of it pressed against my spine a cold breeze passed over my clit as Seth blew on it causing me to gasp and then moan he hands start to massage my inner thigh going higher and higher making me lose all train of thought so I did what my husband said I relaxed and enjoyed. I felt his figure slid over my clit and whole then out and in again jolts of pleasure shooting through my body breast arching to feel more of my husband’s amazing massage and hips arching to feel more of Seth’s delicate exploration I moaned as I felt one his figure slide in again as his other figure started to rub against my clit playing with my clit ring in the process. He started slow but quickly picked p speed then slowing down and adding in a second figure gaining speed again. I could feel the pleasure mounting in me as my whole body began to shake I thought I was going to cum when suddenly he stopped. I let out a small whimper as he slid his fingers out of me a whimper that was quickly replaces by a gasp as I felt the tip of his tounge flick my clit ring and then his tounge replaced his fingers inside of me. I could feel my husband breath quicken as the head of his hard cock pressed against my spine more the head of it now wet with precum. With my husband pressed against my spine his ready cock in my hand and Seth massaging my clit with his fingers as his tounge slid in and out of me. I felt a sudden burning sensation hit the top of my breast then roll down them leaving a path of delicious pain, and then came other then another. It was so thrilling and hot that it took me a minute to realize that my husband was dripping hot wax on my breasts!!! And was more surprised at how much I liked it. It was the most tantalizing pain I had ever felt ever! I tried to hold back to make it last as long as I could my breathing got so fast I started to get light headed and my whole body became tingly I could feel Seth start to move faster and the pleasure building I knew I was close. I could hear myself moan my hips grinding then suddenly I grabbed Seth’s head shoving his tongue in me as far as I could he grabbed my ass cheeks pushing me even closer to him digging in deeper my husband gave one final twist to my nipple and I began to cum letting out several load moans soaking Seth’s mouth with my cum. I slowly lowered my hips as Edward took off my blindfold and I saw my juices on Seth’s lips I could not hl but go over to him and kiss him licking my juices of his lips. Tasting myself on him then I went and sat down on my husband again. Leaned back and smiled with satisfaction I sat there for what seemed only minutes when Edward started nibbling and rubbing again setting my body back in motion. He lifted my hips and lowered me slowly onto his hard cock I heard him take a deep breath as he slid into my dripping wet tight pussy. My eyes wanted to close with pleasure but I wanted to watch Seth. He had pulled his own cock out and started stroking slowly matching the speed of my husband and I. I was so turned on and watching him added to the heated juices that my husband was enjoying so much as he slide in and out of me. He started moving faster and so did Seth. I saw the head of his dick become wet with his precum and I could not look away unconsciously licking my lips thinking of its taste. My husband slowed a little and said “let me see that tight little ass of yours as he genteelly pushed my head forward. Feeling my husband go deeper in me I grabbed Seth’s cock and started stroking its length sucking at the same time feeling Edward give my ass a little slap a moan escaping my lips from the pleasure of it with just a hint of pain. Then grabbing my shoulder with his on hand he slammed me backwards I gasped and bucked from the pressure of it was so intense for a second that it was almost blinding.
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Main    Sex Stories    Three's the magic number! part 4

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