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Three is the magic number! Part 3

Feb 6, 2013 @ 11:04 AM Three is the magic number! Part 3    

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him thrusting my hips closer to his strong hands as he pushed his fingers in deeper then sliding them half way out just to push them in faster. I put my hand behind my back grabbing hold of his now hard cock rubbing the full length of it in my hand. I could feel the pleasure growing in me when suddenly he let out a small growl pulled my hand away from his hard cock shoved my bottoms to the side and slowly pushed it deep into me going all the way in and then pushing me down just a bit more. I grabbed his legs digging in my nails just a bit I felt so full; the pressure was amazing with just a hint of pain I started grinding my hips against him feeling him move inside me. I then heard a noise and saw movement out of the corner of my eye as Seth walked in. I went to get up and move but Edward grabbed my hips shoving me back down on him before he could slide out of me, making a small whimper escape my lips “Be a good little girl now and don’t move” he whispered in my ear as Seth climbed into the hot tub. I could not believe what was happening. I was sitting right in front of my best friend with my husband’s hard cock throbbing inside of me!!! The idea was scary but also very exciting. At first we just sat there while the men talked my husband’s hands massaging me as he slowly grinded his hips under me and I tried my best to tell my hips not to respond they begged to move, to feel more, so much need I began to throb and tingle his hands massaging over my sides and down my stomach to my clit again I closed my eyes and leaned against him trying to stay in control of my body as it threatened to explode. A soft whisper came to my ears “cum for me baby” I lost all control hearing those words. My hips started moving on their own a soft moan escaped my lips as I felt myself about to cum the feel of him pushing in so deep I could feel the head of it against my back inner wall I moved faster and harder till I could handle no more his fingers shooting pleasure through my clit. I let it all go feeling me cum all over his hard cock and letting out a laud moan. Eyes still closed I smiled and leaned into him more my eyes suddenly shot open when I remembered Seth had been in the hot tub looking into his eyes I could see his desire and lust for what he had just seen we sat there for awhile with them men talking and I began to relax but I could not keep eye contact with Seth. He has just seen a part of me that no one but my husband had seen in years they both started talking about getting hungry again so we agreed to go back to the room and order room service You know I had a little surprise of my own for you baby I said as we got back to the room “really? And what is that” Edward said in slight mocked surprise. “Ya, I was going to give you my own little private lap dance” a grin crossed his lips “well then show us” he said as he and Seth both sat down he was wanting me to do it in front of Seth a little nervous I grabbed my overnight bag and went to the bedroom grabbing my see thro lace outfit that covered my breast and my hips with a narrow cloth covering my stomach connecting the top and bottom and crotch-less panties. I put it on and took a deep breath and walked out of the bedroom Seth was staring right at me as Edward turned on some music on his phone. I walked over to Seth first watching my husband the whole time for a source of comfort and to see him get turned on seeing me sprawled all over another man rubbing on him. Seth’s hands where so strong and firm as they slide over my back, arms, legs, stomach, and upper thigh I then switched and went over to my husband giving Seth the same show I just gave my husband. Looking into Seth's eyes as I danced on my husband, his lust was undeniable and not only could I see it I could feel it. He wanted me and I wanted him just as much! The dance went on for about half an hour switching men about every 5 min their hands exploring more each time I was about to switch back to Seth when Edward stopped me. He grabbed something from behind him as Seth got up and moved his chair so that the front of his chair was touching the front of my husband’s chair. “Just relax and enjoy” I heard my husband say as he slid a blindfold over my eyes. I took a deep staggering breath trying to relax
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Main    Sex Stories    Three is the magic number! Part 3

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