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Three is the magic number!

Feb 6, 2013 @ 10:54 AM Three is the magic number!    

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This is my first story and Im not good at grammer but hope you enjoy.........

I could not help but smile as I thought of the weekend I had planned. Between my husbands and my work schedule and our 2 kids we have not really got to spend much time together. I had it all planned out though, we were going to have an amazing kid free weekend!!! I had been secretly working out for 3 months now and lost 30 lbs and was down 5 sizes but still wearing baggy clothes so my husband, Edward would not notice. Edward, Seth (a long time friend of ours) and I were all going to go out to get something to eat then go to a gentlemen’s club. I had reserved a hotel room for my husband and me for that night so we could enjoy the hot tub and some drinks together and not have to worry about the drive home. “What’s taking you so long?” Edward asked as I was putting on the final touches on the perfect outfit for the night. I was wearing a black mini skirt that showed my lower ass cheeks when I bent over and a top that had no back to it and hung low in the front, the outfit made me feel very sexy. I walked out and Edward just stared at me like I was a whole new woman, and I felt that way too. I started to blush then laughed it off feeling like a high school girl with her first crush all over again. We went and met up with Seth and went out to dinner. Seth kept sneaking glances at me but would not look at me for long and I could not help but smile. I was all woman tonight and loved the feeling! Dinner was pretty good but I got so preoccupied thinking about the girls that would be at the club that I missed most of the playful banter going on between the 2 men. After dinner we went to the club. I could feel myself start to tingle and get slightly wet with excitement with the idea of it all, of the girls touching, rubbing, dancing. When I walked in the first thing I did was order the strongest drink I could think of to help take the edge off and help me relax. All 3 of us took a seat right next to the main stage. I looked at Seth and started laughing, this was only the 2nd time he had ever been to this club with me, and with all my new changes, he was trying to look like he was all calm but his eyes were telling a whole other story!!! After watching 2-3 dances I bought both of them a lap dance and sat back and watched. I could feel my heart start to race and my palms get sweaty as I imagined my husband getting turned on by this woman’s touch and imagining the feel of her hands on me rubbing over my breast and putting her tight little ass on me. I did not have to imagine for long however, as soon as the men finished their lap dances they both bought me 2 lap danced (4 in total) for payback. As the first dance started I all I could think about was how everything about her smelled and felt so damn good. The second song came as she stood up on the chair put her one foot on my shoulder and started to grind her nice little pussy right by my face. I turned to looked at how wet and nice her tight little cunt looked, I could smell her sweet juices and the urge to stick out my tongue for a little taste was almost to much to bear. As the 3rd song started she slide down straddles my leg and whispered in my ear “would you like to touch me?” I nodded my head yes, she grabbed my hand guiding it over her breasts down her stomach past her belly button then to her inner thigh and down her legs around to her ass as I gave a little squeeze I heard her take in a sharp breath. My hands started to shake and I was feeling myself get even wetter as I felt her grinding her hard little clit against my leg. When the 3rd song ended she stopped and said “now for the 4th dance go to the bathroom” I was confused but got up and followed her to the bathroom. As soon as we got to the bathroom she grabbed my hand, lead me into a stall gently pushed me up against the wall and started kissing my neck then down to my breast. She sucked my nipple into her mouth as her hand pulled up my mini skirt moving my panties to the side and started rubbing my clit then inserting her fingers in me deeper and deeper each time my hips pushing forward grinding against her fingers wanting to feel them as deep as I could, my body seeking release. It was not long before I felt myself start to cum all over her hand. She stopped brought her fingers up to her mouth and I could see my juices on them as she stuck them in her mouth sucking eagerly. Just as she started to turn to leave the stall I wrapped an arm around her pushing her against me “not so fast” I said as I placed a kiss on her neck “it’s my turn” I whispered just as I slid my hand lower finding her clit and wet lips and started rubbing it. As I felt her body lean against me and her legs opened more for me granting me access to all of her, I rubbed down inserting 2 fingers then rubbing back up pulling out in the process then back down over her clit to enter her again. When I felt her hips start to buck faster I turned her around pressed her against the door kissing down her as I continued to slide my fingers deep into her. As I got on my knees I flicked my tongue over her clit then took it into my mouth sucking on it as my fingers started sliding in and out of her faster and deeper. I could feel her hands wrap in my hair. I moved my mouth down to her tight pussy lips licking and plunging my tongue in and out of her tasting her delicious pussy walls as my fingers went up to play with her clit. The taste of her was so amazing
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