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My first story - unpolished and looking for feedback

Jul 21, 2012 @ 10:42 AM My first story - unpolished and looking for feedback    

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I backed out of the driveway slowly looking at Chelsea in the passenger seat. “You’re sure
you have everything you need.” She sighed before answering, obviously annoyed and said, “Yes. I even made sure the front door was locked. Just go, honey
It was going to be a long drive, but worth it. We both had been looking forward to getting away to the country for a couple of days, things were so hectic for both of us at work lately making us work late and causing a lot of stress. Time away and together is what we needed.
“You didn’t bring your computer, did you?” I asked her, nervous she might have tried to sneak that in. “No, baby,” she answered. “Did you?” she retorted. “No, it was my idea, remember.” “Just checking,” she said with a giggle, making me smile as I merged onto the highway.
The drive up to her parent’s cabin was a solid two hours so to get there in time to enjoy a relaxing evening, we left the house around 11:30 in the morning. We had both eaten breakfast, but we hadn’t discussed any lunch plans. Dinner wasn’t a problem because there is always food at the cabin and we were bringing ingredients for our favorite stir fry dish. “What were you thinking about lunch sweetheart?” I asked.
“I was just thinking we could snack in the car. The sooner we get there the better, if you know what I mean,” she said with a wink and a smile. I couldn’t tell if her smile was that of an angel a devil, but it lit her up like sunshine even though we were passing under a cloud.
“I was thinking we could stop somewhere and have a little picnic instead. A little delay won’t hurt and it will be nice to take a break from sitting in the car. What do you think?”
“We didn’t bring anything for that, but it would be fun,” she said.
“We did actually. I snuck in an extra bag with the last load. Just some basic stuff for some sandwiches, some fruit and vegetables, and some drinks.” I said smiling at her, cruising down the highway.
“Really?”, she said, grabbing my thigh and giving it a squeeze. “That would be wonderful. You are always full of surprises.”
“I know. I thought it would be something romantic to jump start our trip, since we are dedicating the next few days to just us.”
“It is. Thanks, baby. I’m going to go out on a limb here and suggest you already know where you want to stop for this picnic,” she said, tilting an eyebrow still rubbing my thigh. “I have a couple of spots in mind.” I replied. “I figured we would stop at each one until we find one we like and then sit down and eat.”
“Sounds like you thought everything through,” she said, but her tone of voice shifted slightly. A little higher, but a little deeper too. It’s the same tone of voice she uses when she crawls up in bed next to me when I’m working to make me stop and play with her. I thought I am missing something here, did she plan something too? “I thought I did.”
“I know you like surprises, so I planned one of my own,” she said giggling. “Oh really, what’s that?” She didn’t say anything. Instead, she took off her seatbelt and slid forward in her seat. She was wearing a flowered sundress that as she moved slid down her thighs allowing her to lift it up to expose the white lace panties she was wearing, accented with little bows. I could see her trimmed golden pubic hair as she put her white flats on the floor and positioned her feet on the dashboard to spread her legs wide. “Something like this,” she grinned running her hands up and down her smooth thighs. “We haven’t been together in awhile so I thought while we were on our way, I would give you something to remember why you love fucking me so much?” She giggled again as I smiled and shook my head. “You’ll be lucky if we make it to the picnic,” I said, instantly hard and now preoccupied more on my wife’s actions next to me than on the road ahead of me.
“Well, you watch when you can and you can keep listening to me. I’ll describe everything in detail so you can see it in your mind while you’re driving and it will be almost like the real thing. You just saw me running my hands on my thighs. While my fingers feel good, my finger nails feel better, tracking from knee to hips and back, burgundy daggers denting my flesh as I move them, hitting my nerves and feeling soooo good.”
“I love when you use them on my back”
“I know baby. This time I am sliding them over my lace panties. Mmmm, the lace dragging across my hair, pulling a little tighter over my lips. Should I touch them?
“Absolutely, baby. You should be getting wet,” I said, feeling a small drop of pre-cum come of out of me.
“I think I will touch both, first my right hand is dragging my nails over my burgundy lips, pulling the bottom one down exposing my teeth. I can feel it swollen slightly, waiting for it to meet yours and your strong tongue. When they drag over my chin I just tilt my head back, waiting for you to kiss my neck. As they move down between my breasts I have to sigh as my hand rubs not only over the bare skin under my dress, but over my hard, erect nipple. I just want to grab it and squeeze and arch my back as if you are in front of me, but I have to move further downward to give you what you want. As my right hand traces over my stomach in a downward spiral, I can’t keep my left hand from moving up to my breast and tracing my nipple with my nails. Can you hear me breathing heavier?”
“Yes, I’m breathing harder too thinking about it. I can see you out o
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Oct 1, 2012 @ 5:53 PM My first story - unpolished and looking for feedback    

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A fun start. Curious to see where it was going to go. :)
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