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Adventure`s of Susan ..Number 6...A Short Holiday

Oct 11, 2011 @ 8:06 PM Adventure`s of Susan ..Number 6...A Short Holiday    

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Susan had just finished her shift at the shop, and was putting on her clothes. When she noticed a slip of paper on the floor by the door. It was another hand written note from Bill, the owner of the shop. On it was written ( I have your wages ready , and a surprise for you as well, not sure if you would like it though. Come and see me when your ready, I will be in my office...Bill)

Susan was puzzled by the note, (what was it that I wouldn`t like) thought Susan. So she finished dressing and went downstairs to Bill`s office. She knocked and waited, " come in" said Bill." Don`t look so worried , it is nothing to fret over" said Bill. Then he handed Susan her wage and asked her to sit down. " I have a little proposition for you" Bill stood up and went to his safe behind the big landscape picture on the wall. He opened the safe and took out a brown envelope and threw it on the table. Bill then went over to Susan and stood behind her.
" Have a look inside that envelope, and tell me if you are interested or not" Bill put his big hands on Susan`s shoulders and waited for her to open the envelope.

She took out the contents of the letter, there were two airline tickets, and two tickets and a brochure for a nudist camp. "well " Bill said " what do you think?". " you want me to go with you to a Nudist Camp?" said Susan. Bill slid his hands from her shoulders and lightly cradled her breasts. "Yes, if you would like to come with me, it would please me very much" Bill was now rubbing Susan`s breasts and her nipples were hard and pointy under her thin blouse,He then slid his hands inside and pinched her nipples softly.

She was getting aroused by Bill`s caresses and thought for a moment or two. " Its all expenses paid and I will give you £300 pounds spending money as well, if you consider coming with me" said Bill,his fly was open and he was stroking his hard cock, as he felt Susan`s breasts with his free hand." I would love to go , but what about your business?" said Susan" All been taken care of , nothing for you to worry your pretty little head over,talking about head" he said " would you mind giving me a blow job, I just feel so horny thinking of all those nude women" said Bill laughing. Susan turned around and circled Bill`s cock with her fingers, then started to lick his large round helmet.( Hmm) thought Susan,( nice cock not as big as Alec`s but still large) and she started to suck his cock , deep throating him and squeezing his balls.

Then she pumped him with her hands as she took more of it into her lovely warm mouth. Bill was breathing heavy now and gasps escaped his lips as Susan brought him nearer and nearer to his climax. Susan looked at Bill`s face and saw absolute joy in at as she sucked him towards his orgasm.Then suddenly, her mouth was filled with his cum, spilling out of her mouth and on to her bare tits splattering them with cum."Ahhhh,Oh lordy, lordy , lordy, that was so good,phew Susie you do one hell of a blow job lass" he exclaimed." "glad you think so, I do try my best to please" spluttered Susan trying to swallow all Bill`s cum,but getting it stuck in her throat but eventually she managed it.

Bill handed Susan a towel and she cleaned herself up,He then took her home to pack, as the flight was in two hours and it was a half an hour`s drive to the Airport. Susan had never been to Cap de' Adge before although she had been to the south of France with her parents 5 years previous, where she sunbathed naked on the roof of the villa they stayed in. Susan looked at the brochure of the resort on the plane, she saw that it was a huge purpose built resort , a mini city with shops and restaurants even a cinema. Susan thought to her self (this is going to be fun, lots of naked men and women in a mini city Hmmm that will be good).

Susan and Bill were in the taxi making their way to the Nudist Resort. Susan stretched and yawned making her nipples stand out from her thin T shirt, Bill looked lustfully at her and thought ( Wow, what a lovely body she has, I want to fuck her and have an orgy while I am here. ) They arrived at the Resort and got their apartment keys, then unpacked their stuff and settled in." I fancy a drink Sue,would you like to join me?" said Bill" yeah..why not" Susan answered,so they made their way down to the bar,

There was a sign saying" NO CLOTHES TO BE WORN BEYOND THIS POINT" in several different languages,just outside the bar,where there were changing rooms and lockers to put your clothes and accessories in. Bill and Susan went into the changing room and quickly took off the clothes they were wearing. Naked ,they walked into the bar, Seeing other couples and singles drinking and dancing in the well lit bar. There were several couples dancing slowly to Elvis Presley`s "Love me tender" and they glanced over at Susan and Bill as they came into the room

They looked an attractive couple,Bill was lean and well toned without being too hunky, and Susan was slim and and had a lovely body,her pussy was shaved and you could clearly see her well formed pussy lips as she sat at the table opposite Bill. They ordered their drinks from the waiter and looked around at all the naked bodies in the room. There were all shapes and sizes, big cocks, average size and even a couple small cocks on view, and the women had small breast, big breasts and shaven and unshaven pussies. Bill and Susan were getting very horny looking at all these naked bodies that surrounded the
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