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Advventures Of Susan Number 4......Three`s A Crowd ??

Oct 11, 2011 @ 8:03 PM Advventures Of Susan Number 4......Three`s A Crowd ??    

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Susan had just finished her shift, and was having a nice hot shower. Reflecting on the last few hours Susan began to fondle her small breasts, as her nipples got harder she began to caress her body. Running her hands over her hard nipples and down over her slim hips and in between her thighs.

She began to masturbate, opening her pussy lips ,letting the hot water cascade down upon her clitoris.The sensations she was feeling was just like a warm hand playing with her pussy as her clit got harder and more sensitive.she inserted two fingers in her vagina and began to fuck herself slowly, letting all the tension and stress of the past few hours go as she frigged her shaven pussy.

Picturing Alec`s cock with it`s big bulbous head and long shaft, she could see the long blue vein pulsing as he filled her mouth with his huge cock. and remembered his massive balls which she also sucked and tongued until his erection was ready to penetrate her ass.Susan let her orgasm cum, feeling her hot juices flowing over her long fingers into the trough below,

As she dried herself she saw a slip of paper which had been shoved under her door,it was a note from Bill the owner of the shop. On it was written a short message in biro,"please come and see me when you have cleaned up, I have your money ready for you..and a little surprise...Bill "
Susan dressed and was on her way down to see Bill when the door opposite opened and a very attractive black girl came out. " Hi, my name is Tina, you must be the new girl?.right?..said Tina. " i am going for a drink and a bite to eat ,would you like to join me?" she said." I can`t at the moment " said Susan " I have to see Bill. "" No worries, " said Tina " I will wait for you outside, I am sure you wont be long". "Ok," said Susan "that would be great, I`m famished" she said.

Susan saw Bill behind the counter and went over to him." Ah, Susan you done great today babe, I am very pleased and so were your customers. I have had good reports about you all day and would like to sign you up if your happy with the set up here"." I had a great time" said Susan "where do I sign?" Bill handed over the contract and Susan signed on the dotted line. Bill gave her £160 for the days work and the same amount in bonuses saying that she had earned it and he was very pleased with her.

True to her word, Tina was waiting outside. She was a very striking woman with long black hair, that shone like ebony in the sunlight. Her figure was lithe, almost athletic with long legs and 32DD size breasts with big areolae around her large nipples, which were visible through the thin blouse she wore with no bra.

As they sat talking about each other in the pub, the talk turned to sex and Tina said that she was bisexual and enjoyed threesomes whether it was with another man or woman. Susan was intrigued and asked Tina if she found her attractive."yes" said Tina "very attractive, would you consider a threesome with my boyfriend and myself?"said Tina." Wow, yes", said Susan " I would love to, when can we do it?" said Susan." Right away if you like, my bf is picking me up later from here and I am sure he would like you to" said Tina.

Tina`s boyfriend Eddie arrived about a half hour later and sat down and ordered a beer and another round for the women. Susan looked at Eddie and thought to herself (wow cant wait for him to get those clothes off, he is magnificent ) " hello?, hello? are you with us? " said Eddie smiling at Susan" sorry, I was miles away" said Susan smiling back at Eddie." Come on then ladies, let`s go ;the car`s outside " said Eddie getting up from the table.

Eddie was a professional athlete,and his physique matched that criteria. He was 14 stone of solid muscle, and was as strong as an ox. Eddie wasn`t that tall by athlete standards, only 5 foot 11 inches tall, and had been playing football professionally for about 4 years with Plymouth Athletic Football Club.He had established himself in the side and was a regular first team player and played either in midfield or as a forward. His genitals were big as was the norm for black men, his penis was about 6" while flaccid but hard it grew to about 9" of solid muscle, he was circumcised and his helmet was large and round.

They arrived at Tina`s flat , and sat down in the lounge and began to plan the night`s activities." I need a shower, and a shave" said Eddie "you girls get ready and I will see you in the bedroom" Tina looked at Susan and Susan turned and looked back at Tina, there was an instant attraction in that look and Tina reached for Susan`s breast.

Susan moved closer to Tina and they began to kiss and caress each other,removing each other`s clothes as they progressed.A couple of minutes later they were both naked, and Tina was pinching Susan`s nipples and had her other hand down in Susan`s now sodden pussy. Their tongues were entwined in a passionate kiss and Susan was rubbing Tina`s hard clitoris, and long pussy lips, they were both becoming extremely aroused and this is the scene that Eddie witnessed when he came out of the bathroom.

Susan was draped across the settee with one leg across the top and the other dangling over the side, Eddie could clearly see Susan`s lovely pussy as Tina was now sucking Susan`s toes and caressing her legs and thighs. Eddie approached Susan and removed the towel he had tied round his waist letting it drop to the floor. He put his now erect cock to Susan`s lips and she opened th
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