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Adventure`s Of Susan ..Number 3...Work Experience

Oct 11, 2011 @ 8:02 PM Adventure`s Of Susan ..Number 3...Work Experience    

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Susan was walking around the sex shop trying to get ideas for what she could experience next.She was willing to try anything
whether it is with a man or woman or maybe even an orgy. The only thing that was taboo for her was animal sex, it just didn`t appeal to her. She was walking past the DVD`s now, Masturbation, BDSM, Solo, Orgies and many more subjects were at her bequest.Susan was getting wet,and very horny looking at the photos on the DVD`s.In the end she couldn`t decide what she wanted and moved further down the store.

She saw the owner of the store arguing with a young woman dressed in a sexy maid`s outfit, " I don`t give a fuck if you pay me a million pounds!" said the woman" I am not going to let any body fuck my ass!, do you hear me" she shouted at the owner" In fact, you can stick your job where the sun don`t shine" she blurted, then stormed out of the shop. The shop owner had a resigned look on his face and went back to stacking the shelves.

This gave Susan an idea, so she approached the store owner and asked him what the trouble was. "That slut just wasn`t up to the job" he exclaimed " It was in her contract that she was willing to do anything for the punters, but she wouldn`t honour her contract" he told Susan. Now Susan was nearly broke, she hadn`t received her allowance yet from her parents,and it wasn`t due for another week. Susan looked at the owner and said "How much would I get , if I decided to take the job?" " Have you any previous experience?" said the owner" Oh! yes" lied Susan,"plenty" " I pay £160 a day for 5 hours work, and a bonus on top if the customers like you" said the owner.

Now Susan was on her summer break from school so she had a lot of time to kill, and she was getting bored just hanging around the school grounds.There was nothing exciting happening so she decided she would take the job.

"O.K." she said " I will take the job" "are you sure?" said the owner "it can be pretty rough in there" he said "are you sure you are willing to do anything the punters want you to do ?"" Yes" said Susan " I am willing to tr...umm do anything they want"said Susan."O.K." said the owner "I will put you on a days trial,and if you make the punters happy I will sign you up"

The owner escorted Susan to the back of the shop, and up a flight of stairs into a small but but comfortable room. In the room was a bed with black satin sheets, and a small dresser with an array of sex toys and implements on it. There was an en-suite shower and a small wash basin with a pile of clean towels stacked beside it."I look after my girls, so if there is any one getting really heavy, just ring that bell on the bedside table" said the owner.

Susan tested the bell and a loud buzzer sounded downstairs. "Only ring it in an emergency " said the owner "and I will send someone right up" he said. Susan put the switch back on the the small table beside the large box of tissues, and the owner left the room, shouting back "be good" and laughed as he went back down to the shop.

About five minutes later there was a knock on the door, "come in " Susan said, the door opened and a burly man came in dressed in overalls and steel toe capped boots. " My name is HornySue" what is your pleasure?" said Susan " I wanna fuck your ass" said the man coarsely " get your togs off!" he shouted at Susan. She quickly took off her clothes, and now she was naked.

"Fuck me" said the man "you are a sweet little thing aren`t you?" blurted the man, who now was naked and his erect member was {email address removed} was small only '5 ,00, and she was pretty with lovely green eyes that seemed to follow you around the room and also had tiny breasts but nipples that were long about three quarters of an inch long, she had wide hips and an inviting pussy free of pubic hair. She had never seen such a big cock in her life, it was about 9" long and as thick as her wrist."The man came close to Susan and fondled her right breast, pulling her nipple and said to Susan "luvly pair of tits you have there"

Susan pulled away from the man and reached for the dresser drawer.Now, let me see," said Susan rummaging through the drawer in the dresser." Ah here it is" and showed the man the small jar of Vaseline." let`s get you nice and hard first" said Susan kneeling down in front of the man. She grabbed his cock and started to suck and lick the huge head of his cock,then stuffed as much of it she could manage into her mouth.Cradling his massive balls she blew him till he was as hard as rock.Susan opened the jar and spread a thick dollop of Vaseline around, and along his erect cock,then smeared some around her back passage and in her ass hole.

"Let`s get yer ready first " said the man "bend over the bed with yer ass in the air" said the man and proceeded to finger fuck Susan one,two then three fingers went into her tight orifice.Whilst playing with her titties with the other hand.Susan was enjoying the sensations that were coursing through her backside and pussy.Then the man suddenly stopped and said " I think yer ready now, keep still or it will `urt" said the man gruffly. He put the head of his big cock at the entrance to Susan`s posturer and pushed gently, until the bulbous head was in, then started to rock back and forth gradually pushing his monster cock further into Susan`s ass..

Susan was in seventh heaven, she was loving the feeling of this stranger`s cock up her backside and was determined to get as much of it in as she
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