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Adventures of Susan Number 2...Les Be Friends LOL

Oct 11, 2011 @ 7:58 PM Adventures of Susan Number 2...Les Be Friends LOL    

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Susan was on the computer looking at porn, she had one hand down her panties and the other was rubbing her nipples.I need a fuck! she said to herself thinking out loud.

Tommy was ok but I need to have some different experiences what shall I do? thought Susan as she watched a lesbian scene on the computer. Both girls were naked and one was between her partners thighs with her tongue up the other girls pussy.Susan was wet now and was avidly watching the video closely, she had two fingers in her pussy and was slowly working her way to an orgasm.
Susan was 19 now, her birthday was two days ago and she celebrated by fucking Tommy, but she did not have an orgasm. She realised that she was just fed up and needed something different, something that she had not experienced before. So she was seriously thinking of going with a girl,Susan had never had a lesbian encounter and she wanted to give it a go;to see what it would be like.

The video was coming to a climax now and so was Susan, Her legs were wide apart and she was rubbing her hard bud between her legs with two fingers and the other hand was pinching an erect nipple hard as she got closer to an orgasm. Susan was so engrossed in the video that she never saw the girl enter her room. and close the door quietly "Oh! s-sorry I didn`t know that you were busy i-i um I will come back later" she stammered. Eve was taller then Susan , and was slim and had fairly large breasts which made her look top heavy. "That`s alright Eve" said Susan "you can come in, perhaps you would care to join me" said Susan without turning round to look at Eve.

Eve blushed and said "are you sure you dont mind if I stay ? ""not at all Eve, pull up the other chair and sit next to me" said Susan.Eve pulled up the chair and sat next to Susan. Susan was still sat with her legs each side of the monitor and she was naked."come on Eve"said Susan "get your clothes off and have some fun".

All right then, I will" and Eve started to take her clothes off.Susan gazed at Eve admiring the young woman`s body, especially her breasts which were lovely. When she was naked Eve sat back on the chair and looked at the scene on the monitor screen."Oh! she exclaimed " it`s two women having sex, I thought you were looking at normal porn" "why? dont you like it? " said Susan " not that" Eve said, "I have never done it with a woman before, not sure if I like it" " looks like fun to me, wouldn`t you like to try it and see" said Susan with a wry smile on her face."w-well I.. " before she could say any more Susan jumped up and sat astride Eve`s legs with her arms around Eve`s neck "

Have you ever kissed a girl before? " said Susan softly " do you find me attractive ?" said Susan in her best sexy voice. "I think you are beautiful " said Eve while she was looking directly at Susan`s pretty little breasts with the hard nipples facing her. With that Susan leaned forward and started to kiss Eve softly on her lips "How was that , was that nice?" as she pulled away from Eve. "yes", she said "that was very nice,I am surprised how nice that was" said Eve with a smile.Susan began to kiss Eve again ,harder this time,with more purpose. Eve responded and kissed Susan back, she was getting aroused and she could feel Susan`s hot body against her and Susan`s hard nipples pushing against her chest.

Suddenly Susan got hold of Eve`s jaw and forced her mouth open so she could give Eve a real tongue bashing. The two girls kissed like this for some minutes whilst they were caressing each other`s bodies at the same time. Susan started to kiss Eve`s neck and gradually moved down towards her breasts, holding her firm breasts in both hands she started to lick and tongue Eve`s nipples making them stand erect and hard. Eve gave out a soft moan as Susan continued kneading and nibbling her breasts. Susan then knelt down between Eve`s open thighs and moved on downwards
towards Eve`s pussy, stopping to lick and probe Eve`s belly button.

By now Eve was so aroused and so wet, she didn`t want Susan to stop.Susan opened up Eve`s pussy and kissed and licked along Eve`s sodden labia then upwards to Eve`s clitoris grasping it in her teeth she bit softly, bringing Eve`s first juices to her lips. Eve pushed Susan`s head further in forcing her mouth against against her sweet pussy,where Susan eagerly lapped up Eve`s juice.Then Eve came to a shuddering orgasm, screaming for Susan to stop, but Susan carried on nibbling and licking Eve`s clitoris. "Oh my goodness" screamed Eve "I cant stop cumming,I have never felt this good before, yes, yes stick your tongue in my pussy Ohhh that`s g-greeatt" screamed Eve.

Susan was wiping Eve`s juice off her lips then sucked her fingers"you taste lovely" said Susan.
"Now it`s my turn" said Eve smiling. "lie down on the carpet and spread your legs" said Eve.
Susan obliged her and did as Eve ordered, Eve sucked Susan`s nipples then bit them softly bringing
moans to Susan`s lips. Suddenly the door opened and in stepped Tommy with just a T shirt on and shorts." I thought we were going for a run, Sue" he shouted. "It`s all right Tommy, I am getting plenty of exercise here. Would you like to join us?" "Eve, have you any objections?" said Susan looking at Eve." No," said Eve "More the merrier,I dont mind at all" said Eve smiling at Tommy.
Tommy quickly took of his clothes and joined Eve and Susan." i want to take care of Susan " said Eve
I see you are ready" said Eve looking at Tommy`s erect p
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