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a nice massage ...

Jun 17, 2011 @ 12:01 PM a nice massage ...    

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I walk up to you, starring at what a wonderfully beautiful woman you really are. Letting my eyes scan your entire body, head to toes. I instruct you to come closer, and without hesitation, you come closer to me. I lean in and give you a nice little peck in the lips, followed by your tongue pushing through my warm lips. Our tongues meet as we start off with a nice soft kiss which turns into a hard deep kiss. I break the kiss slowly, as I instruct you to take off your clothes, as I am planning on giving you a real massage. You look at me as if something ‘sexual’ is going to happen, and I assure you that it is an innocent type of massage. You laugh, knowing that what I just said was a complete line of bullshit, but it doesn’t matter to you, as the thought of it being a platonic massage turned sexual gets you turned on.
I lay you down on the bed, putting a towel on your back covering your mid section and ass, showing that it is actually a legit type of massage.

Starting with your left foot, I slowly pick up your foot into my hands. Slowly rubbing each part of your foot, making sure that each pressure point is hit. Slowly rubbing your big toe, rubbing it in tiny circles, and watching your face as you start to feel a tingle of a tickle. Slowly moving to the remaining parts of the toes, rubbing each one carefully, without tickling it too much, but seeing your face, I apparently didn’t do such a good job. Watching you squirm and giggle from the toe tickling makes me laugh a little as well. I move to the rest of your foot, the heel and the arch, taking my knuckles and kneeding them, feeling the stress in just one foot. After more squirming you tell me to move up or face being kicked, so I take that heed of warning and move up your leg, moving onto your quads. Feeling my hand trace slowly up your quad, planting small kisses and mixing those with my fingers moving over them, you tell me that a chill just went through your body. Continuing to kiss up your body, I stop at the back of your knee, knowing that this is a very sensitive area. Letting my hands slowly tickle the back of your knee you turn around and look down and wonder what the hell I am doing, then realize that it is an erroneous zone and all of a sudden, you feel a wave of pleasure shoot up your body. I move up to your thigh and give it a nice deep massage, as you can feel the tension in it, probably from all those years of being a waitress. As I move closer to your waist, you squirm in anticipation, but as soon as I start picking up the towel and hearing a big moan from your mouth, I put the towel back down and move down to the right side of your body, working the same way up. You yell at me for teasing you, but I just ignore it and tell u to lie down. You listen , and I continue working my way up your right leg.

I come up to your ass, and move the towel off, and you can feel my touch as my fingers massage your ass, pushing and massaging each and every area of the region. Your body quivers as you feel my warm hands on your body. I move up your back and feel all the various knots in your lower back, but not before kissing my beautiful tattoo on your lower back. You can feel my body pressing up against your back as I work my hands up your body, pressing each little area on your back, starting on the spine, and pushing away all the stressful knots that may be in your body. All of the stress must be adding up from all of the family problems, all the concerns for each other, school and trading the stocks…but tonight the stress is all disappearing as my fingers move up your back and push away all of those worries. The only thing now on your mind is something that you know you shouldn’t be thinking about. As you feel my body pressing against yours, your mind starts to move faster and faster and you whisper to me, just stop teasing me, just fuck me now! I respond back to you, knowing that this is a big tease to you, I’m not doing anything, as you wanted a very simply massage. And that’s all that you are getting!!!! (big grin)

I move up to your neck area, massaging your shoulders and up into your neck, nibbling my way up as well, and you remind me that it’s a platonic massage and that nibbling is not necessary, but is very much enjoyed, followed by a small giggle. I take that in considering and continue to tickle, massage and tease you. You notice that I’m at the top of your head and ask if you can flip over, and before I can say yes, you throw the towel down and flip over, exposing your beautiful body, nipples perked up, pussy well trimmed and glistering of a little wetness. You look at me deeply and ask for a kiss, but I continue with the massage.

This time, I start from the head and work my way down, as you close your eyes, your mind wanders again, and as my hands move slowly throughout your body, you tingle with every move. I move my hands towards your breasts, and without touching them, I blow a cool air over the nipples , making you twitch every so softly. I give me an evil look and wonder if I am going to stop the massage and give u what you really want, but you are wrong, as I continue to move down your body, massaging your stomach, and paying close attention to your naval area. Knowing how sensitive it is, I part the naval area, rubbing it every so gently, then I bend down and give it a small kiss, letting my tongue dart out licking it. As soon as you feel my tongue hit your naval, you jump
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Nov 12, 2011 @ 1:44 PM a nice massage ...    

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So hot..........
like this
me and u
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