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Cold Winter, Hot Flash

Feb 7, 2011 @ 12:22 AM Cold Winter, Hot Flash    

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It is a cold winter night. We go to a motel after couple of glasses of wine. I light some candles.

I had a great time talking to you and I wonder what's next? We sit down at the bed and I run my fingers in your hair, gently smell it and I smile. I bring your head close to me and we kiss. I take my time, this is a long intense kiss.

I run my lips on yours and I want to tell you with my kisses that this is a night to remember. I caress your lips with my lips and I gently use my tongue on yours, I put it in your mouth, caress your tongue, and teeth, and I suck your tongue when you put in in mine.

I guide your hand to my cock which made my pants puffy. I say: can you take it out ***? You tease me with a smile and say not yet. Its killing me in jeans, and its because you turn me on so much. I run my hands all over your body, and specially your inside thighs but I don't touch your pussy, YET.

I tell you tigress, my cock is killing me and you being gentle release it from my pants. I take your pants off too.

I have a shirt on, so do you. I start to nibble on your nipples softly, over your shirt. I want you to just get a feeling that they are there. I come and kiss you again.

I nibble on your neck as I put my hand between your legs, an inch short of your pussy. We are side by side on the bed and my other hand is massaging your beautiful tits.

I take your shirt off, and now you have your bra. I gently kiss you from your lips, to your neck, and then spend some quality time with your ear. The glow of candles are magical and crest a certain environment there.

I barely kiss you with my lips and the feeling of my lips caressing your body drives you wild. I do that on your chest, on your tits, on your bra, on your hand, on arms, on your stomach, on your thighs, on your calves and even on your foot but never touch your wet panties, yet alone your beautiful soaking pussy, YET.

I playfully lick from your foot toward your pussy and get a taste of you from the side of your panties. I say ummmm delicious and then I kiss your clit over your panties.

I take my shirt off and you enjoy the view of my naked body, my rock hard cock that admires you and smile.

I let my breath and lips caress your nipples and enjoy the sight of your belly starting to move up and down. I let my cock on your thighs so you would feel the warmth of it but too tease to let your wet flower feel it , YET.

I kiss your lips, lick and kiss your nipples one by one, kiss your stomach and every time I pretend that I will go kiss your clit when I go back to your lips. The candles and wine makes you even more hornier, so do they to me.

You can't resist anymore and say please! your panties is soaking wet and you feel my pre-cum on your thighs. You even grab my cock and start stroking it while you move side to side, moan, enjoy my lips on your skin, and desire to be fucked.

I know that, and this drives me wild but I am a long way from being done with you.

Finally I kiss and lick your wet panties. This drivers you more wild. I put it aside and softly kiss your clit. I gently spank it with my tongue and lick your pussy near your ass toward your clit. You shiver and with satisfaction cum on my face.

I smile at you, give you a glass of water with a peace of chocolate, turn around and start giving you a massage. My hard cock on your nice bot turns you on and a combination of skin on skin makes you ready for the next round.
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