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The Hot Tub, part1

Aug 4, 2010 @ 1:47 PM The Hot Tub, part1    

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This story was a request from another member after reading my first one. Again, this is purely fiction, and names/locations/ect. used are not meant to portray anyone or anywhere outside of my fantasy.

The Hot Tub

It all started with a business trip. My college had offered me a chance at an internship with a large firm in a city a hundred miles or so from my apartment. The company was offering me trip funds to take a several hour drive, and then spend the night at a local five star hotel before interviewing in the morning. I snatched at the opportunity. I packed a night bag and left late on a Tuesday morning. There wasn’t much traffic and the drive was easy. I arrived at the hotel around five o’clock in the evening. It was without a doubt one of the nicest hotels I’ve ever been to. The whole place seemed to be gold-plated. Everything from the banisters on the stairs to the concierge desk shone brightly. A bellboy took my bags up to my room while I checked in. By the time I actually entered my single room I was feeling like a movie star. The room wasn’t huge, but it was only made for one person. Despite the small size, it was incredibly comfortable. The bed was actually soft by hotel standards, and there were a lot of luxury items in the room. A large flat screen TV took up most of the wall opposite the bed, and I had a balcony overlooking the pool deck outside. The deck was something else entirely. Done in a Hawaiian theme, there were live palm trees growing in patches, tall grass lining the walkways. There was a large swimming pool in the middle, and a number of small hot tubs arranged inside the groves of trees. It definitely looked like paradise. Only one problem; I hadn’t brought a swim suit.
That evening I had dinner in the fancy restaurant on the lower floor of the hotel before retiring to my room. While watching TV that night, I kept taking glances at the pool deck. A hot tub sounded really nice after my long drive, but I couldn’t exactly go down there with my boxer briefs for swim trunks. At eleven the pool deck closed. By eleven thirty, they still hadn’t shut off the hot tubs. All that had done was dim the lighting. I made up my mind. I’d wait until after midnight, and if the tubs were still running, I’d sneak into the pool deck and relax for a few minutes.
Around twelve fifteen, I slipped out onto my balcony. I spotted a pipe of some sort a foot or two from the left edge of the balcony. I carefully stepped onto the railing and shimmied down the pipe. Sticking to the shadows, I crept towards the tub farthest from the pool deck’s entrance, hidden from sight by a thick grove of bushes and palm trees. I had already stepped out of my jeans and was pulling off my shirt before I noticed someone else was already in the tub. I stopped with my shirt half way over my head, feeling ludicrous in my turquoise boxer briefs. A woman with long black hair was relaxing in the tub.
“Uhh… sorry.” I stammered, “I know I shouldn’t be out here. I’ll go back to my room.”
The woman giggled. “I’m not an employee.” She said.
“O-oh. I’ll, uhh, go find another tub.” I said, blushing and turning to go.
“No, no. Stay. I’d actually like some company tonight.” The woman stated.
“I don’t have a swim suit.” I confessed, gesturing towards my minimal clothing.
“Neither do I.”
The woman arched her back, stretching out of the tub. A pair of huge, naked, breasts rose from the hot tub’s foam. My eyes widened in surprise. I couldn’t look away.
“See?” the woman said playfully, sinking her large bust back beneath the foam.
“I, uhh…” Was all I could manage.
“Oh, stop being so shy, manly.” She flirted, “get in here.”
After a pause, my rapidly swelling cock overrode my brain. I slid into the hot water across from the woman.
“Feels good huh?” she asked as I closed my eyes, letting the water relax me.
“Ya know what feels better?”
My eyes shot open as she spoke that last sentence. She waded over to me, her large breasts bouncing just beneath the surface. She straddled my legs, sitting on my lap and wrapping her arms around my neck.
“Wait, whoa, slow down.” I gasped. I felt something soft brush my leg. She wasn’t wearing anything down there either.
“Slow down?” she asked wryly, “I’d not even to full speed yet.”
She clamped her lips over mine, sucking at my mouth in a vicious French kiss. At first I resisted, but then my cock overrode my brain again, and I relaxed into the kiss, my tongue dancing with hers. She took one hand off my neck long enough to pull my boxer briefs off my legs and let them float around the tub. My cock, now fully erect, brushed against her groin. I felt myself twitch once uncontrollably. The Woman only smiled, her wet black hair framing my vision.
“Ready for something more?” she asked.
I never actually got an option. She rose to her knees, pressing her huge breasts into my face. She took my hands in hers and placed them on her soft boobs.
“Come on, fondle me.” She demanded, shoving her chest farther forward.
I cupped her left breast in both my hands, squeezing it, rolling it over her chest, all remnants of my self-control gone. I pressed my lips to her tit, sucking gently. It instantly became rock hard as my tongue circled it. I squeezed the breast and sucked hard her nipple, tasting a small stream of her warm milk as it entered my mouth.
“That’s it baby.” The woman exclaimed, rearing her head back, “Suck me dry!”
I pulled on her tit again, drinking in her milk, savor
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Aug 4, 2010 @ 1:48 PM The Hot Tub, part1    

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the erotic flavor.
“Play with the other breast too baby,” she gasped, fingering herself under the water, “Do what I tell you to do to my body!”
I reached my left hand over to the other breast, squeezing it between my fingers as I drank from her opposite side. As I switched to sucking her other breast, she reached down with one hand and wrapped her fingers around my cock.
“I’m going to fuck you,” she exclaimed, “like the bitch you are!”
She guided my cock with her hand. I felt it penetrate her groin, sliding deep inside her. I groaned, breast milk running down my chin into the water. She bounced on my cock like a pogo stick, her breasts rising up and out of my reach with each thrust. I put my hands on her hips, feeling her move, sticking out my tongue so it ran over her nipple each time she bounced.
“You’re my fucking whore aren’t you?” she snarled, “say it bitch.”
“I’m your fucking whore!” I moaned, burning with passion.
“Don’t you cum on me!” she demanded, “You cum when I say you can cum!”
She bounced faster, harder, my cock rubbing against the walls of her sweet vagina.
I gasped with pleasure, holding back the explosion inside my groin.
She finally stopped bouncing, my penis swallowed whole by her pussy. I leaned forward, resting my head against her soft breasts.
“We’re not done yet, bitch.” She said angrily.
She pulled off my cock, the vaginal secretions swirling in the water. She turned around, facing the same was as me, and lowered her ass into my cock. With one hand, she forcibly held my penis upright while she forced it through her tight rosebud. It was my first time in a girl’s anus. It was so much tighter then her vagina, and it hurt. She guided my right hand to her clit, and my left to her breasts, demanding for me to “pleasure her, bitch.”
She began bouncing again as I rubbed her groin and boobs. Her anus undulated around my cock as she worked her muscles.
“Right there you fucking whore!” she shouted to the night, “Right on my g-spot!”
The fire was building in my cock again.
“I can’t hold it much longer.” I groaned, “you’re too good at this.”
“Don’t you cum you fucking novice!” She screamed, “Don’t you cum till I cum with you!”
“I’ll t-try!” I stammered, grimacing against the ecstasy.
She bounced and bounced. I rubbed her clit and breast vigorously, desperate to cum. At last her breath began to come in ragged sobs.
“I’m cumming! I’m cumming!” She screamed, “Now, you fucking whore, cum now, bitch!”
I exploded inside her anus, unable to control the shout that accompanied the orgasm. We cried out together, in our moment of ecstasy.
After a moment of stillness, she rotated on my cock and kissed my cheek, muttering “Good job, manly. I’ll see you around.”
She stood up, my limp penis flopping out of her ass. My cum and her juices mixed in the water. She reached for my underwear that was still floating around the tub, and pulled them up over her own legs. She climbed out, breasts bouncing, and proceeded to put on my jeans and shirt. Without another word, she walked away, back to the hotel, leaving me completely naked in a swirling tub of cum and water.
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Aug 5, 2010 @ 2:12 AM The Hot Tub, part1    

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i love it so much
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Aug 5, 2010 @ 8:39 PM The Hot Tub, part1    

Posts: 16
Thanks, juile. ^_^
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Aug 5, 2010 @ 11:40 PM The Hot Tub, part1    

Posts: 16
thought i'd drop a link to my first story on my blog page.
first story
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Aug 9, 2010 @ 12:47 AM The Hot Tub, part1    

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changed my name to shyguy956 because malelesbian made me sound like a creeper. you can check both prophiles to confirm that.
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