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My First Time.... Well, sorta

Jul 8, 2010 @ 1:12 PM My First Time.... Well, sorta    

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The stories I write are true. They are taken from events in my life and tell of my experiences growing up. They are mostly factual except for a few things I add to make them more interesting and sometimes I even add more than one event together to spice it up a little. My mom and dad were divorced when I was 10 and she never remarried. I have one sister, Gina and a brother, Brad. Gina is two years older and Brad is almost four years older. From the time I can remember, my family was very open and we could openly discuss just about anything. Seldom were bathroom or bedroom doors closed tightly, except for my mom sometimes, and it wasn't unusual for either of us to go into the bathroom while someone else was taking a shower or walk around the house in our undies or even just panties.

I was up late watching TV in my room one nignt one night and decided to go to the bathroom before I fell asleep. I was 12 at the time and fairly innocent, considering how open and frank the rest of my family was. I walked down the hallway and saw a light coming from under the bathroom door but figured it was no big deal to just go in. I opened the door and gasped as I saw Brad sitting on the toilet and playing with himself. I had heard of erections but somehow I just couldn't picture his "thing" growing and getting hard. I had seen him naked before and to me it just like a little appendage between his legs. He looked at me with his eyes wide open, put both hands over his penis, as if to hide it, and said, "Get out of here Squirt!". I quickly went back to my bedroom and was still a little shocked about catching him doing that. I knew from conversations with Gina that guys played with them selves, but I had never imagined what it would really look like. I couldn't wait to tell Gina about it so I woke her up. "Gina, Gina, wake up. I have something to tell you." She jerked and looked at me and said, "What is it? What's wrong?" I told her about catching Brad playing with himself in the bathroom and she just shrugged and said, "Guys do that all the time April, I thought you knew that". "I heard of it", I said, "But I never knew how they did it, and you should have seen how stiff it was!" She smiled as she looked up at me and said, "I've seen it before little sis, and believe me, there are stiffer ones and bigger ones." Nothing else was said about that night but I've thought about it often.

The following summer, mom was going to be gone for the weekend on business, so she said. Saturday afternoon, Brad invited some of his friends over for a party and Gina went to the movie with her boyfriend. I had grown up a little bit since last
summer and I finally started growing some boobies. Both Gina and Brad teased me when the 'buds' first started appearing but now they were beginning to look like breasts. Gina had fairly big ones already so I guess she was taking after our mom and her sisters, who were huge.

Brad's friends started showing up, mostly guys, and it looked like all of them brought beer and snacks along. I would guess the ages to be from about 16 to 19 or so. They were out in the back yard sitting around talking and laughing and seemed to be having a good time. There were several beer coolers in the kitchen, and although I had never drank alcohol before, I suddenly had the urge to drink one. I took it to my bedroom and sipped on it a few times, then decided to finish it off. I didn't really feel any different so I went to the cooler and got another one. I emptied a pepsi can in the sink and poured the beer in the pepsi can then went outside to join the party. I was sitting on a benchin the yard, sipping my beer and noticed a really cute guy looking at me. He was wearing a tank top, shorts and looked to be about 16 years old. After 10 minutes or so, he came over and sat next to me. He introduced himself as Jason and asked if I I wanted to chat a little. We sat there and made small talk as I continued drinking my beer and getting
giggly. He asked, "What's in that Pepsi can April?" I just laughed and said, "Shhhhhh, don't tell anybody." We talked for another 10 or 15 minutes and
I started getting really woozy. I whispered on Jason's ear, "I'll be right back, I gotta go pee really bad." I stood up and tried to steady myself as I slowly walked by the people sitting down and into the house. I went to the bathroom and pushed the door almost shut, pulled down my shorts and sat on the toilet. Wow, I really had to go bad. In just a matter of seconds, the door was suddenly pushed open and there stood Jason. I was a little bit shocked but there was nothing I could do except finish peeing. He looked down at me, with a cute grin and said, "Can I go next?" I just smiled back and replied, "Sure, why not." I suppose the beer had made me a lot less modest. Jason came in and pushed the door shut and stood in front of me. It took me another 15 or 20 seconds to finish and when I reached for the toilet paper, Jason started pulling down his shorts. I guess it was obvious that I was staring between his legs because he reached down and put his hand around it and started stroking. I finished wiping and as I stood to pull my shorts up, he reached his hand out and put it between my legs. I jumped back, grabbed his hand and said, "No, please don't do that." He pulled his hand back, smiled and stood up to the toilet and started peeing. As I was washing my hands, and still dizzy from the effects of the 2 beers, I couldn't help but look a
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Jul 13, 2010 @ 3:07 AM My First Time.... Well, sorta    

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Hey, it cut off. I want to know what happened.
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Aug 7, 2010 @ 7:09 PM My First Time.... Well, sorta    

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They cut out half of my story!
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Aug 14, 2010 @ 4:34 AM My First Time.... Well, sorta    

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Dam !! It was just getting Good
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Aug 24, 2010 @ 11:04 PM My First Time.... Well, sorta    

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please finish the story!!
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