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Oct 17, 2006 @ 9:01 PM OMG!!    

Posts: 519
Mens "spots" are in there......rectum.(just sounds stupid) Got that from hustler years ago. So I expored to find out and sure enough it is. So yeah it may sound sick to many people, I myself don't like being poked there, but there is something just soooo sensual about it. Be happy that he wants you to do it instead of turning to a guy to do it. Try it, you might like it
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Nov 2, 2006 @ 8:32 AM OMG!!    

Posts: 271
I never had anything more than two fingers in my ass, and yeah it is enjoyable, most guys that say they wouldn't do it really would if they had a woman sliding her lips on and off his swollen dick sucking it nice and slow as she rubbed his balls and down between his ass and his balls, just before rubbing his hole then sliding a finger slowly in. =P It is quite enjoyable, and I am not closing out the idea of me trying it, but I do think I will pass until I trust someone enough to do it to me, then maybe I will let them.
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Nov 3, 2006 @ 4:34 AM OMG!!    

Posts: 83
I guess as long as she doesn't holler YeeeeeHaaaaaw while shes doin it, it may be ok.
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Nov 3, 2006 @ 11:35 PM OMG!!    

Posts: 31
It would make me wonder if he was bi or really preferred men. No I wouldn't use one on a man
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Nov 5, 2006 @ 10:15 AM OMG!!    

Posts: 49
I have had this fantasy for years. Just haven't found a man yet that will go for it.
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Nov 11, 2006 @ 12:01 AM OMG!!    

Posts: 271
Well babe I will let ya do it to me if you want. =P If we were close that is. I love to have a finger or two in my ass as I am being sucked or stroking it for a woman. It is so hot to me.
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Nov 15, 2006 @ 2:30 PM OMG!!    

Posts: 624
>>>>>>1 WAY Hershey Hiway here<<<<<<<< NO U-Turns!!!!!!!!!
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Nov 16, 2006 @ 9:07 AM OMG!!    

Posts: 271
Have you ever tried it? If not, I would suggest you try it before you knock it dude. I mean if you don't like it then oh well at least you found out before you knocked it off the list completely. =P If you have and don't like it, how was it done, fingered, or just a finger in you for pressure?
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Nov 17, 2006 @ 5:16 AM OMG!!    

Posts: 274
almost all men want to put their dick in a womans ass but i've never been with one who would take sometrhing in theirs. If that man ever comes along i'll be more than happy to let him find out what it feels like
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Nov 17, 2006 @ 8:42 AM OMG!!    

Posts: 271
I would let you.
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Nov 17, 2006 @ 8:00 PM OMG!!    

Posts: 9
Well here is your man waiting and wanting you to take me the way I take you ride me baby ride me fill me full
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Nov 17, 2006 @ 11:28 PM OMG!!    

Posts: 274
hmmmmmmmmm it's tempting
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Nov 19, 2006 @ 12:38 AM OMG!!    

Posts: 271
Well I know she ain't talkin about me lmao, told me I was too young for what she was lookin for. =( Lol. =P
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Nov 19, 2006 @ 2:15 AM OMG!!    

Posts: 274
sorry bout that
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Nov 19, 2006 @ 5:17 AM OMG!!    

Posts: 271
It's ok babe, you always got me to fall back on if need be. I am still interested lol
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Nov 19, 2006 @ 11:42 PM OMG!!    

Posts: 274
I'll remember that
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Nov 20, 2006 @ 3:33 AM OMG!!    

Posts: 2,926
I would do it for a guy. Kinda like the shoe is on the other foot idea, except it's the ....well ya know.
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Nov 21, 2006 @ 3:57 PM OMG!!    

Posts: 41
Youll let her do you if she will let you do her.......not that may be an interesting propositition
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Nov 21, 2006 @ 11:35 PM OMG!!    

Posts: 271
God the best, have the woman fingerin you with two fingers as she is deepthroating you. Have her twist her fingers in your ass as she pushes them into you and pull them back out as she twists them back the other way.
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Nov 23, 2006 @ 5:35 PM OMG!!    

Posts: 142
Never fantasized about and don't want those things near me!!!!My rectum is an exit orifice ONLY!!!
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