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Evil Emperor

Oct 3, 2006 @ 12:46 AM Evil Emperor    

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Okay, it's come to my attention that something abominable has happened recently. I was going to put it into my blog first, but then I decided that it wasn't really the usual sort of topic on this place and that it would be better to post it here and just reference it in my blog.

Now, anybody who has read me for a while knows I'm generally against fundamentalism, therefore I'm not too thrilled with the current administration of this country. George W. Bush has proved to me on many an occasion that he's a twit and a liar, and I have always had my suspicions the man is downright evil. However, this time he's crossed the line.

When he pressured the supreme court during the Gore/Bush elections over the validity of the Florida ballots, I was incensed. The supreme court is supposed to be a body independent of influence of the executive branch. That's part of the reason we have a series of checks and balances to begin with. He brought his toe up to the line there, and tested the patience of our system.

When Georgie declared his “war on terror” and invaded Iraq, one of the most counter-productive military endeavors ever, he was pushing his luck again. For those of you who know your politics you know that only Congress can legally declare war. The President found a way around this, by claiming recent attacks gave him the right to perform a counterstrike, then got the “approval” of Congress after the fact. Analogy wise, that's like you being bitten by your neighbor's dog, so in retribution you shoot your teacher and then tell your mom to approve that you did that. Not only did he toe the line there, he stepped right on it. But up until then his actions were still legal, if by technicalities only.

Then I found out that in response to the “secret prisons” and Islamic prisoners within them that the administration was going to be asked to come clean; but the Bush administration has worked out a deal. It seems the President declared that he had a problem with the law that everyone was citing as the international law he was in violation of: Article 3 of the Geneva Comvention.

In the case of armed conflict not of an international character occurring in the territory of one of the High Contracting Parties, each party to the conflict shall be bound to apply, as a minimum, the following provisions:

1. Persons taking no active part in the hostilities, including members of armed forces who have laid down their arms and those placed hors de combat by sickness, wounds, detention, or any other cause, shall in all circumstances be treated humanely, without any adverse distinction founded on race, color, religion or faith, sex, birth or wealth, or any other similar criteria. To this end the following acts are and shall remain prohibited at any time and in any place whatsoever with respect to the above-mentioned persons:

(a) Violence to life and person, in particular murder of all kinds, mutilation, cruel treatment and torture;
(b) Taking of hostages;
(c) Outrages upon personal dignity, in particular, humiliating and degrading treatment;
(d) The passing of sentences and the carrying out of executions without previous judgment pronounced by a regularly constituted court affording all the judicial guarantees which are recognized as indispensable by civilized peoples.

Well, several of those prisoners have been jailed because of profiling, suspected of being Islamic terrorists, which is in clear violation of the rule about religion. He is in violation of section (a), actually seeking approval to torture people to find out about what he believes to be terrorist plans. He is in violation of section (b), as several of the prisoners have petitioned that they have no relation to any terrorist organization and yet they are still being treated as “detainees” after many years. He is in violation of section (c), as it has been illustrated by journalists that the personal dignity of the prisoners has been violated. Finally, he is in violation of section (d), as there have been no significant judicial activities attempting to clear these individuals or prosecute them in a manner that is expeditious.

But the committee responsible for the oversight on this action has declared that President Bush has the right to interpret Article 3 on his own will. That is not an Executive power, and never has been. It is in clear violation of our Constitution, because only the Judicial branch of our government has that power.

George W. Bush has definitively overstepped his boundaries as a president of the United States. His actions are more akin to that of a monarch than that of a republican. Please tell me I'm not the only one outraged by this.
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Oct 3, 2006 @ 11:36 AM Evil Emperor    

Posts: 1,924
You are not alone Big D. Many of us are waiting to see what happens at the next election and if Dubya declares himself king so as not to lose his 'war on oil'. After all, G_D talks to Dub... (don't they make medication for that?)
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Oct 3, 2006 @ 2:19 PM Evil Emperor    

Posts: 3,351
I could fill volumes with anti-Bush speak. I'm sure the secret service already has me on a watch list for my rants elsewhere on the web. I can't help but smile at the title Evil Emporer, each time I see him on TV I hear the Darth Vader theme music from Star Wars in my head.
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Oct 3, 2006 @ 7:10 PM Evil Emperor    

Posts: 2,999
In effort to be a lady, I will refrain from uttering the sting of explicatives that comes to mind when I think about this man...So, I'll just say, no, you are not the only one outraged (by this or anything he does).
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Oct 3, 2006 @ 7:40 PM Evil Emperor    

Posts: 27
To hell with him. I live on the other side of the world and even i hate the Evil One. I guess you could call him the Global Menace. I won't be surprised if all of us end up in some secret basement under suspicion of 'active participation in planning and conducting terrorist actions'
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Oct 3, 2006 @ 11:51 PM Evil Emperor    

Posts: 523
It's true...Bush is evil, but Cheney still scares me more! While Bush is not intelligent, with only a smattering of diplomacy...Cheney is intelligent and devious. Having either of them in the white house makes me edgy.
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Oct 4, 2006 @ 12:15 AM Evil Emperor    

Posts: 3,351
I will give the VP props, he showed the terrorists, that he will even shoot his "best friend" if angered.
I would like to point out, all subsequent actions since 9/11 have made it clear thar Bush is no better than the people he opposes. Illegally invading and disposing the leader of a nation, and the ramant human rights violations? wrong is wrong, even wrapped in thhe American flag.
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Oct 4, 2006 @ 7:32 AM Evil Emperor    

Posts: 523
I will give the VP props, he showed the terrorists, that he will even shoot his "best friend" if angered.
hahahah that's good

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Oct 4, 2006 @ 11:54 AM Evil Emperor    

Posts: 371
I voted for George twice and I don't regret it. Doesn't mean I am in love with his administration and it doesn't mean that I always think he acted in the country's best interest. I just didn't feel comfortable with the ham n eggers that ran against him either.

I think that President is the hardest job ever. I don't ever if you are dem/rep/green/bull moose/federalist party or whatever. As the position has become more international in nature and the microscope gets more and more intense, you have to be somewhat of a maverick to ever consider the position of president of the US. The ego is rarely stroked in the media, everyone is an arm chair quarterback thanks to bombarbment of information (both good and bad but you have to decide which is which) and you constantly have to "face the nation" to garner support of your policies and administration.

Remember when we were in school and the inportance placed on inaugarial addresses and "State of the Union" addresses? Why? Because Presidential public speaking was rare! Somehow the former presidents (without a team of advisors) figured out that less was truly more.

I believe that our administration has underestimated and overestimated our enemies. The "war" is without a goal, thus it has and will continue to fail. We continue to fear our perception in the world, so we are no longer the bully we used to be. When we desired finality in the Pacific Front of WWII, we just dropped the ultimate weapon on one industrial/military town and one CIVILIAN town. We dropped religious relics and building as a result I am sure, plus killing 80,000+ "innocent" civilians.

It was the Monty Python big foot. We just squashed them and send the message that Tokyo was next. Would you like to continue to fight? Oh...guess not.

Times have changed and you can't bully like that anymore. Other nations have the same weapons, other nations understand that their natural resources are bigger than any sword, tank or bomb. I think the current administration wants to act like they are "old school" but they know you really can't do that. So they just come across looking like idiots.

It is an ugly world we live in. The next man for the job (not George) won't have an easy time either. I have no idea how to really solve it and I am proud to say I don't have any real valuable answers.
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Oct 4, 2006 @ 12:44 PM Evil Emperor    

Posts: 511
I just didn't feel comfortable with the ham n eggers that ran against him either.

There are a lot of people who feel that way. My uncle, for one, claimed he voted for Bush in the first election because of the fact that he was convinced that Gore had a tendency to flip-flop, and then in the second election because of the fact that he believed that Kerry couldn't keep the United States safe.

However, there are records and there is propaganda. In fact, Gore has continued to work on his agendas even after stepping down as vice president and loosing the election while Bush and his administration have engaged in so many “retractions” that it crosses the line from flip-flopping to lying (lest we forget the WMD, Katrina, and former administration advice panel fiascoes.)

As far as working in defense of our country, Both Kerry and McCain were decorated veterans, while Bush spent most of his service either AWOL or drunk. And recent independent studies show that Bush's military policies have actually increased the likelihood of terrorism.

Somehow the former presidents (without a team of advisors) figured out that less was truly more.

Here, once again, you loose me. Of course former presidents had advisors. That's what a cabinet is. And maybe I wasn't around for them, but that doesn't mean I haven't studied the Kennedy civil rights speeches or the Roosevelt fireside chats. Public speech was hardly rare. If anything is different with our current president, it's that the “public speech” isn't public at all but an engineered promotional agenda where his staff picks and chooses who gets to be present and what they talk about. If anything is different it's the lack of eloquence and direction. In this case, less is definitely less.

I believe that our administration has underestimated and overestimated our enemies.

Okay, now here's where I am really confused. You can't do both things at once. However, I will try to clarify what I think you're trying to say: Ronald Reagan supplied Saddam Hussein with billions in military equipment to combat the perceived threat from Iran (a perceived threat because according to many studies most Iranians would prefer to become a modernized nation). George H. W. Bush Sr. then spent billions more in operations that thoroughly broke the back of that military regime and then needed to spend billions more to repair damaged Kuwaiti oil fields. Finally, George W. Bush invaded against a non-threatening foe and has so far spent close to a trillion dollars because they are attempting to maintain martial law among a people who hate us. That's not “underestimating and overestimating”, that's doing something unnecessary and biting off more than you can chew. Need I point out that this entire scenario has played out over the last 26 years, 18 of those while these buffoons were in office basically undoing each other's previous mistakes. Diplomacy is much more costly in lives and in dollars.

I'm also wondering about your Hiroshima and Nagasaki references. First of all, you may be forgetting that we had already bombed Tokyo successfully. Secondly, if you have read any of the personal accounts (such as the one by Tetsuko Kuroyanagi) you may realize that the spirit and industrial capabilities of the Japanese people had already been broken. About the only thing I can agree upon is how you follow that up:

It has long been the tradition of generals to fight conflicts using tactics that were effective during previous conflicts (e.g., The last great charge of the Polish cavalry, the line tactics of the Red-coats, or the horrors of Verdun.) However, that no longer really applies. Since the experiments that were the “wars” in southeast Asia, most militarists have learned to use the current technology to their best advantage. What they fail to do, however, is to use good judgment or political diplomacy.

But then again, this is all a digression. My original point was that the actions of the president have become illegal. Not just based on the Bill of Rights (which is often arguable as a document) but based on international law and our own Constitution. The fact that he seems to be “having a bad time” shouldn't have bearing on this. Having a bad time doesn't justify you going out and shooting people. Why should it be any different for him?
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Oct 4, 2006 @ 2:11 PM Evil Emperor    

Posts: 371
My refusal was to attack any one man in this. I guess you can't help yourself, Dom.

President's way back when courted their audiences region by region. This really isn't possible now in the way it was then because information travels at an alarming rate of speed. I never said that leaders didn't have advisors in our country but they didn't have them at the abundance they do now. The talking heads on CNN, Fox, CSPAN, etc... are not political cabinet members but they are still part of the presidential protection society (hence advisors or spokeman for the advisors/president) or the presidential teardown society (hence enemies of the administration). My personal favorite is Dick Morris, who is the truest of all true whores of the system and he wears the badge with HONOR. He makes Oliver North look like a saint. Incredible!

I was never apologizing for the Bush administration. I wish things were different for sure. I am just powerless to tell you what a solution is because the rules of engagement have changed. If the US is the aggressor, then we are the bullies. If "terrorist" are the aggressor, then they are justified because they have a cause. WTF! This shit is unheard of in our history and I fail to understand how our president (or the next one or the one before) is responsible for the mindset of the world in this matter.

2 side notes:

Losing not loosing, please. Losing is what you mean! Loosing is something a knot does before it becomes undone.

You are worried about leaders breaking laws? Pardon me please but I can't think of one that ever did anything "by the book". Washington, nope. Jefferson, nope. Lincoln, nope. Jackson, nope. Eisenhower, nope. Churchill, nope. FDR, nope. Kennedy, nope (man, if the Bay of Pigs was on a national scope now I wonder how that would turn out), Reagan, nope. Clinton, nope (see the Bosnia training mission). Bush, nope. You name them and they have all circumvented the law.

There is nothing unique about dogging on the obvious. Solutions are the key. Without them you just end up like Noam Chomsky, a great fact collector and theorist but void of actually getting proactive in society at large with a SOLUTION.

Long live Dom! Thanks for the Tea!
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Oct 5, 2006 @ 3:03 AM Evil Emperor    

Posts: 511
The talking heads on CNN, Fox, CSPAN, etc... are not political cabinet members but they are still part of the presidential protection society (hence advisors or spokeman for the advisors/president) or the presidential teardown society (hence enemies of the administration).

An excellent, if oblique point.

Some of my favorite books on the topic are Hellen Thomas's "Watchdogs of Democracy" and "What Liberal Media?" by Eric Alterman.

For the most part, I find myself turning to Reuters, BBC and Associated Press for some fairly unbiased reporting, but I know exactly what you mean.

And as far as the whole loosing thing, I pray your majesty will forgive the occasional typo. I'm only almost human, after all.
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Oct 7, 2006 @ 11:30 AM Evil Emperor    

Posts: 110
And as far as the whole loosing thing, I pray your majesty will forgive the occasional typo. I'm only almost human, after all.

He corrected your spelling not because he is anal but because it is actually important, Dom. We cannot hear you speak or read your mind in this forum. We can only read what you have typed. If it is must be decoded first, a whole lot of people simply won't bother to read it. If communication is your goal--and it must be or otherwise you would not waste your time typing as much as you have--then why not embrace anything that help you communicate better?

By the way, here is a free spell checker if you are interested.
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Oct 7, 2006 @ 1:32 PM Evil Emperor    

Posts: 511
I take it you haven't read my other threads or blogs, Questor.

Sometimes you just want to type a point quickly. Furthermore, it's always important to remember that language happens in context. Thirdly, breaking context to hammer away on a point that is rather minor in the light of a wider perspective usually fails to demonstrate any sort of superiority. (Going back to the great Kennedy speeches, his famed "Ich bin ein Berliner" blunder did not make him any less great a president.)

Besides, it seems that most people are diverging from the original point:

Spelling errors and past presidents aside, media coverage notwithstanding, it is not the president's ability or right to make or interpret laws. Such is a clear violation of law, and for a good reason.

With a lack of the balance of power, the union shifts more into a police state with more drive towards internal profiteering and maintaining the status quo. Is this really the direction we're desiring for our country? I mean, I know that deep down I am an elitist, but I still have a strong faith in the concepts of meritocracy and republic.

We shouldn't be allowing people to derail us from ideals. We only have so much time here on this world and we need to be spending it more wisely than scrabbling for oil rights and bickering over spelling errors.

Take the rope
Take the blinfold from your eyes
Take the rope from 'round your neck
and take the wool from off your eyes
Then you'll never be surprised
when they tell you that they love you
while they're eating you alive

-The Levellers

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Oct 7, 2006 @ 3:50 PM Evil Emperor    

Posts: 3,351
Ok, on this my favorite of all unpleasant topics. History will not judge this man kindly. That is no consolation in the here and now, none the less, his legacy will be poor. He has wiped his ass on the constitution, American’s freedom, international law, U.N. mandates and our collective intelligence. Saddam a bad guy? No shit? Preemptive war? I might speed on my way to the store, my car’s speedometer goes farther than the speed limit, take my keys now. That teenager down the street may drink underage, arrest him first. This country could attack us, let’s wipe them out first.
Bin Laden’s declaration of war on us, is a direct result of “infidels treading on the holy desert” I read it, if you get past all the Allah sanctify this and that nonsense, you get to the point. Going back to the sand box will only incite more anti America feelings. The cultural difference between here and there are vastly different. Here an eye for an eye is at best considered marginally ok. Over there, it’s your whole family’s eyes for an eye.
Domestic spying up to this point was considered such a sin, that there are several laws in place to keep it from happening. I’m greatly upset at the sheep in my country for not being outraged over a president thumbing his nose at the laws of the land. You want to guarantee your safety? There is no gaddamned such thing. You could get hit by a bus tomorrow. Life is going to end, 9/11 was a tragedy, don’t make how we go forward an even worse one.
Torture? Oh, they are illegal combatants? What the fuck does that mean? They ceased being human beings? I really don’t like hearing of our troops being tortured; do you think they will be given coffee and cake, if we torture theirs?
The thing that chaps my cheeks, and rubs my ass raw faster than a sandpaper condom would is every damn person that speaks against Darth Bush, has an American flag thrown in their face and labeled unpatriotic! This country has enough divisions, but what the fuck, make the rift bigger.
Ok, I’m done now; my blood pressure is still rising.
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Oct 7, 2006 @ 4:06 PM Evil Emperor    

Posts: 511
You make an excellent point about the domestic spying issue, because once again, that is a violation of United States law. Indeed, not only the right to privacy laws, but the Bill of Rights amendment that protects our speech.

A dear friend of mine just had all of his computer equiptment seized and is currently waiting to find out if he's going to jail or not because of what might be on there. Remember: having even one picture of an underage minor on your system from a pop-up window stored in your cache is grounds for them to read you the riot act.

And the last time a big deal was made about this (see Bruce Sterling's book "The Hacker Crackdown") go figure, another Bush was in office.

People's lives are disrupted, their property stolen, and their reputations marred with very little effect on positively influencing the legal justice system.

To paraphrase one of my region's favorite sons, Ben Franklin; people who give up their liberty to earn some safety deserve neither.
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Oct 8, 2006 @ 12:40 PM Evil Emperor    

Posts: 511

How does this keep happening?
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Oct 8, 2006 @ 1:22 PM Evil Emperor    

Posts: 110
I take it you haven't read my other threads or blogs, Questor.

Sometimes you just want to type a point quickly. Furthermore, it's always important to remember that language happens in context. Thirdly, breaking context to hammer away on a point that is rather minor in the light of a wider perspective usually fails to demonstrate any sort of superiority. (Going back to the great Kennedy speeches, his famed "Ich bin ein Berliner" blunder did not make him any less great a president.)

Besides, it seems that most people are diverging from the original point:

I have indeed read your other posts and am aware that you can communicate when you wish. I only wanted to address that specific point because I meet so many people (even in my own family) who think that spelling really does not matter. I did not answer your other points because that is a a long and complicated exercise. I will say that you have some good points, but I also think that you are oversimplifying matters and that you do not fully appreciate the circumstances involved. It is a very complex issue and anybody who thinbks it has a simple answer is only fooling themselves. I have spent many hours debating these issues on our sister site MatchDoctor and I do not believe that this is entirely appropriate in this forum. I will say, however, that I wish you would participate in those forums because you at least seem to be willing to listen to reason. There are far too many people there who refuse to consider any alternative no matter what type of evidence is offered.
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Oct 8, 2006 @ 3:30 PM Evil Emperor    

Posts: 581
OK...The political arena is something I try not to engage in, due to a great many reasons. Mainly being that I love my country, have served it in not one but two branches and would again if called. However I hate the government running it, and my personal opinions concerning fixing it would most likely warrant me getting a visit from the FBI or Secret Service. Free speech is not always free. The USA was not founded upon Honor and Chivalry nor any other mystical heroic actions. Bottom line was started using subversion, anarchy and traitoristic actions to name a few. I will just say perhaps its time to come full circle. So, there is my input upon the topic itself. However there was something else I wanted to address as well.

Firstly let me say that I appreciate you at least finally put forth your position concerning said topic, Questor. In some ways I can see that you would have some intelligent and insightful input to whatever topics you cared to discuss on these forums. Just be sure to add your input as well concerning whatever topic, because coming from left field out of the blue and chastising someone for a simple extra letter is in simple terms, rude to say the least. Compounding that by offering a spell more than rude.

But...since you seem to wish to play that way, allow me to respond to you directly. Nothing personal, but my personal opinion towards what I view as "nit pickers" shall now become evident...

Since you have stated you put forth hours debating same upon other forums seem to least to me..that you could perhaps save time and cut and paste some of that here if you truly wanted to contribute to the discussion. Thereby saving you some of that "long and complicated exercise" (your words, not mine)

"oversimplifying matters"
Not everyone who comes here is a "brain" concerning intelligence factor. So Dominus is doing a great many a kindness and respect by toning down the terms with which to make his point. Also to try to discuss the government down to the minor points and mechanism, one might as well try to explain the universe in those terms. Now that would be a long and complicated exercise to me.

Not appropriate for this forum...*checks the forum sign*
"General (for that off topic talk)."
Meaning at least to me, given that this is an adult site for sexual pursuits, yes. But as its forum theme is 90% sexual variation, with an "off-topic" section...also indicating to me personally off topic means non sexual and emcompasses a wide variety of available topics for usage. I'm afraid I personally don't see the problem.

"I meet so many people (even in my own family) who think that spelling really does not matter."
Lets not stereotype, shall we? One small error does not make one an imbecile. Not to mention a ton of other net postboards I can easily list that truly give me a headache from attempting to decipher comments compared to this one.

"I wish you would participate in those forums"
Dominus holds court here and has for some time. I don't speak for him but if it was me I would feel no need to go elsewhere. Easy enough to keep doing what I am already doing with the fellowship of the forum, something all forums have.You came into his topic, not the other way around. And doing thusly with great amounts of direspect which I have already pointed out.

Lastly...I dont know your religious foundation. I myself am spiritual, which prompts me to say from the Good Book "sweep your own doorstep before you attempt to sweep others." Want examples?
"anybody who thinbks it has a simple answer" this thread.
"I could it understand if it was accidentally deleted" a different thread.

Now I will reiterate, and say its nothing personal. But you can take my points and do three things. One, you can get all pissy and look like more of a fool. Two, you can take them under advisement and stop all this petty nonsense and become part of this particular postboards group and contribute a great deal of that intelligence you clearly possess and give us all new insights towards a lot of topics.
Bottom Line:
Secure your own input and foundation before ever taking another to task.
Never fail to show respect unless attacked first.
Stop the childish nitpicking.
All these will ensure an enjoyable online talk, discussion or debate for yourself and others.

Nuff Said.

Dominus, I do apologize for taking your serious topic off track for a moment.*Sweeping Bow*

We now return you to our regularly scheduled programming.
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Oct 8, 2006 @ 5:19 PM Evil Emperor    

Posts: 3,351
Just a question, it's been on my mind since we went back to Saddam's sandbox. How can a republic, spread democracy?
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