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Cute bi couple looking for another bi couple or individuals

Feb 4, 2011 @ 3:06 PM Cute bi couple looking for another bi couple or individuals    

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Hey, we are a young, engaged couple living in Laramie for college. We are both bi and love to have fun. we are looking to expand our experiences with the same sex, and are looking for other CLEAN bisexual couples, or bi singles that also want to have fun. Anyone interested?
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Feb 10, 2011 @ 5:01 PM Cute bi couple looking for another bi couple or individuals    

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NO, I am not interested!!

Profiles like this one, ...this users profile, is a profile that is that of a "Couple"! ...that is their true and honest profile status but, their status as being listed as "Female" is why it ended up in my inbox. I think that this makes for a user unfriendly experience that this website could really correct by adding "Couple" as a third option, for users to choose while creating their profile and to choose while updating their profile.

I have notified admins left and right about this issue, of adding "Couple" as a third option for profile status, and have been doing so for at least 2 years and those messages have gone relatively ignored. I suppose that this user finds that just dandy, since I have also taken it upon myself to notify individual users of their mislabeled profile status and have asked them to join me in getting the admins of AMD to change this policy of misinformation and lies. Some of them have taken it as a personal attack and I suppose that I understand that, in some context.

Users, such as this specific user: blondie311, have taken such offense of my inquiry to them of joining me in getting AMD to change this policy, that they spew all kinds of other lies, apart from what their profile says about their status, and they act like some sort of a spoiled brat. I am forced assume that they know that their profile is a lie and they enjoy it; they think it's fun or exciting, or whatever, and they don't even have the courtesy to say "Thank you!" when I ask them to help me make this website a better place for all of us.

How ungrateful of them but, then again such is the nature of spoiled brats!

If any other user who reads this blog would like to see the e-mails that I have traded back and forth with ANY of the users who have taken offense to my inquiry, please, do inquire. Also, if any other user agrees with me about this issue then I welcome your responses, suggestions and personal experiences. You can respond to me on this blog but, whereas my conversation with this user has gone south, it would be more appropriate to respond to me on my blog where I talk about the "Couple" profiles and the reality that this policy on AMD needs to be changed to include the status of "Couple".

Thank you,
Spookey Ruben
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Feb 11, 2011 @ 12:32 PM Cute bi couple looking for another bi couple or individuals    

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I AM NOT LYING ABOUT ANYTHING! If you want people to join you than maybe you should consider asking them, rather than tell them that their profiles should be deleted and that they have no right here. Anyone who veiws my profile or this forum can clearly see that I have stated that we are a couple. You are the one that resorted to calling me an illiterate spoiled pig. All I did was tell you that I didn't feel the same way and tell you to stop. LEAVE ME ALONE! I am not lying and clearly anyone can see that. I am sorry my profile ended up in your inbox. That is NOT my fault so quit blaming me for it and leave me alone!
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Feb 11, 2011 @ 3:02 PM Cute bi couple looking for another bi couple or individuals    

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I think that guy is cranky. blondie311 is a breath of fresh air when it comes to honesty on these sites. She is nothing but honest and has been even to me. I appreciate there honesty and class. need more people like this...
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Apr 27, 2011 @ 7:57 PM Cute bi couple looking for another bi couple or individuals    

Posts: 10
She is lying right on her profile! is that a breath of fresh-fucking air??!

I am inclined to believe that your profile, "h2ops", is a troll-profile, created by blondie311 in an attempt to give themselves credibility, since they have NONE, when that little, lying, fucking cunt, knows that she can not defend her lies in a manner of "I have a right to!" or "This site says it's okay...", bc, she's knows that would be another fucking lie!

This site's admins have been on hiatus for a long ass-fucking time... I have sent them dozens of e-mails about multiple different issues and they haven't once responded about a single issue or e-mail. I have also heard this from other users, as well! The site probably has enough of a software set up to police itself, generally speaking, and the ppl/company that runs the site doesn't want to spend any money on ppl actually undertaking the day to day operations of the site, since the site inevitably takes in so little actual revenue and they don't see a point in actually being user-friendly and serving the needs of it's users. What's the point, since the site generates so little actual revenue?!

I'll continue to rip into this issue and all of the users that have inaccurate profiles, where they are lying, obfuscating, spamming, ...or anything where they are doing something that I honestly don't like. If I am in the wrong then an admin can tell me that I am... Oops, no they can't; they don't fucking exist!
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USA    Wyoming    Cute bi couple looking for another bi couple or individuals

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