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Sucking dick in many positons

Apr 2, 2009 @ 9:08 PM Sucking dick in many positons    

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i for sure your straight and i know you love pussy. now thats out the way, your on my mind all the time or to be more honest its your dick thats on my mind. i have no thoughts one way or the other about you as a whole no offense, when i think of you its only from your navel now and from your knees up that area only and most of the time its you fucking a chick or you just getting out the bed with a chick. last nite i had this dream you work nites and on your drive home u had a boner and sent me a text message and all it said was " want some dick " and i was fucking hope it was you and i said YES. you walked in and i had a HUGE blunt rolled for you ready and waiting as i heard your engine drive up i lit it, when u walked in the door with the house darkly lighten, i handed u the blunt and dropped to my knees and started to smell your cock thru your pants which you had only changed in the car out of your work cloths. i could smell the natural smell of the testostrone of your balls thru pants as i can feel your balls on my lips as i gently pressed against your body to smell them nuts, over joyed with excitment to be the only man to smell your nuts, i used my lips to gently run up and down the outline of your cock thru your pants stopping briefly at the head of your cock each time to enjoy the rise my lips was feeling going from your shaft to the head of your cock as i use my lips to apply slightly more pressure to your cock head to just feel it hoping, wishing, wanting it out of your pants and into my mouth, antisapating the first taste of your cock in my mouth, with the excitement growing more and more i ask you if i could just taste it, lick it...........your blew smoke out of your mouth and said "your really want this dick dont you" and i said YES! HELL YES! please, can i have some, please! you unzip your pants and only pulled your dick out over your boxers and flopped your dick out, and the first thing popped out my mouth was wow! i was so amazed, overwhelemed, happy, i licked your dick just the front and i savored the taste, then i licked the left side, then the right side, then i said THANK YOU!, then i licked the bottom as my tounge was leaving the bottom of your cock as it got to the tip i use my bottom lip to hold it as my tounge entered your foreskin with my upper lip holding the top of your cock using just a slight amout of suction pulling your cock slowly inside my mouth with my tounge continuing to enter your foresking as your cock is entering my mouth i'm enjoying the taste of your cock and i stop when i get only your cock head in my mouth and i hold it there and with out moving my head i use my throat muscles to gently jack you off while at the same time using my tounge to play with your cock head with my tounge inside your foreskin, then i just deepthroat your entire cock!

with you still stand with your back against the wall and your cock deeply down my throat, i back off and start rapidly deepthroating your cock, i ride your cock with my throat fast, quick, and as with deep hard suction then i stop and just go down on it and hold it there until i feel pre-cum drip down the back of my throat, then i back off and i thank you and ask you to come to the bedroom to look at porn on tv while i suck you.

once in the bedroom, i ask you to take your pants off and keep one foot on the floor and put the other on the chair so your balls hang freely and to just stand there, and i lick your right nut with my tounge for eight rolls around then i use your cock to push the taste of your right nut down my throat, then i lick your left nut with my tounge roll my tounge all around your left nut for eight times tasting it good then i use your cock to push that taste deeply down my throat, enjoying the hell out of it, knowing that dick has been inside pussy and now its down my throat dripping pre-cum., then i back off that dick and i ask you to grab that dick and squeeze the pre-cum out onto my tounge, then use your dick to push your pre-cum down my throat making sure i swallow every drop.

then, i ask u to stand up, with me still on my knees, and i beg u to just fuck my throat as if you were fucking a PUSSY, and u ask me "if i can handle it" and i say i can handle anything that comes from you cause its you and i look forward to anything that comes from you. you position yourself, and put your cock in my mouth, and start using your hips and pushing, shoving, RAMMING, SHOVING your cock in and out of my mouth so fast and hard i thought u were going to knock the back of my throat out, all i could hear was your balls slapping against my chin everytime you shoved your dick all the way down my throat as i was gagging!

next i ask u to stand facing the wall as i was on my knees with my back to the wall, u were 3ft from the wall using only your hands to brace yourself against the wall with your legs slightly spreaded and your dick in my mouth and using your hips to fuck my throat, n you fucked my throat
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USA    Texas    Sucking dick in many positons

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