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Marraige and celebacy

Mar 23, 2007 @ 2:19 PM Marraige and celebacy    

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Is there anyone else out there who has a spouse who has basically lost interest in sex?

It drives poor guys like me to go fishing for like minded women.
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Mar 23, 2007 @ 3:53 PM Marraige and celebacy    

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Yep!!! I've had two of them like that. When we first met they fucked my brains out and within a year or so of being married they lost all interest in me. I guess they loved the chase and when the chase was gone they weren't interested anymore. Not in me anyway. My first ex had an affair with my brother that is 14 months younger than me and the second ex had an affair with a guy she worked with. That's why they are now exwives. I thought it was me for years but I have never had any complaints in the sex department until I marry them and then they want to fuck anything with a dick and two legs. At least I hope all they have fucked had two legs .
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Mar 23, 2007 @ 11:24 PM Marraige and celebacy    

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My wife has pretty much shut her plumbing down as well (we haven't had sex since the x-mas before last). I haven't actually had an affair, but that's obviously why I'm here. How do you deal with guilt?
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Mar 24, 2007 @ 12:36 AM Marraige and celebacy    

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I think the first time I met another woman I had to really think about it. But it really came down to where are your emotions. If you are having sex with a woman you really don't know and it stays as a sex thing it doesn't take away from what you have, especially if you don't have the sex part of your life. I guess I can keep everything separate. I feel compelled to seek out sex in my life, and I guess I am very secretive. If you were to meet a friend of the family and have an affair then all of these connections exist. If you meet someone here, or on someplace like craigslist you can set the rules, everyone agrees to them and no connections exist to your real life.

It's pretty amazing really and liberating. I had the best sex of my life from a woman that I met on craiglist who answered my ad, we have only met once and have never seen each other since. (kind of too bad I would really have liked to seen here once a week) I also met a woman twice on business trips in another town, I thought she was getting too close so I stopped it. I guess I'm looking for that perfect balance, a friend who wants to share her body with me and we lead our separate lives. Only coming together to fulfill our human needs for sexual satisfaction.
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Oct 1, 2009 @ 9:03 AM Marraige and celebacy    

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My galpal almost immediately showed a lack of interest in sex. We have been together for five years but live apart. We connect so well intellectually that I hate to dump her. However, I must have hot, nasty sex. I recently met a gal who was the horniest, naughtiest little sweet slut I have come across in many yrs, but even though I was straight forward with her from the get go about what I want, she decided that she had to have more than an affair and said goodbye. About a year ago I drove out to Burns to meet a bored young housewife who said she just wanted decent sex because she never got any at home. Well the sex was great, but the dumbass started calling me on my cell constantly while I was with my girlfriend. I had to just start ignoring her and turn the phone off.
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USA    Oregon    Marraige and celebacy

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