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Size does it matter?

Jan 15, 2008 @ 10:30 AM Size does it matter?    

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the hidden secrets of the question that everyone asks does size matter?

in my opinion i dont reckon it does, its how you use it not the size.
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Jan 15, 2008 @ 10:35 AM Size does it matter?    

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I like bigger becaue I havn't found a guy who's smaller and knows how to use it. He gets off and leaves me still horny
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Jan 15, 2008 @ 6:36 PM Size does it matter?    

Posts: 271
It's how you use it. But you got to have at least a good length and a good thickness or else it won't work. :P I don't claim to have a big cock, nor a small one, I just know how to use what I got. Sorry that they leave you horny and don't know what they are doing Maybe.
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Jan 15, 2008 @ 8:01 PM Size does it matter?    

Posts: 446
It matters to some. My girlfriend keeps saying,"that's the spot, you are right there." That is when I'm as deep in as possible. But, she has orgasms even if I don't go that deep.
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Jan 16, 2008 @ 1:59 AM Size does it matter?    

Posts: 20,639
i only come in a few sizes
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Jan 16, 2008 @ 2:20 AM Size does it matter?    

Posts: 3,351
girth I hear matter over width
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Jan 16, 2008 @ 5:52 AM Size does it matter?    

Posts: 20,639
girth I hear matter over width

and ummm they ain't the same thing
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Jan 16, 2008 @ 11:02 AM Size does it matter?    

Posts: 215
Size doesn’t really matter.
Ynot yes they are the same thing and many women do care about that aspect.
Fit and skill are another aspect of this. Skill is learned and acquired and some of that is person specific. For myself skill is far more important than someone with larger equipment that doesn’t know or even care to learn what to do with it. As for fit well if a woman needs a good stretch now and then well there are toys that could “fill” that need.
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Jan 16, 2008 @ 1:24 PM Size does it matter?    

Posts: 7,342
Size does it matter?

Another subject I need with...
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Jan 16, 2008 @ 4:25 PM Size does it matter?    

Posts: 3,351
Skill is learned and acquired and some of that is person specific

Now she just hit a nail on the head. A lot of guys actually are surprised that the "ultimate maneuver" in their repertoire didn't work with their new girl...

girth I hear matter over width

and ummm they ain't the same thing

Girth is thickness... This ties in with mine about lasting a bit... length is how short it is (er a long)

Girth lets you hit friction all the way around, length lets you tickle her pancreas...

"person specific skill" or what I call the fun time getting to know a new person... the awkwardness in finding out some things are good, others ahh not so good... lol.. like my musician callused fingers turn some on some off.

Bottom line is some people just aren't cut out to be good lays I think...
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Jan 16, 2008 @ 6:40 PM Size does it matter?    

Posts: 1,664
I'll be the judge of whether you're a good lay or not!
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Jan 18, 2008 @ 11:45 AM Size does it matter?    

Posts: 119
Size matters but it isn't everything
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Jan 18, 2008 @ 5:02 PM Size does it matter?    

Posts: 1,664
actually, thickness matters (to me)...but you're right, it's not everything. i certainly don't inspect cocks before we have sex...i go by the experience...size only comes up when the guy talks about it
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Jan 18, 2008 @ 5:58 PM Size does it matter?    

Posts: 15
Size matters, but it matters in ways that people don't often think of.

My most recent ex and I couldn't have sex doggy style.... I went too deep.

My thickness has hurt some women, so I need to be careful when I penetrate a woman.

If size didn't matter, those problems wouldn't happen.
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Jan 18, 2008 @ 6:01 PM Size does it matter?    

Posts: 511
Yeah, it's like I can be too big or it can be too small but that is determine by personal preference and other physical factors of both participants.

It's not really that much of an issue, since most men are, in fact, about "average."
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Jan 20, 2008 @ 8:29 PM Size does it matter?    

Posts: 1
my big cock matters to me
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Jan 21, 2008 @ 7:17 PM Size does it matter?    

Posts: 20,639
Size does it matter?
not to me ....seems to fit just perfect
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Jan 25, 2008 @ 8:43 AM Size does it matter?    

Posts: 192
I had sex last night with a man who was, at the most, average size. It was the best sex i've had in a while.
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Jan 25, 2008 @ 9:24 AM Size does it matter?    

Posts: 259
my ex was 73/4" X 21/2". I love that full feeling so size does matter to me
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Jan 25, 2008 @ 5:53 PM Size does it matter?    

Posts: 5
I dated a lady who said her ex husband was huge but didn't know how to use it. So it seems consideration in learning what your partner needs is the real test.

I have an uncle who's a bit of a comedian. He says if a big tool felt any better he wouldn't be able to stand it anyway. lol
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