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brunettes blondes redheads

Apr 24, 2010 @ 1:01 AM brunettes blondes redheads    

Posts: 93
My favorites are brunettes
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Apr 24, 2010 @ 6:52 AM brunettes blondes redheads    

Posts: 75
Depends on the person
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Apr 24, 2010 @ 7:36 AM brunettes blondes redheads    

Posts: 118
have to color must fit the person to be attractive
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Apr 24, 2010 @ 9:34 AM brunettes blondes redheads    

Posts: 1
I like redheads especially strawberry redheads that have red hair on their pussy. IT MAKES ME GO WILD !!!
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May 3, 2010 @ 1:11 PM brunettes blondes redheads    

Posts: 3
It's been my experience that redheads are either knockout gorgeous or unattractive. Blondes seem to be everywhere. But brunettes have the wit and looks. I also agree that it depends on the individual's personality.
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May 3, 2010 @ 3:42 PM brunettes blondes redheads    

Posts: 20,639
Ill take 1 of each plzzzz
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May 3, 2010 @ 9:26 PM brunettes blondes redheads    

Posts: 651
Have to agree with ynot on this, hair color doesn't matter, it's the person that I'm interested in.
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May 4, 2010 @ 12:05 PM brunettes blondes redheads    

Posts: 450
How about a 2for? Blond up top and brunette down below!!!
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May 4, 2010 @ 3:33 PM brunettes blondes redheads    

Posts: 20,639
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May 4, 2010 @ 10:34 PM brunettes blondes redheads    

Posts: 4,540
Hair color isn't too much of an issue with me
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May 4, 2010 @ 11:19 PM brunettes blondes redheads    

Posts: 450

Oh, come on Ynot... Need me to show you what I am talking about?
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May 5, 2010 @ 9:58 AM brunettes blondes redheads    

Posts: 20,639
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May 5, 2010 @ 7:20 PM brunettes blondes redheads    

Posts: 450
**heads to the store to pick out her favorite shade of blonde**
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May 5, 2010 @ 7:37 PM brunettes blondes redheads    

Posts: 4,540
Why isn't any of the choices a punk style such as pink and purple hair mixed in?
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May 10, 2010 @ 2:37 AM brunettes blondes redheads    

Posts: 814
Redheads, hands down.
Couldn't tell you why, but that's how I'm wired.
I actually had 1 girlfriend tell me she was going to dye her hair red, just for me.
Thankfully, she didn't, and she's not my girlfriend any longer.
Ahhh, senior year...
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Jul 6, 2010 @ 8:46 PM brunettes blondes redheads    

Posts: 7
I like brunetts, never had a redhead (natural) but hope to have one one day
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Jul 7, 2010 @ 12:07 PM brunettes blondes redheads    

Posts: 272
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Jul 9, 2010 @ 11:52 AM brunettes blondes redheads    

Posts: 340
Red heads, Brunetts, Ravens and blondes.. Love each for their sensuality.
green eyes are hot.
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Aug 5, 2010 @ 9:29 PM brunettes blondes redheads    

Posts: 16
Definitly redheads. Only natural red though, none of that fire-engine red dye stuff.
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Aug 6, 2010 @ 5:27 AM brunettes blondes redheads    

Posts: 646
I think guys with red hair are sexy. But hair color isn't a deal breaker with me. I'm not going to NOT date a guy because his hair is a certain color. Heck, he could look like Brad Pitt and when he talks, if it isn't intelligent or funny, forget it!
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