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How old was your last fuck????

Jan 5 @ 10:56 AM How old was your last fuck????    

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she is 19..... & it was so sweet it made me last so long
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Jan 5 @ 11:03 AM How old was your last fuck????    

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y don't u try mine? a 27 yrs old guy.....big black dick
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Feb 27 @ 11:11 AM How old was your last fuck????    

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Well the last one I fucked was 19. She kind of chased after me I tried to and was successful in not giving in for a couple months until one night >> it was late came home a little buzzed sat in the jacuzzi was kicking back eyes closed kind of fondling playing with it not really jacking when I became aware of someone climbing in with me opened my eyes it was her naked she came across the tub and crawled up on my lap. I let her. >>>> Dam she looked so fine.>>> So now we sit in the tub often together as well other places. " The other places are a lot of fun. "

She has a better more mature attitude about sex than most women twice her age
Only problem she is the niece of my neighbors who live about three houses down she is here going to school they don't know about it

She doesn't know I have had a threesome with them a couple dozen times. and have a couple times since she moved in. Its the wife's niece actually she is pretty protective don't think she would be to happy.
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Feb 28 @ 11:09 PM How old was your last fuck????    

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He was 52. Taught him a few new things and he loved it all. Met him on another site that has a lot of problems when it comes to posting.
Would have done him more but I left the area looking for a new place to live.
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Mar 27 @ 2:15 PM How old was your last fuck????    

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Apr 28 @ 6:58 AM How old was your last fuck????    

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So an update here age of my last fuck was 32 and 64 a friend the 32 year old asked me for a favor. If I would join her and another female friend. the friend had not had sex in 10 plus years. I said sure. I owed her big time for past favors though she didn't see it that way and there must be something special about this other than the 10 years thing.

Then 64 year old woman was some one she had befriended not to long before she adored my friend as does most everyone. She was actually nice looking. nice lady and as nervous as she was excited. slow easy start as my friend wanted me to be easy gentle and make it really good for her and that was my goal.

After things were going well she had started getting into it. things started to change up. Basically she ended up fucking the shit out of me. as well as tearing it up with my friend. She gave us both one hell of a run for it. Have to say she made it into the top ten best for me. that is if I had a top ten list going.

She has asked we get together again and I will. so don't count them out cause they are 60 or over. they still got it and most likely really good.
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Sep 10 @ 9:17 AM How old was your last fuck????    

Posts: 9
16 with my last girlfriend
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Sep 10 @ 12:47 PM How old was your last fuck????    

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Sep 10 @ 12:56 PM How old was your last fuck????    

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she was 17
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Sep 12 @ 2:19 PM How old was your last fuck????    

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36 and very good
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Sep 18 @ 11:58 AM How old was your last fuck????    

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