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Feb 2, 2008 @ 4:08 AM Single Girls    

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There are more single girls in the parking lot of an amc than there are here.

Plus parking lot girls are more apt to talk to you...

What the hell is going on here?

This site has more perverted old men than the vatican, and only half the women.

Do women not want sex as badly as men? I always believed that they did, and was never corrected in my assumption. Now I'm starting to wonder.

How about it ladies. Is this a universal hormonal imbalance. Or simply the product of niche marketing. Whats the story.

I have yet to recieve a single email here.

I can't be that ugly right?

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Feb 3, 2008 @ 3:32 PM Single Girls    

Posts: 134
Hmmmm as for the looks, seen one gray face guy you've pretty much seen them all. Attitude or rather a good one will take you a long way here. Also not assuming this is a "get laid tonight" site will help. Most women want to know you a bit before meeting much less just meeting up to fuck. And seriously think about this for a moment.....if a woman would talk to you and be willing to meet up after one conversation would you really want to?? Probably means not that you are just so damn charming that you are an exception to the rule but rather that she meets up with everyone that way. That's kind of scary! Participate in the blogs and forums, get to know people that will up your chances! Good luck in your search!
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Feb 3, 2008 @ 6:35 PM Single Girls    

Posts: 7
You may have a point, but with a 500 to one ratio of female to male...

I've changed my picture since I first posted this, so I didn't use to be a gray face. They have yet to approve my new picture...and its not even a nudie. It's just a better shot of my upper body.

Funny part is, I' ve gotten more responses with the grey picture... all negative. One women wanted me to change my profile - as to make it more feminine.When I politely explained what I was and was not willing to change and why, she told me off. Imagine the nerve.

But hell atleast she took the time to email. Hateful as she might have been. So I politely suggested that she see a proctologist in order to remove the treebranch that became inlodged when she fell off her high horse. Or maybe it was a broom riding accident...

Point is, I have better luck standing outside a piggly wiggly. Note that this isn't a wise thing to do, as a surprising number of underage girls lie about theyre age when talking to guys outside a piggly wiggly. The ones who work at hyvee are known to become obsessive- memorizing your name from your credit card, complete with middle initial...creepy (ever seen "the crush").
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USA    Missouri    Single Girls

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