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Frist date No No's

Apr 19, 2012 @ 8:41 AM Frist date No No's    

Posts: 132
don't keep looking at my boobs all night lol
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Apr 19, 2012 @ 12:07 PM Frist date No No's    

Posts: 6
What if I just glance at them quickly from time to time?
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May 31, 2012 @ 3:26 PM Frist date No No's    

Posts: 120
Don't come on to fast. Start slow if we're hitting it off and there's a chemistry between us things will happen
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Oct 6, 2012 @ 11:18 PM Frist date No No's    

Posts: 116
Don't come on too strong too fast.
Don't brag about your money, your expensive toys, ESPECIALLY if you are embellishing.
And do not trash talk any of you exes. There is no need to hear the kind of things you will be saying about me later.
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Nov 4, 2012 @ 3:32 PM Frist date No No's    

Posts: 186
Don't look for sex. IT WILL NOT HAPPEN
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Nov 6, 2012 @ 2:43 PM Frist date No No's    

Posts: 149
Please don't talk about your job, how much money you make and you can afford to spoil me. That's a big turn off for me
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Nov 7, 2012 @ 9:07 AM Frist date No No's    

Posts: 1
never have a date :-( still virgin want's someone to date :-(
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Nov 20, 2012 @ 7:10 PM Frist date No No's    

Posts: 85
Don't come on to strong
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Nov 21, 2012 @ 3:16 PM Frist date No No's    

Posts: 53
If it's understood that the date has the hope of leading towards somehting long term.. then definitely don't bring up other guys you've dated. This one is broken all the time on me lol. If it's a date before meeting up for a NSA get together, then it doesn't bother me that much.. (Yes, even if I'm meeting someone and it's clear we're just there to fuck, I still like to grab a bite to eat before hand a get to know them in person a bit lol, emotional context and familiarity no matter how minimal is a must for enjoyable sex).
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Nov 23, 2012 @ 6:04 PM Frist date No No's    

Posts: 94
Don't tell me about your ex girlfirends
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Dec 6, 2012 @ 12:59 PM Frist date No No's    

Posts: 166
Don't keep talking about yourself
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Feb 2, 2013 @ 11:34 AM Frist date No No's    

Posts: 192
don't talk non stop about yourself, ex girlfriends or how sexual you are
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Feb 17, 2013 @ 1:37 PM Frist date No No's    

Posts: 668
if things are going great there are no no no's
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Mar 31, 2013 @ 2:03 AM Frist date No No's    

Posts: 2
How about meeting at a local spot ?
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Apr 5, 2013 @ 11:34 AM Frist date No No's    

Posts: 96
Don't expect me to sleep with you
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Mar 20, 2015 @ 1:21 PM Frist date No No's    

Posts: 60
unless we know each other well enough let's keep our personal lives out of our conversation. I don't care about ex wives, girlfriends, how many times you can cum a night, how good you are giving oral or how big your cock is. as time goes on, if it does, we'll get to know everything about each other
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Mar 26, 2015 @ 2:32 PM Frist date No No's    

Posts: 156
don't drink heavy, don't talk sex, don't talk about relationships and don't expect me to have sex
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Apr 16, 2015 @ 1:38 PM Frist date No No's    

Posts: 124
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Apr 25, 2015 @ 11:05 AM Frist date No No's    

Posts: 82
Please don't push sex on me on our first date. If we date again there will be plenty of time for sex. Pushy men turn me off.
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Apr 30, 2015 @ 5:35 PM Frist date No No's    

Posts: 1,389
When a girl won't let me do anything at all for her. I mean don't get me wrong I'm not against equal opportunity by any means but I still want to hold doors and pull out chairs for a girl I'm on a date with.
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