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go to hell dating scammers

Jan 11, 2012 @ 4:12 PM go to hell dating scammers    

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you only can beat a dog for so long before it lashes back at you. keep fucking with me and see. <---- THAT'S FOR THE SCAMMERS ON HERE. FUCK YOU ASSHOLES!!!! YOU'RE NO GOOD PEACES SHITS. LOW LIFE SCUM ASSHOLE. YOU SHOULD BURN IN HELL FOR ALL OF ETERNITY. PLAYING WITH A MAN'S HEART LIKE YOU DO.

it's not the money that pisses me off. it's that i open up to them. give my heart to them. and they just burn it and shove it back. that's why i HATE scammers with a great undying passion.

who else thinks this?
let me hear what you got to say....
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Jan 11, 2012 @ 4:41 PM go to hell dating scammers    

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and yes... i'm an asshole man B/C the scammers made me. why the fuck should i open up just to get hurt? why? why not look just for sex? at least i don't get hurt. i way get blueballs but that's it. and i rather have blueballs then to get hurt. i really tried . i really did. i try to be myself. true and honest. i try to open myself and show you who i really am. but i get shit on every time. i can't take it no more. so fuck Romance... it doesn't exist on here... Scammers killed Romance
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Sep 29, 2012 @ 2:47 AM go to hell dating scammers    

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You are SO RIGHT!!! I have too been a victim of romance scams...TWICE now!
I just now learned today that a gal from THIS site was a scammer. She was a god damn fake bitch.

I learned that the woman I had been chatting with for two fucking weeks now was not the woman in the photos she sent me...her name too was a fake. Her story was pre written & MATCHED word for word as other romance scammers...just a different name is used!!


This site saved me twice now!!! It opened my eyes. The first time I got scammed was in 2010. I didn't send any money but was about to! I was in "love" too I thought.

The second time it was a profile from here. I just woke up to her fake profile today!!! I almost fell for it again but only because I see they have changed their tactics. (the first one used a model's photos...this time the pictures LOOKED like a normal gal off the street...not model material, but very pretty none the less).

* they are an only child
* their parents are dead
* they say they are wealthy (or broke)
* they write in broken english
* they say they were born in the USA but currently reside in Benin, Nigeria or South Africa or ????
* they can't webcam with you, cause they don't have a webcam (obviously this is because you can identify them & see they are not the gal in any photos they sent you!)
* they say they will soon return home in the USA.
* They almost always want to chat via yahoo IM (this is nothing against yahoo IM either...I love yahoo IM)
* if you read their profile CAREFULLY...check the age of the man (or woman...cause men are also involved in romance scams seeking women) they are seeking. Their age might be 30 but the guy/gal they want can be as old as 99!
(my current scammer told me "age is just a number" but her profile said up to 75???? She was 31!!! WTF?)
* Their profile also will be looking for love...not sex. (Hello!! AMD is a sex site dumb ass!)



I have since reported her to AMD.
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Oct 5, 2012 @ 6:08 PM go to hell dating scammers    

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Good advice. Rather than getting angry, I just string them along and let them think they are reeling me in and THEN I bust them for it. The other day I turned on the radio in time to hear a DJ talking to a scammer she met when she put up her own fake profile just to see if she could catch one. The funny part? She was talking to someone who tried to scam me in the past!

Ladies, beware of someone using the name Seeker or any variation of that, i.e. soulseeker. Also, lovelyprince. No self-respecting, straight American male will EVER refer to himself as LOVELY. Come on!

When you open your E-mail from him in your every day mail, check to see what it says under him name. Usually, it will be different than his screen name but still give you a clue. If you haven't met someone in person and he/she says they love you and you have been chatting for 2 days or weeks, it's time to call bullshit on that one. He doesn't KNOW you yet. If he asks you to turn on your cam but his is broken, it's because he wants to see if you could be a cop sitting at your desk, but he doesn't want you to know he is some slob sitting at home trying to drain your bank account. Ask him/her about things that are in your area if he says he lives near you that cannot be easily Googled. Also, look for difference in spelling and grammar styles. Does he say "realise" rather than realize? That is a European spelling or African spelling. Does he send you perfectly spelled poetry, with all the right punctuation, but looks like he types with his toes in IMs or E-mails? He's getting those poems from a book or a website. My scammer was Nigerian (caught the same guy twice), but when I asked about the way he typed (you can detect an accent in the way people type--really), he said he was Italian. Not! Whatever else you do, don't feel stupid if you get caught up with one. They are disgusting, lazy, low-lifes who prey on the lonely, vulnerable people. And I think we have all been there. Or at least a lot of us have.
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