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Does this site really work?

Jan 27, 2007 @ 10:42 AM Does this site really work?    

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Herufeanor - If you can do anything except look at profiles without upgrading, that would be a very recent change. I've had a profile on here for several years, mostly inactive, but traditionally, the site was quite crippled unless you upgraded. Even some search features were unavailable unless you paid. That's typical of sites of this nature. Why would anyone upgrade if everything works? If it does now, and it appears to, expect that to change at some point.

FFMatt - Shady? Ahem... Obviously that would depend on ones point of view. Without getting into details about my circumstances (it's not relevant here), I would suggest that the site is full of married men and women looking for exactly what I'm looking for. It's a matter of personal choice, and this is one of many sites that cater to that lifestyle. I've run a similar profile on Craigslist and had much more success in a much shorter period of time, yet another thing that makes me wonder about the value of this place.

The bottom line for me is, buyer beware. I continue to dabble at this site with poor results. It's ok... it's free for me. I enjoy reading and participating in the forums because that's where I find the REAL people hanging out. I know the winks I've received are fake, because I see the same ones in two different profiles. I know the profile responses I've received are fake because they all refer me to another site. I also recognize that others with different profiles and lifestyles are going to get better results. I'm looking for a needle in a haystack, and this is just one haystack to search in.
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Jan 28, 2007 @ 12:36 AM Does this site really work?    

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Uh, Phoenix, check again. I think you're getting this site confused with some others. This site is the exception to that rule. That's the only reason I gave it the time of day. Before I created an account, I very specifically checked to make sure that a free account would have enough privileges to be worth having, and much to my surprise, it did.

I've come across a ton of swinger sites that are crippled exactly as you say. This one is not. I haven't paid them a dime, and I can send messages and winks and have access to full search functionality. And all the literature on the site indicates that this is the way it's supposed to be, not some special offer.
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Jan 28, 2007 @ 1:12 AM Does this site really work?    

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I checked. It's fairly recently changed. It was once locked down pretty tight. Hmmm... this is good.
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Jan 28, 2007 @ 1:46 AM Does this site really work?    

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Guys, Gals!!!

The bottom line is that the first thing people look for is a picture, 1st impressions are usually based on attraction, sad but its true! So on that basis those who are complaining about no responses when they dont show their face cant really be surprised!!

I know from my own run ins on this site that there are many people who use the site as an advertisment to flob you off to another site that charges but please people, dont lose faith!!! I have met many ladies who are genuine, not asking for money and not sending you off to another site! The most important thing to remember is that no matter how much the individual is screaming for "just sex" on their site, the bottom line is they are (for the most part) on here because they are lonely! Dont just jump in looking for sex, make chat, get to know the person, they will appreciate it and are more likely to get to know you and possibly meet up to take things further! The usual purpose for writing steamy profiles is to grab your attention, that doesn't mean the person is actually looking for that! Don't get me wrong, there are plenty of ladies on here just looking for sex, but for every one there is another 50 looking for more! Keep that in mind because the bottom line is, the guys are just the same, in general there are plenty claiming just to be looking for sex but for the most part the majority of men on here are looking for more!

Peace out! Chris x
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Mar 1, 2007 @ 6:05 PM Does this site really work?    

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Well I just signed up. So I guess "we'll wait and see". I have met some great people on other sites before. I do like it that many features are free here for guys. I'm curious to hear from the ladies what they think about the results here.
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USA    California    Does this site really work?

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