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help a virgin out

Nov 9, 2010 @ 7:20 PM help a virgin out    

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Ok my life in a nutshell have had 2 gf's in my time but have never gotten past third base I'm 25 good looking guy I've just been trampled on by 2 woman and I just want to get laid get the first time out of the way to give me some damn confidence I think the longer I wait the more nervous I get about having sex. I always here woman say they want a guy with experiance and I have none so what do I do. And just saying grow a pair and ask a woman isn't really good advice.

Lonly virgin
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Nov 11, 2010 @ 11:13 AM help a virgin out    

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Nobody is going to give you any good advice, that includes all your friends. The truth is you need to find an escort and fork over $300-$400, or less if you find a discount slut. Sorry, but this is the truth, kinda in the same situation.
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Nov 16, 2010 @ 1:29 PM help a virgin out    

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Dude here's the truth. If you want to get laid theres2 thing you got to do, that is if you dont want a hooker. The first one is stop trying to get laid.. Im serious dont worrie about getting laid just try to have fun women love guys that are fun. The second is know that you can get laid. You say your a good looking guy well im not that great looking an im over wieght to boot, but i garenty i can just get laid if i want. If you go out with your mind focoused on getting laid you will be all nevous and unable to let loose. So put that to the back of your mind. One last thing always act fast if you get the feeling that a girl is diggin on you move dont wait go in for the kiss or whatever. You might get shot down or you might get lucky but your not trying for a long term relationship so who cares. Most women know if they will have sex with or not with in a very short time so dont waste yours. Make your move if it dont work on to the next one. Well i hope this helps good luck to yah.
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Nov 16, 2010 @ 5:58 PM help a virgin out    

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thanks for the input Guys . I'm not looking for a hooker my biggest thing is I don't know what to say. Also I'm not a bar or club person can't stand going to those places but it seems I need to get with a drunk girl. The reason I say that is every woman I have liked in the past they all put me in the friend zone or 2 have called me unfuckable. I'm a bigger guy but I'm not a fat slob I hold my own very well.
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Dec 5, 2010 @ 10:58 PM help a virgin out    

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Bro if you're seriously trying to get laid.
Message me I'll get you some information to at least get you with more females (even if you wind up not having sex the practice will be priceless)
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USA    California    help a virgin out

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