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Looking for REAL LIFE SEX SLAVE! Not Just Online !

Dec 14, 2009 @ 12:12 AM Looking for REAL LIFE SEX SLAVE! Not Just Online !    

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Are you in the USA and wanting to leave where you are? Are you able to leave where you are? Are you at least 18 or Older? Is being completely submissive a desire you have? You can be my Sex Slave ! For Real Life ! Not Just Online ! If this is something you want to do, just make it happen. You can be my Sex Slave! In Real Life! Not just this online stuff. The next level, Real ! You can contact me at 850-272-9789, or you can write me at {email address removed} ! Of course you can contact me here on this site! My name is Breck! If being in an alternative lifestyle is a lifestyle choice in which you want to make, here is a chance for you to do just that! I realize that being willingly doing anything I tell you to do no matter what it is seems extreme? Maybe it is, depends on your perspective. If you see this as a way to enjoy life's desires, then that's good with me. Contact me, and do this!
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Aug 24, 2010 @ 9:24 AM Looking for REAL LIFE SEX SLAVE! Not Just Online !    

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im looking for total dorminance / good fuck
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Sep 13, 2010 @ 10:09 PM Looking for REAL LIFE SEX SLAVE! Not Just Online !    

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I'm into this sort of thing but actually I wanted to comment is all... you probably tell the level of slavery you want... my bf made me wear a collar around which kinda sucked... I did it...but it was a turn off cause part of the appeal of being a sex slave is that no one knows you are it's a dirty secret you are forced to keep...just kinda bothered me...because then everyone thought it was weird...grrr..and also I don't like a lot of pain ...what is the point of being a slave if you are punished constantly... I thought the point is you are suppose to love your owner so much that you will do anything they tell you...I get some wiping and some punishment on the lower parts ...but on the face,arms, and legs.... I don't know but my bf is really good at talking dirty...I love when he tells me all the dirty things...very sexy...
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Sep 14, 2010 @ 12:46 AM Looking for REAL LIFE SEX SLAVE! Not Just Online !    

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Beautiful, you are referring to what was once being called a True Slauv! Where a Woman Gave herself to her Man with total Love and He did the same in return. Slauvery is the ancient ways if meaning that you seek. Not this new found Egotistical Pathetic POWER MIND screw!
It was once called full circle. When your relationship had come full circle. Both partners knew what thy other wanted. They did what was asked. If it was not done. "X" amount of punishment was deemed in a manor isms that were agreed upon as a whole. Those boundaries were pushed a bit to bring that adrenalin "rush" that made thing more intense.
There are FEW and FAR in-between Real Men who know anything about what being a True "MASTER" is about! There are Few and Far that actually know that their Parteners collar was traditionally Made as a Necklace of Gold or Leather which had a Symbol that they created to represent their LOVE. SO it was wore with Pride and not the feeling you have been experiencing.
Keep seeking, Maybe you will find a Young man who fits your desires.

I will gladly talk with you any time respectfully as a Lady. Knowing your boundaries etc if you ever want to know more.

Mr Ed.
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USA    Arkansas    Looking for REAL LIFE SEX SLAVE! Not Just Online !

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