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47-year-old Male
Seeking Women: 18 - 45
Sevierville, Tennessee
United States
Last Activity: > 3 months ago

Taurus Taurus
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At least just take a peak.....l.o.l.

About myself
I love to lick pussy,& give a woman a full nude body
massage,with or without oil.
Depends on you.
My name is Mark,I'm 38,single,dark blonde,blue eyed,
5ft.-7in. tall,148lbs.,taurus,& I don't drink,smoke,or do drug's.

I like: billiards,hiking,biking,jogging,
I collect post-cards,records,old toys,antiques,
pool cues,ect.
Love to shoot pool,go danceing,walks,pleasing a woman,
peace,animals,sunrises,sunsets,full moon's,the stars,

The person I would like to meet
A woman who is inteligent,upbeat,relaxed,warm hearted,
between:80-&-149 lbs.,non-smoker,non-drinker preffered,
drink 1nce n while o.k.,be a little bit tom-boyish,but also
very lady like,enjoy the same things I do,meybe more.
She should love to have her pussy licked,sucked on,her
clitoris licked/sucked into many orgasms.
As well as getting her total nude body,massaged for a long
time....Meybe with just a little oil.
She must appreciate haveing door's opened for her,
chairs pulled out for her.
Being treated the way a woman deserves to be treated.

About my work
Well,this is interesting.
I don't work,not a 9-5er.,I do what ever strikes me as enjoyable.
Right now,I buy & sell cars/trucks,ect.
At my liesure,more or less.
Plus,on the wekkends,sometimes you'll find me at the
flea-markett selling all sorts of thing's.
From clothes,jewlry,toys,furniture,appliances,antiques,
computers,car parts,the list goes on.

Then,at times,you'll find me doing landscapeing.
I've helped my Step-Father with a lot of projects in Miami,
as well as up here in Tennessee.
Oh yea...California also.

What do you like to do for fun/hobbies?
Love just going & playing pool,danceing,bycicling,
working-out,sex,playing volly ball,writing letters to family &
Collecting antiques when I can.
Love to travel.
Sometimes I draw....More when I was younger,but I'm
trying to get back into it.
A lot of peaple have told me,I should be a comic strip

My idea of a great date
We meet,hit it off really great,lauphter,we might go see a
movie,or two,then go to eat somewhere,meybe walk
around a lake/river talking,pic/nic? then 2 a dance club/pool tbls.

It would depend on her,if we went further or not.
I would hope,to at least go to her/my place,meybe play
music,dance in nude/clothes.
If she wanted to.

Or maybe,a nice late afternoon pic-nic on the beach,just
watching the Sun slowly drop off the Earth.
Then,after swimming around for a bit....Laying on a thick
blankett on the sand...makeing slow,passionate love.

Of course,we could always go for an early day-hike on
the Appelation Mountains...Watching the Sun rise...
climbing till we got to a secluded leanto,then set a warm fire,
lay out our sleeping bags.....get very cozy,then strip
under the cover of the sleeping bag...First we'd both climb
into mine.....Then,we'd both climb into her's....l.o.l...
There are actually endless ideas here !!!!! L.O.L.

If you are divorced/widower, you can talk about how that happened here.
She had a brain disease,& I didn't know how bad it could get.
I keep forgetting what its called.
Anyway,we were married,thing's were going good,we had our
arguments,but worked most out,we had great sex,lauphter,ect.
1 day,I came home,we did t.v. dinner,I cooked,went 2 bed,
she flew off handle ran n kitchn got knife,tried 2 stab me.
I grabbed knife,but she pulled back/she cut her nose,I called
911,police /rescue,they asked me,if I wanted 2 press chargs.
I said no,I love her.....But,I divorced her,cause,nxt time
what if she has gun?
I couldnt hav that worry n back of my mind.

What is your fantasy vacation?
I have quite a few...l.o.l.
In the jungle,on a deserted island,in the dessert,
beach,in the mountains,All over the world,a few times,

What is your academic background?
Finished high school,a little bit of pcsychology,
a bit of a job school,& life.

Where did you last vacation and did you like it?
England/Wales/Scotland,for 5 month's.
Loved it,want to go back.
I was in England for one month,a few years before,also.

I've been to Hawaii,but that was in 1982....& we were there
for 2 weeks...I think.
Not very long to explore the island.
I was to young then,so I couldn't just roam,like I usually do.
Still liked it.

Also,I was born in Florida,vacationed here in Tennessee..l.o.l.
Now I live here...Also,vacationed in California...Ended up
moveing out there too....But after 3 years,moved back to
I've also been to New York,3 times....Enjoyed it
Been to Canada,but only for four day's....Need to go back there.
Been across Texas,Arizona,Mississippii,Louisiana,
Georgia,North Carolina,South Carolina,
Virginia,West Virginia....
My next vacation: Mexico & Philippines.

What do you find attractive in people?
Thier charchture...The body,skinny,to just enouph wieght.
I love long hair on a woman,but not really nesacary.
Love long,thin leg's that are tight with muscels.
Plus,a tight,small,ass !!!!
With breasts,the small to the medium...a cup -b cup...?
I believe...meybe c.
Does not matter what color hair,how tall,or how short.
Inteligence...Is always a giant plus !!!

Manners,to others,as well as themselves.
They need to love themselves,as well as others,& love
The Earth as a whole.
Hopefully,she has a liking towards art,music of all sorts,
the living art's as well.
Love peaple,don't judge first,get 2 know a person,then
figure if you want to be friends or not.
I love kindness.

What do others do that irritate you?
Peaple who are biggots,dis-liking other peaple because of
skin color,race,looks,ect.
Being overly greedy,wanting 2 start fights,or war's.
Theft...lie ing, cheating,bad drivers,angry drivers,
All this killing/murder,it's got to STOP !!!
Very bad manners,cutting n line,ect.

What do you think is your best quality?
I don't have any idea.
I would like to think,that it's the love I have for all humanity,
The fact that I'd like to solve all pollution problems,so we don't
end up killing the Earth,which will,kill,us.
But,right now,I have no idea to how 2 put my ideas,into
I guess my eyes,my strength,both physical/emotional.
my ability to calm peaple down,to listen.
I usually can calm down fights between other peaple,plus
now I use the same thing on myself,whenever I end up in an
argument with someone.
The idea,is to focus on what the argument is about,then
realize why 'you' are argueing/fussing with the other person
WHILE....You are argueing/fussing.....l.o.l..A lil hard I know.
Then....Calmly,just ask the person....Meybe we should talk this over.
Or....Well...I guess we don't see the same way.
So,how can we solve this situation?
So that we both are satisfied?
My ability to have sex,anywhere,anytime,for however long.

What one thing would you change about your personality if you could?
Sometimes,I get upset quickly,so....I'd like to calm
that down,to where I can just talk the situation over,with
whoever got me mad,evaluate the situation,& figure out exactly
whos n the wrong,if anyone at all.
Then,seek a reasonable way 2 make it work 4 both of us,or all
of us.
I would love to have my fantastic memory back !!!!
I miss that....l.o.l.

What one question would you want answered in an initial email from another member?
Will you be my friend?
Can we be pen-pal's?
Do you like to be pampered a little?
Do you like your pussy licked/sucked on ?
How long,can YOU last?
Are your nipples really sensative?
What do you like first?
A dinner & movie?
Stright to sex,or do you enjoy a lot of foreplay?
Do you like to recieve a long,slow full nude body massage?
Do you like your ears licked,or nibbled on?
Would you nibble on mine?

Describe your physique.
Tight,short,stocky legs,short musceled arms,not big ones,
a tight mid-section,with just a bit of unwanted pudge
starting 2 show,so I need 2 do more sit-ups.
I have not quite white skin,not dark either,in between.
My ass is tight,but it has a lil roll 2 it. l.o.l. not flat.
I have a wee bit of hair around each nipple,just below my
belly button,down.
Right now,my hair is dark blonde,& just past my neck
just on the top of my shoulders.
I'll cut it,sure...Not a problem,or keep it long.
Whatever you'd think looks good on me.
Just not bald....l.o.l..

What do you do well sexually?
Lick a womans pussy.
Also,able to find the clitoris in a few seconds.
I give long,sensual full body massages.
Carry on titilating a woman,without her getting 2 a full orgasm
so she enjoy's sex longer.
I love brushing a womans hair....I know,it's odd,but woman love
it the way I do it..l.o.l.
I would like 2 try 2 massage a womand feet.
Yet,she needs to be showered before I do this...l.o.l.
I love clean sex.
I love showering,or batheing with the woman,also.
HHHmmm....So much I can do in the shower....l.o.l.
Last a very,very,very long time.

What is the favorite thing you like sexually done to you?
I love getting my cock sucked.
However,I enjoy a woman who takes her time,just the
up & down,slowly,4 a long time,twisting her head while
going up & down,then slowly,picking up speed,holding it at
that speed,slowing down,a little faster,then slow,
then a little more faster,more in line sucking,a lil faster....
slow....real fast,then holding it at that speed,then still
sucking,swallowing my cummmm,while still sucking,
slowing down slowly,still sucking,till I can't take it any longer.
Because,any longer,it begins to tickle a LOT !!! l.o.l.
I can never figure out why.

Also: a full body massage,& brushing my hair....l.o.l.
Takeing showers together.
Kissed on the earlobes...OOhh boy..I'm all yours when you
do this.
I can get hard just from a woman that I'm attracted to,
barely rubbing against me,as she passes me,in a store !!!
I'm very easy to get hard !!! l.o.l...Unfortunate for me

What fantasy(s) are you still waiting to experience?
Almost ALL of them.
The one about sex in the same room with a bunch of
other peaple,including my Dad & step-Mom,thats been done.l.o.l.
They were all asleep....I hope...l.o.l.

Mostly: In a jungle,on an island,in the woods,on a mountain top,
in a boat,on a boat,in another country....
in a dance club,in an expensive hotel,on the roof,of a hotel,
or any an a concert....
on a water bed....on the kitchen counter...
pool table,on a washing machine/dryer....while n operation,
meybe even at a laundry night.
There is one close to where I live that nobody uses at
night late between certain hours.....l.o.l....
In a mountain cabin miles from civilization....
on a criuse ship,in the afternoon & night,but not in our cabin !!
in the desert....Either here in the U.S.A....Or

What fantasy(s) have you already experienced?
I just told you,the one.
I've also had sex in the back yard in the afternoon,
also,at school,during school hours,out in the p.e. field,
while the rest of our class did exercises...l.o.l.
We were just about 5-7 feet from everyone,but the huge
holly tree's kept us out of sight. l.o.l.

Do you have any STDs (Sexually Transmitted Diseases)?
No,I end up haveing stupid accidents on myself,so
I'm at the hospital at least twice to four times a year....l.o.l.
I end up slamming a hammer on thumb....Getting whacked
in head by 2x10 ...getting long,thick splinter driven into my
middle finger about 2 inches in....l.o.l..
Stupid thing's.....I'm telling you.
The best one: I was holding long.thick stick at one end,
Blackie our dog,had other end...We are playing tug a war...
I keep saying: ENOUPH !!!
The command Blackie knows well,but this time he didn't
So,I kept pulling,he kept pulling,enouph ! ....Enouph !!
pull,my way,his way,then suddenly,after I said enouph again.
He let go....Of course...I was useing such force to pull,that
the stick & I shot backwards,with the stick driving directly
into my Right eye....OOOOWWWW.
Hospital....8 stiches.

Are you looking for a one night stand, to play for a while, or a long-term Adult relationship?
All of the above.
One night 'stand'...Why do they call it that?
Peaple usually dont have sex this way..l.o.l.
Play 4 a while,see what kind of differences are awaiting me.
Plus,eventually,I'd love 2 find the perfect woman,that
satisfies all my desires n a woman,& I satisfy her every
desire n a man.
So...Yes,long term also.

Free Space. Say anything you want!
So....What do I want to say?
Well,I'm serious about the pen-pal thing....I have over 40
right now,all over the world....We are JUST pen-pals mind ya'
Nothing sexual...Some I've been writing to since I was
17 years old.
I believe in the 50-50 deal,with any type of relationship.
Meaning mostly with housework,responcability's....
To give & take equally.
Also,that there is no job that a man can do,that a woman can't.
Visa versa....l.o.l...Almost.
I love women,they are

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