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51-year-old Female
Seeking Both: 36 - 56
Springfield, Tennessee
United States
Last Activity: 1 week ago

Aries Aries
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I know my essay is long, but u might enjoy it ;)

About myself
If your will find out..that I am definitely Not the Typical Woman!! I am very sensual, spontaneous, passionate, loving, sweet, honest, kind, affectionate, caring, sexy and open minded, fun and funloving, I love to be a naughty and playfull and love to joke & laugh alot and have a goodtime. Im usually laid back and easy going. I love to relax on the sofa and watch movies & I also like reading, listening to music or shopping, books, playing board games & card games, making new friends and going out with family or friends. I enjoy most anything thats fun, interesting, exciting and challenging. I think its fun to try new things and be adventurous sometimes. I like kissing and huggs among other ways to show affection and have fun. I enjoy cuddling or closeness as much and as often as possible. I believe in being bold and honest as possible, to me being straight forward is the only way to be. Im the kind of person who usually tells it like it is..communication is very important, I dont like playing mind games. To me lifes just to short for useless unecessary lies & games, Id rather enjoy it doing other more fun things..Im not on here to just chat and chat.. Im on here 2 meet ppl MAKE NEW FRIENDS. I use the email system on here, IM NOT MUCH INTO CYBERING OR WEBCAMMING..SO PLEASE DONT ASK OR ASSUME I WANT TO, IF I DESIRE TO CYBER OR VIEW YOUR CAM..I WILL LET YOU KNOW, THANKS Another thing about me is I believe you can have fun without drugs or alcohol. I know most adults would disagree with me Ive done it in my past but now with kids around not much interested in that anymore..

If you want to know why I dont post a face pic on here.. well its because I am a very private person.. and I have lots of personal reasons why I cant or dont do it.. photo on request after I get to know u. and I can assure mine are real 4 sure

The person I would like to meet
I am on here to make friends..I want to make some new friends..and having fun..possibly more.. if it works out.. I dont chase men so dont expect me to chase you!!

Usually I just have to email on this site. I dont want to give out my email address..or just add u to chat on messenger.. or IM

Hey.. If you cant understand that my kids come first before anything else in my life then I guess we cant be friends..but you cant ever have to many friends..

But who knows maybe we could get together sometime later, and work something out...when the kids arent around after we become friends, ok?

*And another thing you MEN need to know..I do not hook up with just anyone who wants sex. Dont get me wrong I LOVE SEX as much as you do..but I am a little bit picky hopefully..besides, I am a very busy person. To be honest I usually delete those emails and winks from most of those desperate, dorky, goofy looking, no brain, clueless, unattractive guys. Who I know never take the time to get to know at least reading my profile essay..

I do not like one night stands.. Id rather have a relationship

I LIKE TO LIVE A DRAMA FREE LIFE AS MUCH AS I CAN..l dont need more of it in my life.. l would like to move on from my past thats for sure! so I dont need anymore!
~Theres nothing wrong with wanting to be treasured and appreciated..
I think we should not take for granted those we care about and those who care about us..
I would hope to meet someone someday who was a good friend and lover.. maybe someone I could spend alot of time with... just enjoying the moments together..and hope to find more and to have more like a good relationship for a long time!!

About my work
work is work and then your done and then its time for some fun. Girls just want to have fun!!!!!!!

This is a question I dont feel is anyones business really.. l mean why is it so relevant.... we can decuss it later after we become friends..ok?

Tell you later!!

What do you like to do for fun/hobbies?
reading, movies, cooking, computer, cell phone, listening to music on my mp3...walking and swimming... going to the mall and to the movies with my kids.. spending time at the park with my kids.

ln my private time l like playing with my toys, I love adult playtime.. I cant ever get enough, of that kind of fun!!... I love being multi-orgas-mic during playtime

~*~ Oh by the way id rather have the real deal... ummm do you know what the real deal is???? sorry I just had to I dont think you guys know what the real deal is.. just alot of chit chat and no real action behind those words huh?

I like to go shopping for adult toys also when I can which isnt that often unless its online of course...I do online sometimes when I get a chance.. its always interesting to me to see all the new ways you can have fun getting an

My idea of a great date
OMG A whats that? sorry for the sarcasm.. lol Wait... does anyone ever really go on a date anymore??? I dont think so!! I would love to go on a "DATE"!!

First of all Id like to say Im only interested in chatting with and meeting people that live in the united states.. it would be to hard for me to travel with my kids

Lots of laughs and fun is a must on a date no doubt.. hate boredom.. lol I love to flirt btw ;P

Going to a Shania Twain concert I love her and her music..
I d k.... dinner and a movie.. lol

Its fun meeting new people.....I love to go out and find some fun and new things to do... traditional or nontraditional date..
I love good and interesting intelligent, funny, captivating conversation thats stimulating and entertaining and not boring... Anything thats fun, exciting, challenging, or something thats stimulating to the mind and body...

Especially Adult playtime!! lce cubes are fun too and not too messy...LOL =)
Lots and Lots of orgasms is always a fun way to end a date also! LOL

If you are divorced/widower, you can talk about how that happened here.
OK now... I want yall to know I DO NOT have anymore photos at this time... if I do I will let you know... so plz dont ask me for a photo... especially nudes ones I do not have any!!!! THANK far as my photos go... what u see is all I have for now!!!!

yea.. I am divorced.. he was a loser jerk..left me and the kids...years ago. Ive been over that for years. Who wants to think about that anyway....not me ;-) Ive moved on from that.... we are now just friends because of the kids

l broke up with my ex boyfriend several years ago now Ive been single.. long enough Id say..anyway.. he was petty, controlling and manipulative pretty much all the time so I had too get out of it.. couldnt take it anymore.... and so glad to be finally free!! After putting up with that for almost 5 and 1/2 years I figured it was about time I did something about it. I was so over it... I had enough of that a long time go...honestly it was over way b4 we actually broke up.

What is your fantasy vacation?
Hawaii......Bahamas.... Caribbean cruise

What is your academic background?
High school Grad and some college

~~~HELLO MY LOYAL READERS,GAZERS, STALKERS, FOLLOWERS AND FRIENDS... I am sooo soo terribly sorry...I am not sure if I cant use the inbox system on this site anymore unless. I upgrade.. I have been on this site over 10 yrs now and they want me to pay to respond to email.. yea.. yea.. it was bad enough they took away my privilege to see nude pics... now I have to deal with this... ugh!!.. SO IF i DONT RESPOND TO YOUR MESSAGES THEN U KNOW WHY...and for this I am truly sorry!! =(....... update.... i think its ok now..idk yet for sure.. but i havent had any problems lately with my inbox

Where did you last vacation and did you like it?
Vacation? whats that? do moms get those?...... LoL
mmmm maybe in a fantacy I would..

~~~HELLO MY LOYAL READERS, GAZERS, STALKERS AND FRIENDS... I am sooo soo terribly sorry... but I cant use the inbox system all the time on here unless I upgrade which i think is so rediculous.. its bad enough the took away my privilege to see nude pics now its this .. ugh!! I have been an active member on this site over 10 yrs now and they want me to pay to respond to email.. wtf.. SO IF i DONT RESPOND TO YOUR MESSAGES THEN U KNOW WHY...and for this I am truly sorry!! =(..... update.... i think its ok now..idk yet for sure.. but i havent had any problems lately with my inbox

What do you find attractive in people?
An attraction is important... l like someone with a good attitude about life and enjoys life.... thats even more important 2 me

>good personality, confidence, intelligence, witty or quick witted, pretty eyes, discreet, honesty, funny, good sense of humor.. nice smile, considerate of others, not self centered.. a little sensative. I enjoy being around people with a good attitude about life and someone who enjoys life as much as l do!!
direct communication no bs, someone who will listen and is easy to talk to and enjoys good conversation...
>understanding and fun to be with, sensuous and sexy, cute ass, awesome smile and nice shape if your a female...

someone who enjoys life and isnt negative all the time and is not driven by money or lets the petty things in life get to them...I hate to be around ppl who are petty like the guy I was seeing omg it was..drama, drama, drama lol..

yea.. I like ppl to be real with me and not be different after I get to know them...believe me a person who isnt what they say they are can become less attractive and less becoming to be around real quick...especially when all they seem to want to focus on is themselves only...

Attitude is everything!!! Usually if you are more confident ...not cocky..but sure of yourself and who you will believe your sexy and feel sexy it will show!! And thats a good thing!!

Stamina!!! I dont like quickies unless there is no other choice.. I like to be with some who enjoys making love or having sex and is not afraid to show it and last longer than just a few minutes and then goes to sleep... thats a huge TURN OFF!!


What do others do that irritate you?

lie, cheat, steal or someone with a bad or nasty, selffish or self centered, rude, mean attitude.... TO ME ITS ALSO VERY IRRITATING WHEN SOMEONE SENDS A WINK OR FRIENDS REQUEST OR MESSAGE AND YOU TRY TO READ THERE PROFILE AND THEY HAVENT EVEN COMPLETETED IT OR FILLED IT OUT or theres only very few words.. or letters or they dont read your essay but want to ask you like a billion things thats on your essay..that they would know if they would just read it..Grrrr..whats up with that??

I guess some guys just dont want to read these things or even take the time to fill them out..
also peopIe who are shallow and not sincere

PEOPLE WHO ASK ME TO SEND NUDE PHOTOS OR TO WEBCAM ON MY CAM ....I DONT SEND NUDE PHOTOS BACK AND FORTH TO PEOPLE I DONT KNOW..EVEN IF I DID HAVE ANY..Do you have another pic besides a dick not that I mind l just wondered is all.

Besides I usually only would trade pics with my friends.

PLEASE NOTE: If you want to chat with me please email me on this site..first, and if I want to Instant Message with you.. I will let you know!! I dont mean to be difficult at all I just dont want to waste my time with people who arent serious or for real about meeting.. IM LOOKING FOR THE REAL DEAL!!
IS THERE ANYONE WHO WANTS TO REALLY MEET AND NOT JUST WANT CYBERSEX..ETC? Please stop wasting my time if thats all you want..

Plz dont give me your messenger information just assuming Im going to add you to my friends list and chat with you on there.. if I put everyones name on my friends list that told me 2 it would be like a million ppl

What do you think is your best quality?
I always try to enjoy life with passion and a possitive attitude and a smile =)
I love to laugh.. and have fun!! Oh yea and I like to take care of myself feel clean, fresh and smell great!!

Live... Love.. Laugh!!

I Dont Judge Others So Please Dont Judge Me... Thanks

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder they say...some people like my eyes...some say my smile.. most men I think like my breast or my ass..or both.. I guess you will have to decide for yourself.. if we were to ever actually meet in person =)

What one thing would you change about your personality if you could?
sometimes I can be a bitch, or smartass, but hey.. Im a woman...and I get lm just being

hmmm.... I wonder if being too horny all the time is a bad thing? lol

What one question would you want answered in an initial email from another member?
Are you the Real Deal?? Why do men have to be such jerks... is there any good decent guys out there??

Are you a scammer looking for money from women?

What are you looking for.. for real??

Do you speak if you dont know how to speak english then dont bother trying to talk to me...

So did you enjoy reading my profile, please let me know if you did...
because ill read yours if youve filled it out and theres something to read on it...Do you wanna chat or just get straight to the point? lol Hmm... do you have good hygiene?....
also I wonder if you wear aftershave or cologne or perfume.. and if you do.. what kind? Theres nothing like being clean and smelling good.... and taking care of yourself!!

I wear April Fields usually... its one of my Favorite scents to wear!!

~~OK now... I want yall to know I DO NOT have anymore photos at this time... if I do I will let you know... so plz dont ask me for a photo... especially nudes ones I do not have any!!!! THANK far as my photos go what u see is all I have for now!!!!


Are u a Fake or a Flake? if so I am not interested!!

Describe your physique.
OK now... I want yall to know I DO NOT have anymore photos at this time... if I do I will let you know... so plz dont ask me for a photo... especially nudes ones I do not have any!!!! THANK far as my photos go what u see is all I have for now!!!!

5'6".. Long dark brown wavy hair, blue green eyes, VERY nice smile, plus size.. or bbw..but not to big, still.. Cute & Curvy... in all the right places,... oh I lost weight and looking great!!

I got a cute noticeable kinda big booty with nice hips, thats thick, curvy n squeezeable & spankable (so Ive been told) lol...and.... voluptuous curvy 42- C bra size. But of course you can see that by looking at my pic of me and my black with my kissable lips and l also have been told many times l have cute feet!!
I have got to get more pics on here...I just havent found the time to do it...Im always to busy...
sorry not sure when ill get more pics on here now l have to get a camera that works first... hopefully soon!!

I wont be posting a face pic on here probably ever.. sorry its because mostly of where I live and that I am a very private person and dont what everyone in my small town knowing my business.. besides I do have children.. so you see I have alot of personal reasons why I do not post a face pic... but if u and I get to know each other... I dont mind sharing my photo with you..

What do you do well sexually?
I enjoy pleasing my partner as well as myself.. If you enjoy doing something then you are good at it right? lm very good at >IT< trust me!!... hmmm... do I spit or swallow..l know u would like to know

Ive also been told that I express myself very well vocally with plenty of moaning & pleasurable sounds cant help that if it feels good right?... or naughty talk.. especially when it feels good...mmmmmm I enjoy it very much and you will know it when I do.. and hopefully I would hear the same from you. ;-)
People have told me I have a very sexy voice as well...Im always wet, tight & very inviting & ready for some fun!
I am open for most anything...looking forward to more new experiences and lots of adult fun.. because I do enjoy it!! I have never had any complaints from anyone Ive been with so, l must be doing it

What is the favorite thing you like sexually done to you?
I love kissing ... with someone who knows how to kiss good and enjoys it as much as l do... I like having my lower lip sucked on or nibbled while l in turn suck on there upper lip or bottom lip and get there motor going

l also like.. oral ...of course.. and a few other favorite positions,
like me on top, Doggystyle & with a little spankings.. hair pulling.. ect...
or I like getting spanked or him grabbing my ass when Im giving oral.. amoung other things he could do with his hands.. like pulling my hair..squeezing my tits and nipples... or when someone sucks or pinches hard on my when lm on top riding... yea l like it rough sometimes..
STAMINA!!! lt would also great to be with someone who could last as long as I do... lol ..that always makes it even better for everyone involved...

Sometimes I just love to bend over and get licked and banged from behind.

l am a very insaitable woman...
usually my partner or playmate cant keep up with me... I thrive on it once it begins I cant get enough!!

What fantasy(s) are you still waiting to experience?
Being with another couple.... I would like to learn how to squirt at least once, Ive never really squirted before and it looks like so much fun!!

Threesome(MFM), Foursome(MFMF) or maybe DP sometime...

also would love to be with just a female alone playing for hours..
.Im sure theres much more to experience and enjoy doing. I am very open minded and I dont get offended easy either. I hope that you dont either...
I find myself thinking of new fantacies all the time lately. I may never be able to experience those kind of things... but its still fun and exciting to think about doing it with certain ppl i know in reality i couldnt be with.. lol

on the beach... elevator... on a cruise...
l would love to go to a swingers party or club just watch at first... then who knows what else might

What fantasy(s) have you already experienced?
my ex b/f and I had a beautiful Lady friend spend the night for some fun. It was soooo Great!! We had lots of erotic fun!!! Hoping to do it again sometime Soon!! Because it was wild, uninhibited, delicious, sweet, unforgetable, exciting, sexy, once in a life time experience and we all enjoyed it alot. But honestly the night was mostly about me and her.

l experienced a few other fun things like at the park... oral sex and sex in a car... while on a road trip we went up behind the rest stop in the woods.. sex in a hot tub that was outside the hotel room in the smoky mountains... and a few other ones... even though theres plenty more Im waiting to try.

Do you have any STDs (Sexually Transmitted Diseases)?
no definately not and dont want any either.....I am very clean and d/d free.... A woman should always take care of herself...and get tested.

Are you looking for a one night stand, to play for a while, or a long-term Adult relationship?
Just making friends for now, chatting and having some fun, so we will just see what happens!! Adult Fun, Fun, Fun!! I Love to Laugh!! Dont we all need more fun and a good laugh?

Real Deal!!!

Would love to meet and go out on a date with you and see what happens next!!
lol... does anyone ever go on dates anymore?

~~OK now... I want yall to know I DO NOT have anymore photos at this time... if I do I will let you know... so plz dont ask me for a photo... especially nudes ones I do not have any!!!! THANK far as my photos go what u see is all I have for now!!!!

Free Space. Say anything you want!
Real Deal!! *~* Im on here to make FRIENDS mostly and have some skin on skin FUN..

But.... I am only interested in CHATTING WITH or in meeting a SELECT Few married people, Single men or women after we get to know each other well...I am not here to sleep with everyone, nor

Im not interested in anyone who wants to CHEAT on there GIRLFRIEND, PARTNER or SPOUSE. So ATTACHED MEN or WOMEN who want that kind of drama in there lives dont bother writing me... wanting me to write you back or wanting me to send you a pic, to talk on the phone or meet you somewhere discreetly or in secret. Who wants to be the other women, not me, I know I deserve better!! I think the other parner in your life should at least agree with and know what your doing and say its ok...even if they wouldnt want to join in.

I only send pics to my friends.~*~ Thank you for your interest and reading my profile~*~ If you have actually read this far then wow...Kudos... thats great!!
No offence I just know Most people dont read the whole profile essays...But how you gonna know your interested in someone if you dont take the time to read about them?
I know, I know.. if your only looking to have sex only then you figure why bother...right?
well...dont bother writing me if you dont want to read my essay.. to me its about friendship... respect and not just cyber sex *~*

But you never know if the kids arent home and it all works out I just might be available to meet you sometime...for drinks or lunch, dinner, movie or something....because I could always use a new friends...who knows what might happen.

Oh might want to check back from time to time if you like what you have read...because I do try to make changes on here often...I like upgrading it so its not so boring!...Thanks yall for taking the time to read my very long profile essay! I hope you enjoyed it ??

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