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28-year-old Male
Seeking Both: 18 - 70
Rochester, New York
United States
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Virgo Virgo
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live and let live, love and make love

About myself
We met Bob and Janet through their online profile. Bob was tall, dark-haired, and looked a bit like Tom Selleck from the right angle. His wife Janet was a smaller woman, attractive yet very much the soccer-mom with a shortish "easy-to-fix" hair style. Frankly, they seemed more like a couple you'd meet at a PTA meeting than a website for swingers.
Our e-mail conversations were great, so after a little back-and-forth we all decided to meet for drinks. This went pretty well too, even though Bob tended to do a lot more of the talking and Janet more nodding in agreement. They explained that they were fairly new to swinging, and had only been with one other couple before and that had gone well. The other couple had moved away and so they wanted to meet someone new for an ongoing "friendship with benefits".
One of the challenges in finding another compatible couple is there are four people that not only have to get along pretty well, but also find each others partners sufficiently attractive to want to go further. I found Janet attractive, but found her a little hard to read in this respect and as the evening was winding down I was left wondering if there would be a second "date".

The person I would like to meet
It was time to go and so we rose from the table saying that we'd had a great time and would be in touch. They responded to say they'd really enjoyed meeting us and would be very interested in seeing us again. We walked out to the parking lot together, and as we parted, Bob hugged my wife and Janet gave me a close embrace as well, kissing me on the cheek and whispering "see you soon!".
On the way home I asked my wife, "Did it go well for you? Are you attracted to Bob?". She thought he was good looking and that she'd really like to see them both again. I told her I thought Janet was pretty, but how I'd wondered about her level of interest. Still, we didn't pick up on any "red flag" things like jealous or "taking one for the team" behavior and so agreed we should see them again.
Over the next couple of weeks we e-mailed back and forth more with them and decided to invite them to our house. We owned a hot tub just out back of the house, with good privacy, and it seemed like a great way to get things rolling by inviting them to join us. They agreed - before long they were walking up the steps to our home.

About my work
We poured a little wine and relaxed together in the living room. It was obvious that we'd just recently met as all seemed pretty nervous and a little distracted. Our e-mails and bar conversation had plenty of sex-talk. The bar was a public place, but now in a private home, here was a place where things could get real. How would it play out? Would the chemistry be good enough to move towards sex, or poor so things would fizzle? And, we hadn't actually said "let's have sex!", we'd just invited them to hot tub. The rest was entirely up for grabs.
Well, it's not like we didn't tilt the odds a little in our favor. I should mention that it's often the case when we've had swinger friends over my wife finds it fun to not wear a bra. She doesn't have large breasts, but she's got nice nipples with dark areolas that are plenty noticeable when bare under the right top. I've encouraged her to do this as its kind of fun watching the guys eying her tits.
Bob definitely began to notice her nipples and as I chatted with Janet I could see his eyes darting repeatedly over to them. After a good while of this entertainment, I spoke up to ask them if they were still interested in the hot tub. They were, and so ever-politely my wife asked Bob and Janet if they were alright with going nude. Bob spoke up with a big "sure", and Janet, pausing like she had to think about it, nodded quietly in agreement. My wife said "I'll be right back, I have to get us towels" and left the room.

What do you like to do for fun/hobbies?
At the back of the house, Bob and Janet stood quietly with me waiting for my wife to return. Neither one seemed actually ready to take the plunge to remove the first article of clothing, but once my wife returned she set down the towels, said "Let's go" and pulled off her top, both bare tits immediately dropping out in full view. The ice was officially broken.
Now I may be a pretty darn old to be a school-boy but I have a thing about seeing a woman naked for the first time (frankly, the rest of the time too). There's just a certain thrill of discovery, what can I say. I could feel the urge in my crotch at the thought of seeing Janet strip.
It was clear that Janet was still getting used to the idea. You might think that anyone who calls themselves a swinger is so socially liberal they'd just whip off their clothes at the drop of a hat, but people's minds are all so very different from one another. First times can be a little different.
As I stood facing her, Janet removed her socks.
I pulled off my shirt and then my belt. Turning away from Janet I could see my wife had already stripped completely bare. Bob was shirtless, working to remove his pants.

My idea of a great date
Janet pulled off her belt and unbuttoned her pants.
Bob now pulled down his underwear and out flopped the big broad head of his penis. Stepping out of his underwear revealed he was already hanging a good 6 inches soft. Seeing that Janet and I weren't yet quite ready, my wife moved closer to Bob to start hugging and feeling each other.
I turned back to Janet. Nervously avoiding eye contact, she was standing in her bra and panties. I pulled down my pants and stepped out of my underwear. At last she pulled down and stepped out of her panties, and paused again before finally setting aside her bra.
Janet stood completely naked, her arms crossed just under her breasts, thighs pressed together, looking somewhat embarrassed.

If you are divorced/widower, you can talk about how that happened here.

What is your fantasy vacation?
Janet had nothing to be insecure about. She had a mature yet fairly athletic body with a little extra padding on her hips that frankly looked good on her. Her breasts were a small B-cup size, but nicely shaped. Fair-skinned, she had small pink nipples and areolas, and her thin blonde pubic hair, just a shade darker than her head, wasn't shaved but trimmed short. There she was, the nude PTA mom, and she was plenty sexy.
I was probably staring at her now, but didn't have long to take in the view. Bob and my wife had left for the hot tub and Janet exclaimed "let's go!" and headed for the door. The last view I had was Janet's bare ass swaying as she headed quickly for the tub.

What is your academic background?
Janet got in the tub just ahead of me and sat immediately down into one of the opposite corners. With Bob and my wife sitting together to the side, I got into the remaining corner seat. The waters worked their magic though, as Janet, having "survived" her public unveiling, became visibly more relaxed. The warm bubbles fizzing up and around us created an entirely new atmosphere of calm.
For a while there was no conversation, everyone just laying back in the Zen of the moment. Our bodies now all beneath the water, we were at the same time isolated yet sharing a common sensation. Good social lubrication, with as much or as little personal space as one desired.
I guess Bob wanted just a little less personal space and slid over close to my wife's side. She took the cue and in moments the two were in close embrace and kissing, one bare breast pressed wetly against Bob's side. I glanced over at Janet who was laying back, eyes closed, seemingly blissed out so I continued watching my wife. In the moving water it was hard to see, but one of her hands was placed strategically between Bob's thighs. From his quiet groans it seemed likely she was stroking his cock, and it wasn't long before his arm went from her shoulder to beneath the water. I could see her knees come out of the water, inviting his touch.

Where did you last vacation and did you like it?
Janet's eyes were now open, so I cheekily suggested the hot tub "might be even more fun if we were closer together" and slid over towards her. As I sat back against the tub, Janet backed herself on to my lap and said "you mean, like this?", wriggling her bare back against my chest and ass against my crotch. "Yes, just like that", I said and began running my hands over her thighs and then up and over her small, firm breasts. Janet purred, first arching herself up so her tits came up out of the water and then back down, rubbing the crack of her ass firmly against my cock.

What do you find attractive in people?
It was like I'd flipped Janet's "on" switch. We continued playing around like this, me running my hands up and down her smooth body as she continued arching up and down in the water. I began moving my hands closer and closer to her pussy until at last was rubbing her back and forth between pussy lips and nipples, the latter standing out in fierce aroused attention. From this vantage point we were both able to also watch Bob and my wife getting more and more into each other, moaning louder as their excitement grew.
As Janet rocked back against my lap she would press her ass against my cock. The hot tub tends to relax things, penis included, but Janet's ass cheeks sliding on either side of my dick was more than a match for the warm waters. I was starting to get hard now and Janet wasn't slow to notice.
She turned around to face me, pulling me forward. Placing a thigh to either side of mine, she knelt to sit down on to my lap and we began kissing. The first kiss was good, the second even better, and by the third and fourth we were making out like teenagers. From her deep breathing and coos it was clear Janet was seriously aroused. She sat down more on me and I could feel her vulva parting to either side of my rigid penis. Janet made a point to slide back and forth along the length. I grabbed her ass firmly, pressing her slippery skin as close as I could against me.
I wanted to fuck her, and figured we'd slow things down a bit and go inside the house to take things further. Janet had other plans. She made them very clear as she raised herself a little, and grasping my penis began rubbing the head along her well-splayed slit. I thought she was just teasing until she began moving the head more deliberately up against the entrance of her vagina, then sitting down more to push it inside. She was well-lubricated inside, but the hot water made it much more of a challenge. She w

What do others do that irritate you?
blue balls

What do you think is your best quality?
I learned then that "Shy Janet" really liked to fuck and be fucked good and deep. She rode me firmly, kissing me all the while my hands massaged her great little PTA-mom ass, sliding my fingers up and down the crack of her ass and teasing her little ass hole. I could feel her pussy squeezing me at the bottom of each firm stroke and again as she rode up.
Glancing over Janet's shoulder I could see my wife and Bob had gotten pretty "busy" too. She was laying back against the hot tub wall, her legs wrapped around Bob, who, his back turned toward us was fucking her slowly. They must have just started as she is pretty vocal and I hadn't heard a thing. Seeing that they seemed to be enjoying herself, I returned focus on Bob's wife.
Janet's knees were getting a little sore in this kneeling-on-the-hard-hot-tub position, but she wasn't done and suggested we try moving to the middle of the tub where I could stand and we could see what would work there. It seemed like an interesting proposition, so once she'd climbed off of me I got over to the middle and stood with the water about nipple high. Janet came over to me and put her legs on either side of my hips, and with her arms around my neck, climbed onto me. Her pussy was good and warmed up, so this time I guided my cock up into her easily. Her weight was suspended by the water such that she could ride me up and down with no real effort at all.

What one thing would you change about your personality if you could?
As she held herself close, it was clear we had a real nice sexual chemistry. She seemed to really enjoy me, and was not at all afraid to be intimate, relishing in long deep kissing, all the while pressing very close as I rocked up and down inside her. She was quite a distraction and we'd both stopped noticing what our spouses were up to until we heard splashing and my wife's voice saying "We're going inside now. Join us when you're ready".
I said something like "have fun, see you pretty soon" and my attentions returned to Janet. My hands were under her ass supporting her, but I moved them more to her hips and started really plowing her. She loved it, crying out and bucking against me as I thrust more and more. But as we continued, the warm waters conspired against me. Despite being very much in the moment and fully aroused by the naked woman pressed against me, my erection began to relax and just couldn't fight it. I whispered in her ear to say "I think I'd like to finish this inside". Janet didn't complain. After a little more cuddling and playing we finally got out of the tub and walked back inside the house.
What the hot tub giveth, the hot tub taketh away.

What one question would you want answered in an initial email from another member?
what they like

Describe your physique.
Inside, standing naked together once more, we toweled off. It struck me how different it felt with her now. Janet had been so shy, almost reticent. My thoughts were interrupted by sounds from the back bedroom: Bob groaning, my wife crying out as she orgasmed, the wet, rhythmic slapping sounds of hard fucking. The perfect sound track to get a man and a woman going again!
As Janet and I approached the bedroom, I could see my wife's bare back facing us. She was sitting up riding Bob. She dropped forward onto his chest, and as his hands grasped and spread her ass cheeks wide, we got a straight-on view of her fat lips parting around Bob's glistening penis. As he pulled out to the base of the head, I could see why she was enjoying him - he was a good 9 inches if he was an inch long and rigid as a man can get. My arm went around Janet's waist as we paused to appreciate the sight.
We came around to the side of the bed and Bob and my wife slowed down enough to say "hi" and slid over to make more room. Janet lay to her husband's side and I joined her to watch the two continue fucking. My wife looked over to me with a big smile and in short order had another major orgasm, and let the world know it!

What do you do well sexually?
I really wanted to get to know Janet's vulva up close and personal, so I slid down the bed and moved her legs back and well apart. Her pussy was so pink and pretty, with its small lips, barely covered in tan-blonde hair; I wanted to explore! Spreading her lips further apart with my finger tips, I ran my tongue down the length, finally circling the opening of her vagina. Janet gasped. Placing a finger inside her, I used my mouth and tongue to get her clit going and then finger-fucked and sucked her to a good hard orgasm. She was sloppy wet now, those little pink folds all engorged and glistening, inviting me in.
I asked to swap places with Janet, but she went one better. As I lay back on the bed, she started sucking my cock, but before long rotated herself around so I could pull her into a '69 position. My face buried again in Janet's pussy, I found out just how good she could suck cock!
I could hear my wife cumming again (yeah, she really can cum over and over and its not fake) and the wet slapping sounds had become real loud, but I couldn't really tell what they were doing. I was good and hard again, so I rolled Janet off me with intentions to put my hardness to good use. On my back with Janet's ass no longer "blocking the view", I could see my wife's face next to me on her pillow. She was on her hands and knees, Bob's balls whacking sloppily against her as he stroked into her from behind.

What is the favorite thing you like sexually done to you?
That seemed like a good idea, so I got Janet into the same position, right next to my wife. Janet got my dick plenty big but she was wide open - I slipped inside her vagina like a hot knife going through butter. Grasping her hips, I pushed all the way up into her and began fucking her in rhythm with Bob and my wife. I can tell you this got plenty hot ... both women crying out and cumming, both guys grunting and moaning, four balls slapping against wet pussies. Crazy fun.
Bob had reached his limit. With a loud Uhhhhhhhhhh Uhhhhhhhh, he bucked hard against my wife and let loose his cum. I could see his ass clench as he did, then he pulled back and pushed hard in again. Another ass clench, a shudder, and then he relaxed forward against her back. As they both fell onto the bed, I just kept fucking Janet slowly, trying my best to keep from blowing my load from the intense spectacle.
I decided to finish with Janet on top. I lay back and with Janet's silk-smooth pussy wrapped back around my cock, I pulled her forward to massage her tits. She pushed hard down onto me and it wasn't long before we were fucking hard. I think her cervix was rubbing the tip of my cock pretty good as in short order I felt like I would cum.

What fantasy(s) are you still waiting to experience?
She beat me to it, and that triggered me immediately to let loose. On the heels of her orgasm, I let loose a strong, hard burst of jism inside Bob's wife's fine little pussy.
At this point, we were all really spent. With all the hot tubbing and cumming, we were just out of it. Once they got their heads together, Bob and Janet dressed, called their babysitter, and were ready to call it a night. We agreed to see each other again as soon as we could.
Later, my wife and I talked it over, kind of a "post-game analysis". We'd met a few couples where the guys were real disappointments for her and I was hoping it was as good as it seemed. It was. She explained that the chemistry with Bob was good and that he had a "really nice long penis and knew how to use it". It didn't bother me that she enjoyed his cock; I was happy for her, and every time we make love I'm reminded just how much she enjoys mine. Bob's wife made it pretty clear she enjoyed me, too ... and that ain't a bad thing at all.
Hope you enjoyed this true story. Would love to hear from you.

What fantasy(s) have you already experienced?
Oh, so much left to do

Do you have any STDs (Sexually Transmitted Diseases)?
no way

Are you looking for a one night stand, to play for a while, or a long-term Adult relationship?
im open minded

Free Space. Say anything you want!
live and let live, love and make love

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