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54-year-old Male
Seeking Both: 18 - 99
Eureka, California
United States
Last Activity: > 3 months ago

Taurus Taurus
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HONEST Dom ISO Sub/Slaves women & men LTR.

About myself
I'm a Bi- Man in search of my hearts desire! I love women and men partners, equally. A ltr with Bi or straight women, and Bi men! Both at the same time! (called a Triad. Couple is 2. Triad is 3. Quad is 4.) Both live in same home with me. Ladies, how many of you secretly wish that you had 2 men/BF that are there for you! For the long haul in life! Think about it! Both men, not jealous, & you don't have to choose one or the other, you get both!

CHALLENGE!! Are you able to read all the information I have taken the time to convey to you in writing that is contained here in these essays? I give you fair warning, they are considered by some to be novellas. When you have finished reading, you might be able to now answer in the affirmative the question some ask "have you read any books during the last 12 months?"

The person I would like to meet
I want slave, or at least submissive, type personalities! Must be willing to submit to me being totally in control! But also be able to think & make decisions, should i delegate to you the decision making process for a particular issue/situation! Also, must be willing to relocate! And able to live in a polyandrous household. My G/F is a Mistress to her own "herem", all male slaves. (herem, opposite of harem. as in many women for 1 man, is many men for 1 woman!) I am the 2nd BF for my GF, & since she is not my submissive, nor slave, she is not always open, willing, or wanting to fulfill some of the fantasies I would like to experience! I therefore need to look for a lady and a man (slave/submissive) that is willing to be adventurous! She is agreeable to this arrangement (since I have expressed that this is the direction I am heading since we've met) as long as my lady & man understand that any man in her "herem" is not available to my lady or man! In her words, no "poaching" of her men will be tolerated! Ask me any question you may have concerning this type of relationship (triad relationship).

About my work
Currently am working at the toughest position I've ever held, retirement! Don't have to get ready for work at o-dark-thirty, wake & get up for the day when I want. Not given orders nor directions all day by "management", giving me the freedom of "self direction" & "self determination" throughout the entire day! Not arriving home tired, exhausted, nor sore from a long & hard day of labor, so I am relaxed & stress free! & also retain energy enough to devote to "mates", family, friends, & other valued people in my life, & their needs that was not able to satisfy in the past! LIKE I SAID, toughest position i've ever held in my life, BUT, I swear, someone has to do it!! Why me???? (ha, ha, ha! ROFL!!!!!) Seriously, am working (yes, maybe slower than I ought to be) towards attending college or university for degree for 2nd career, incorporating language skills with international corporate & contract law negotiations (international trade agreements & contracts). Another really tough position! Involving traveling around the world to major cities in europe, central & south america! Entourage in tow! (Family & needed work personnel) International travel by air & rail, staying in hotels, eating in foreign restaurants, various other "work related duties". Often staying days, weeks, or even months to negotiate various details in order to complete a trade agreement or contract to the satisfaction of both trading parties, to the mutual benefit of the companies involved! ALL paid for by employer & company! & all tax deductible! Again, horrible work for anyone to endure, BUT, alas, somebody needs to do this excruciating & tiresome work!! Might as well be me! ; ) Am looking forward to completing the 2-3 years of education needed, finishing my AA degree, & then the BA/BS! Will be loads of fun along the way!

What do you like to do for fun/hobbies?
Fishing. Camping. Traveling. Languages & linguistics (Speak hungarian & spanish as non-native fluent, in addition to american english. Speak a smattering french, german, russian, romanian. I am also able to understand italian & portuguese, after a bit of time listening to them.) Developing business ideas.

My idea of a great date
Before the date, having paid attention to the preferred likes of my date, making the arrangements at the various facilities, businesses, restaurants, & locations that will fill my date with joyful & happy feelings! Still before the date begins, surprising my date with arrangements for primping & pampering! Receiving gift certificates for waiting transportation to prearranged appointments at various establishments for massage, hair, mini shopping for new attire for the evening (dinner, late night romantic, & sleeping), small token of affection in the form of jewelry, & then arrival to the destination of my date's desired outing (whether dining, theater, concert, recreational, or any combination of the aforementioned)! Finally, transportation to a fine 5 star establishment where overnight guest are welcome to stay, with maid turn down service leaving mints & my date's favorite floral laying across the pillow, & great late in the morning room service, to replenish expended energy resulting from desired passionate night activity!

If you are divorced/widower, you can talk about how that happened here.
Am divorced after 191/2 yrs. To me, tragic! I believe that the reasons are; *We did grow apart, but not like many others use this term. Simply put, actions spoke louder than words. We would discuss the directions I wished to take in the various areas of our family & finances, directions, or changes to my desired directions to accommodate needs, obligations, & conflicts, that she wished to take, & decide or agree to the desired "path" & goal. Then, during the ensuing days or weeks, I would discover that the issues of importance were not being attended to, to achieve what i thought was "our" desired goal! Which in turn sometimes caused difficulty to family & financial plans! *After the many years together, total time including dating, long engagement, & marriage was over 22 yrs, I was very attentive to her, "knowing" her, not only erotically, but also intimate knowledge of her personal habits, likes, dislikes, desires, & especially her emotions & feelings! Even today, 9+ yrs separated & divorced, when I phone her, I am able to determine the state of her day, emotional & physical, work or home, by the tone, pitch, inflection of her voice when she answers "hello"! Truth! My beloved wife did not know me. Did not learn who I am. Still doesn't. Granted, I have been told that I am a most difficult man to "get to know", but I do believe that after all that time, my mate should know something about me. *She began to not fulfill her tasks, the divided work load, along "traditional" lines (HER CHOICE made on our very wedding day). With our sons & me helping, more & more was not done, causing added, unneeded distress to our fracturing relationship.

Even so, I take responsibility for our separation & eventual divorce. It is my fault! No, am not gallant. Nor condescending, blaming, or patronizing her! Is my personal beliefs, & may discuss at later time.

What is your fantasy vacation?
This is something that is hard for me, because I have many, many thoughts, ideas, & fantasies. There are way too many opportunities, destinations, & activities in our great country, not to mention or list those in other countries around the world, to choose just one!

Maybe you can tell me yours, or one of yours! If you have many also! Maybe the one that is first on your list? Me, so many, I don't even list them.

What is your academic background?
Completed high school. Attended college for a bit. Then entered the Armed Services, U. S. Air Force. Received technical & vocational training in language, linguistics, & other facets of data analysis, to facilitate success as a translator of Hungarian & Spanish languages for the U. S. Government. In total, only a few credits shy of an AA degree.

Where did you last vacation and did you like it?
Not counting my time in retirement as a very long extended vacation, has been about 10-11 yrs since my last vacation. That vacation, & those for the previous 10 yrs, were connected to union conventions. At California state union level & at national union level. At that time, typically would arrive a few days early of the convention open day, spend the time taking family to visit some tourist locations, places of interest or wonder, or other various similar sites. Convention opens, being an elected delegate for the local shop, I attended & participated in union business, discussing or debating (love to debate) the pros & cons of various proposals, voting on those proposals, vote for delegates to represent California State Union, vote for state level officers, & other union political issues (love politics). Similar things at national conventions. Family would be busy participating in the Auxiliary, or Jr. Auxiliary activities for fun, i.e.; visiting museums, historical locations, local city/county/state/national parks, zoos, lakes, ocean beaches, & nearby amusement & theme parks! After close of convention business, then family would spend a week together doing "nothing but relax & lounge by the pool". Visit other various locations we wanted to see. Go to other amusement & theme parks not included in the Auxiliary activities. Travel to nearby towns, cities, or locations we wanted to visit. After the week, start the leisurely journey towards home. Visiting anything else we wanted to see, while on our way, or divert some off the direct path home if not too far, to visit whatever tickled our fancy, in that area of the state or nation! Did I like it, generally yes. My need & desire for debate & politics would be satisfied, family was not "bored stiff" because of union, & after was able to partake in great family time!

What do you find attractive in people?
Intelligence, ability to converse with knowledge, integrity, & HONESTY! & then if, or when, I fall for you, I see your eyes! I note & KNOW the color, if you have speckles or flecks in your color, if you have a darker outer ring along the rim of your color. Then your lips. If you have thin or full lips. Your pale or deep natural color of your lips. If you kiss well. If your kisses are dry, moist, or really big sloppy wet ones! If you primarily peck your kiss, or smooch a bit. If you kiss with a little reservation, or with passion as you melt into my body as my arms surround you & hold you close! Then I am a little more lustful, I notice your ass. Particularly your buns. If you are heart shaped, or have a "bubble" butt. If you are a handful (my handful) to grab & hold, or if you are a pinchable butt as you walk past me! Then back to your face, your cheeks, your forehead, your ears -small "petite" earlobes, or full robust lobes -pierced or unpierced -1 piercing or multiple piercings -1 piercing on your lobe, or many piercings on your lobe -any or many piercings elsewhere on your ear -bare ears (whether pierced or not) single earring (& where, in lobe or other location on your ear) or multiple earrings -1 earring in each ear multiple earrings in each ear even number in each ear odd number for each ear even in 1 & odd in the other single in 1 ear several/many in other ear earring design(s) you are currently wearing simple earring design & decor complicated design to design borders "gaudy" design compliments & enhances ear & face beauty of wearer draw attention away from natural beauty of ear & face of wearer design compliments attire & more to chat about later, then to your hair -color -thick or thin -brush comb or both -length -if covers your ears, or you "sweep" the strands behind your ears (a woman's "crowning glory")

What do others do that irritate you?

What do you think is your best quality?
My straight up HONESTY!! No facade (pronounced "fasad", false front/face for you to see & me to hide behind). Who you see is who I am. What I say is who I am. Applicable '60s phrase; "what you see is what you get"!! My smile & eyes (in connected combination). When I smile, my eyes squint, becoming "moon" eyes. Glinting as "moon" eyes as I'm smiling! My laugh. Full, robust, jolly, heartfelt, belly laugh. My snicker. Wicked, conniving, gleeful, devious, determined.

What one thing would you change about your personality if you could?
My trusting nature. To be LESS trusting of others. To be more discerning of the integrity & trustworthiness of others. Perfectionism & procrastinationism. To be able to "live" with things not EXACTLY just right, thereby helping to stop procrastinating, which is fueled by "not able to achieve perfection, so why start" thinking! My uncontrollable nature of INTERRUPTING others. If GOD himself was present speaking, I would even interrupt him! Sorry, is my nature. I am constantly & continually, even minute by minute, working, striving, to control myself to NOT interrupt anyone & everyone. Have achieved a modicum of success! A work in progress!

What one question would you want answered in an initial email from another member?
Not yet sure of any single question.

Describe your physique.
A few extra pounds. Still working to lose more to achieve goal weight. To become more fit by toning & trimming my torso! My legs are runners legs. years of running. When younger, military fitness. When coaching sons in youth sports, soccer, also refereed & played. Coached 5 hrs per evening 4 days per week, refereed 2 hrs per evening 2 days per week & 3 hrs on additional day per week, played 3 hrs additional day, totaling 13 hrs of running for the week, averaging approximately 60-70 miles per week. Strong hands.

What do you do well sexually?
Foreplay. I like to start by massaging my partner. Whole body to begin, but if requested by my partner, the erogenous zones! As my partner relaxes, enjoying the thorough massage, from neck, shoulders, to down the back & legs. Then suggest that I massage the neck & shoulders while laying on the back. I work my massage from the shoulders into the more sensitive areas, creeping into the erogenous zones.Finally massaging the inner thighs & genitalia area. Aroused from massaging the other erogenous zones, massaging the inner thighs & genitals brings my partner to higher erotic desire beginning the more pleasurable time in foreplay to really display my abilities at "manual dexterity" for my partner's pleasure to bring forth climatic enjoyment. Eventually leading to the "oral" portion of my abilities for me to demonstrate for my partner's pleasure & enjoyment. At this point, I will leave you to your imagination as to what I am able to do to you, for your pleasure! & if your imagination starts to run away with you, leaving you to want more than what I have described, you'll have to arrange to experience what I can do! REMEMBER, it isn't bragging if it is true, provable! I can & have done this on numerous occasions to persons doubting, challenging my ability, & my honesty. I challenge them back, if they are prepared to allow me to prove to them, they've accepted, & after only a half hour, they are out of control! But too late, doubting my word, & challenging me, they were mine to pleasure! To leave NO doubt, EVER! After over 1 1/2 hours of my control, manually giving pleasure to them, I finally will bring them to a climatic, body shattering conclusion of extreme pleasure! Some of them have been asked about certain statements about me (not said to them by me). I've overheard them say "yes he can! do not doubt his word about this!" I leave it here!

What is the favorite thing you like sexually done to you?
Don't want to say! It is something I may tell you in person as you are attempting to give me pleasure & enjoyment! But, we'll just have to wait & see!

What fantasy(s) are you still waiting to experience?
Again, I don't write my fantasies anymore. I do have several. Good ones. But, until I find those that will help me preform them, I'll keep them to myself!

What fantasy(s) have you already experienced?
None. Have helped others fulfill theirs, but not found the persons that are willing to perform mine, bringing them to reality!

Do you have any STDs (Sexually Transmitted Diseases)?
NO, get tested regularly

Are you looking for a one night stand, to play for a while, or a long-term Adult relationship?
L.T.A.R., but am open to the one nighters, & to play for awhile!

Free Space. Say anything you want!
I know. Long winded, yes? So, if you have read all that you are able to stand, straining your eyes to the point you think you are seeing cross-eyed, causing you to now need an appointment with your optometrist for glasses or contacts, my apologies!! But no, I will not pay for the eye exam just because I am able to write clear, concise, & detailed responses in order for you to correctly, completely understand the perception & concept I want you to "see" in your mind's eye! But, if you have read all of my essays, and find that you are intrigued, interested, or just curious, I invite you to contact me, email or chat. & learn that I can also converse well & intelligently, with extensive knowledge about many subjects!

BTW, just because I am able to write passively DOES NOT negate the fact that I am dominate & in control of my relationships! Should I desire to be so!!

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