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21-year-old Female
Seeking Men: 29 - 99
Kayenta, Arizona
United States
Last Activity: > 3 months ago

Aries Aries
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I'm just a sweet fun Loving gurl in progress Lol..

About myself
Well let's see,,,
I'm a Native American Hunnee Lol wit a lil Chicana blood ~n~ mee,,,
0o an a tad Irish too,,,
I Luv my family & home gurls,,,
They all say I'm fun 2b around & hang wit,,,
I'm fun outgoing & 420 frenly,,,
I always like 2 have a gewd time no matter what or should i say i always make sure 2 have a gewd time when tha right opportunity cUmz my way ha ha but only wit tha right guy of course ;)
I don't like pushy guys & don't take that shit so i can be a Biatch about it !
At least b cool & have tha decency 2 have respectful cummunication wit mee :)
*@@* Ok this is only 4 tha uncool assholes sooo please excuse mee as i vent 4 a moment,,,
If you don't like how i xXxpress myself or how i spell F - U - C - K you ! ! !
You kno who you are & tha type of shithead you are already so don't cUm @ mee like I'm sum kinda slut skank whore who'd jus let anyone fucck mee much less ur dumb pathetic ass ! ! !
Then later act like ur all propper & better than mee & shit & like this is sum effing English writting class when ur actually jus a Pervert Loser ! ! !
Ok now,,,
Sooo i see tha avatar logo 4 this site & it says SexXx personels & that's what catches my eye balls Lol so I ain't here 4 no eharmony shit,,,
I jus wanna have a lil fun here & share sum thots Lol that bounce around ~n~ this pretty lil head of mine sooo nothang serious ;)

The person I would like to meet
Well ok there has 2b that nice unspoken physical attraction between us,,,
We both kno we like & want each other without sayin it,,,
When i chose a guy i wanna be wit that i really really like he has 2 really really like mee 2,,,
He's gotta be koo, nice, respectful has manners & always be honest wit mee that's a Hott plus,,,
A guy who respects & appreciates mee,,,
Who doesn't mind that i have baby & could step up if we eva got serious about thangs & that's only if,,,
And if sooo taking that responsibility is sumthang only a real man can do,,,
He must Luv mee ~n~ all tha rite ways always & 4 Eva & Eva,,,
Especially Luv's every lil fun ~nawty~ N8v way about mee & i mean Luv's every lil fun ~nawty~ N8v way about mee Lol,,,
Luv's every lil SexXxie N8v thang about mee lil old mee & i mean Luv's every lil old SexXxie N8v thang about mee Lol,,,
Appreicates all of my fresh young tender soft warm SexXxie juicy gewdies i got going on ;)
You treat mee rite & I'll treat U sooo gewd 2 ;)

About my work
Shhhh,,,it's a secert but i always bring SexXxie wit mee Lol...
On tha down low when I'm @ work i look really really gewd Lol ~n~ my nice tight skin huggin black Dickies & ~n ~ my balck Glo Jeans 2 & u can't even tell I'm wearing a thong Lol,,,
Sooo i like 2 mix it up,,,
Work part time & take care of my baby when I'm off, help out around tha house,,,
Spend time wit my frens but they usually cum over tho,,,
But sumtimes "ya kno" i jus have 2 have my own *Special* all alone time jus mee myself & i especially when those certain womanly carvings suddenly Hitt mee like a fuccking gewd blunt making mee wanna be a very very ~nawty~ baaad gurl Lol ;)

What do you like to do for fun/hobbies?
Be wit my baby, family & frens,,,
Sumtimes it feels like i live 1,000 miles from nowhere so yeaaa thangs 2 do are limited but it's a fun cool lil town an i Luv it ! ! !
I Luv my music,,,
Listening 2 music always puts mee ~n~ a gewd mood & makes mee see tha happier side of thangs ~n~ life,,,
Chillin & cruising around hangin wit my home gulrs 420 time ha ha jus being goofy & silly wit them "ya kno gurls jus wanna have fun" Lol,,,
We do a lil partying when eva...where eva & sumtimes i cUm home smellling like bonfire Lol,,,
Going 2 games @ tha high school, dances @ tha feild house, movies yeaaa we have one, pow wows when they have them & jus anythang amazzing that cUmz up Lol,,,
I Luv gettin all dolled up & chossing jus tha rite fun outfit when steppin out,,,
Honestly i Luv all that flirty attention i can stir up,,,
Especially when a guys wit his woman,,,oooh even better yet his wife & she gets maaad when she knows his checkin mee out ha ha i Luv that ! ! !
Going 2 town & cruisin wit my home gurls or even better tha city when i get tha chance,,,
If i see a cute Hott guy i like when I'm ~njoying~ my cherrry Lollipop or a tasty frozen sweet treat like a popcicles I'll Lick on it & Lick on it ~n~ a certain fun way jus 4 fun Lol,,,
And corndawgs & bananas are fun 2 ;)

My idea of a great date
Since i live ~n~ tha middle of nowhere it would take place ~n~ tha city wit a koo fLyyy guy wit swag Lol,,,
Who does'nt mind throwing down & spending sum $ on us,,,
Definelty dressing 2 impress 4 tha whole trip mee & u better do tha same,,,
I Luv staying ~nice~ & fresh looking sooo be ready 4 plenty of pit stops Lol,,,
Going 2 tha mall so i can pick up sum thangs I'll be needing 2 make it a very memorable trip 4 tha both of us ;)
Staying at really really nice Hotel that has a nice big comfy king size bed wit plenty of room 4 us 2 lay on any which way & role around on all over tha place Lol,,,
A flat screen TV a fridge 4 our favorite chillaxin beverages & a microwave ~n~ tha room 2,,,
We can't 4get tha swimming pool, jacuzzie, sauna & of course one that cUmz wit a really gewd breakfast but if it's tha weekend you'll be takin us 2 brunch,,,
Imma Beautiful SexXixie gurl that likes takin my time sooo don't eva eva rush mee & remember there's always a gewd reason why I'm taking my nice sweet ass time Lol,,,
I Luv getting all dolled up 4 my man b4 we go out sooo you'll be Luving & want 2 show mee off ! ! !
Like my mom always says that first impression goes along long ways,,,
Dinner at Red Lobster...ohhh yummy i Luv seafood therrr,,,
Then going to tha movies 2 one that has at least21 choices,,,
Then L8r on going out & throwin a cruise around tha city & seeing what tha night life has 2 offer us ;)
If ur down 2 get Blazzed (420) wit mee that's koo but if not that's koo 2 but i hope U will ?
Poppin sum bottles & ~njoying~ those tasty cold chillaxin beverages anytime i mite feel like it but L8r we both gonna throw sum back when we get back 2 our room ! ! !

If you are divorced/widower, you can talk about how that happened here.
Single Native sassy mom,,,
Not sooo innocent sumtimes Lol,,,
He fuccked up & ain't Neva Eva gettin a second chance wit mee Eva again! ! ! !
So kno worries or else i wouldn't be here,,,

What is your fantasy vacation?
Somewhere tropical like Hawaii & having an effing blast & parting every fuccking night Lol,,,

What is your academic background?
Skool of high skool high ha ha,,,Lol

Where did you last vacation and did you like it?
Went 2 Cali wit my family did tha whole disneyland & california adventure park thang,,,
Stayed ~n~ Anaheim @ tha ramada inn it was fun i liked walking over 2 disneyland :)
Knott's berry farm was cute,,,
San diego zoo, sea world was koo but tha drive was 2 long :(
Both wax museums,,,
L A,,,
Dad tha zoo,,,again really,,,
Jus going all over tha place was awesum ! ! !
Rodeo drive was koo koo koo,,,
Hollywood, Sunset, Santa Monica beach, Venice beach eating outside was styllin,,,
Tha beaches were my fav tho we stopped @ different ones & i took a dip here & ther but i was worried about sharks ! ! !
I Luv'd tha Hott guys in Cali especially at tha beaches Lol :)
I more than liked it i Luv'd it & had a blast :)

What do you find attractive in people?
Attraction 4 mee can go ~n~ many different ways & it all depends on my mood & how I'm feeling @ tha time but anyways here are sum,,,
If their cute, nice, respectful, honest,,,Hott Lol,,,
And shy's are ok but it depends on tha guy,,,
l kno looks aren't everythang but I'm picky gurl & kno what i like when i see it Lol,,,
Their Swagger,,,
Face, hands, voice, Bod ! ! !
I really Luv strong tone arms, hands & legs especially when u can see tha veins on them ! ! !
Ohhh & that nice happy noticable buldge they got going on down there is always a fun plus especially if it's happy 2 see mee Lol ! ! !

What do others do that irritate you?
Tha way guys acts tha way they do when you say Nooo thx,,,
Especially when thay think therrr gawds gift or sum shit ! ! !
What eva ! ! !
Guys that are 2 eager & think jus becoz i talked 2 them when they asked mee sumthang think i can't wait 2 have them dumb asses...
I get very disapointed & don't like it when sumone makes mee a promise & doesn't keep it :(
Ok this1 can be Irritating but it can be cute 2 but it all depends on he says it Lol,,,
When he insists he can't get gurls pregnant "yeaa rite" like i haven't heard that b4 ! ! ! but nice try bust'a,,,
I definitely don't like rude mean racist people they suck ! ! !
I mean u can tell like if ur somewhere or even when ur ~n~ public i can usually see a persons true colors when they think nobodys watching or paying attention,,,
Or u catch their mean rude staring eyes already on u & I'll be like WTF bitch or whats ur problem asshole ! ! !
Fuccking haters ! ! !

What do you think is your best quality?
My SexXxie N8v everythang ! ! !
My * * *Spark* * *
How i always brighten up anyones day :)
And tha way it makes a guy smile :)
It always brings out that flirty fun energy in mee,,,
Imma aware imma Beautiful baaad ass SexXxie mom Lol who can beat ur bitch on her best day & make U wanna follow mee rround like a lil puppy wagging his cute tail Lol...

What one thing would you change about your personality if you could?
I wouldn't be so trusting,,,ok i make plans & then he makes up an excuse why he can't suddenly make it anymore ? ? ? ! ! !
And if i could,,,i would say Nooo 2 certain thangs & situatiuons,,,

What one question would you want answered in an initial email from another member?
I have a few Q's on my mind & u have tha answers,,,
Is that bitch gonna find out about us Lol,,,
U got any STD busta ! ! !
Promise 2b respectful & Luv mee 4 Eva & Eva,,,
Promise 2b attentive & caring always,,,
Always pay 4 everythang everytime,,,
Especially those fun ~nawty~ thangs i like 2 wear & use 2 knock ur socks off,,,
sooo U best be buyin them ultra thinnn condoms 2 or it ain't happenin ! ! !
Only unless i tell U i want U 2 cUm ~n~ mee ! ! !
Will U lay ~n~ that wett spot when were done making Love...U should do this without asking...
Ok this one 2 mee will test ur true undying devotion 2 mee & 4 mee...
I kno sum of u guys mite think it's nasty but eff it i like it :)
Actually i Luv it becoz it's ~nasty~n~nawty~ and SexXxie 2 mee ! ! !
Ok i Luv it especially when my man doesn't mind @ all & is willing & wanting 2 have SexXxual intercourse wit mee even when it's that special time of tha month 4 mee ! ! !
Natures own birth control @ it's bestest Lol...
I kno it's a messy ~ mess but what a SexXxie fun messy ~ mess it can be ! ! !
Ha ha :)

Describe your physique.
Delicious ~ Sweet ~ Tastee ~n~ SexXxee ! ! !
Cherrry coke eyes that * * *Sparkle* * *
With yummee warm frybread thighzzz that taste like hunnee ! ! !
Light brown SexXxee hair Silky azzz rabbits furrr ! ! !
Tha softest, peachest smelling N8v skinn "ya will eva touch" fresher, ripper, sweeter & juicer than a real navajo peach ! ! !
Luscious ~n~ Curvee ~n~ all tha rite places ! ! !
Bootilicious ~ banginn ~ Booty that will knock ur ass out like Mike Tyson Lol,,,
Gurls rule and boys drool ! ! !

What do you do well sexually?
I'll admit I'm a really gewd fucck Lol
I've awlays been told I'm tight even after i had my baby
It hurts a lil @ first but then it starts 2 feel gewd & it gets mee everytime
Playfully & Slowly I'll seduce & touch U taking ur threadz off 4 U so i can watch U nicely grow & xXxpand as i Slolwly ~n~ my own fun flirty way take mine off b4 ur gleaming eyes
Laying back on tha bed Opening my legs 4 U & helping making sure U gently get all of urself nicely ~nside~ mee
As U start 2 go i Luv that nice warm burning tingling sensation that starts at tha bottoms of my cute SexXxie feet
Aaahhh how it nicely travels up along my soft warm tingly legs & yummy inner thighz
Feeling those dancing * Sparks* going up ~nside~ mee is like a Hott nasty buzzing rush of xXxcitment that instantly afffects my pussy
That Hott SexXxie burning tingling sensation travels thru mee like lil warm prickeling needles up thru my tummy & straight 2 my areolas i can feel them getting puffy as ur fuccking mee
OMG i get sooo turned by how it feels i Luv it
Sumtimes my body squirms without realizing it moving ~n~ a circular motion wit my eyes closed I'll find myself lifting up my booty & waist off tha bed pushing up 2 meet those unstopable hard fuccks of urs
I Luving how ur on mee i can feel ur strong legs & ass muscles flexing & pushing ur big SexXxie deeply ~nside~ mee
It feels sooo Slippery & gewd
I jus Luv that lil bit of SexXxie sweat that builds up between our tummys
I really really get ~n ~ 2 it & jus don't lay therrr
Among other thangs
I give a really gewd blow job & i Luv how i can twitch & jerk U unexpectedly ~n~ everyway wit my *Special* warm soft slippery wett Kisses
I Luv how i drive U Krazzzie
I kno it's all ~n~ tha way i use my soft moist warm full Lips innermouth teeth & slippery soft wett tongue Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Lick Lick Lick mauh!

What is the favorite thing you like sexually done to you?
On my back underneith U ~n~ tha missionary postion getting fuccked by ur *nice* juicy big hard veiny thang so U can make mee cUm & cUm at least more than a few times b4 u cUm Big (sooo no 2 minute guys Lol)
But only how i like it & by this i mean i like 2 set tha speed & tempo
I jus Luv this it's Hott & it turns mee on sooo much being able 2 control U by telling how fast or slow 2 fucck mee!
Especially if U can jus play off my body lingo & jus go 4 it knoing & feeling what my sinning body is tellin U without mee sayin anythang is even better
While I'm being fuccked & taking it i Luv my boobies being succked on nicely & sooo gently especially my right nipple until U make it nicley swollen & firm ~n~ ur warm wett drooling horny mouth
And if I'm using birth control & ur clean i mite jus let u cUm ~n~ mee
When ur done fuccking my SexXxie brains out i want U 2 go down on mee & make mee cUm again wit ur face down therrr
And rite after imma french Kiss U sooo fuccking ~nasty~ & gewd it's gonna make U Hard all over again
Aaahhh how i Luv that nasty ~nawty~ taste of ur cUm mingling wit my juice on our Lips
I really really Luv it when U without a doubt absolutely Luv going down town on mee until i am a completely happy gurl floatin on cloud nine
I Luv laying back anywhere & taking ~n~ that ~nawty~ nice fun thang being done 2 mee
Especially wit a man who has sum xXxperience Lol
I Luv how how U kiss it smell it & start Licking & flicking ur warm soft firm tongue up & down & ~n~ mee even using ur nose
I Luv every Kiss Lick & Wiggle & gettin sooo caught up ~n~ it I'll trap & squeezi ur head ~n~ place wit my thick warm SexXxie thighz & forcing ur head ~n~ ther wit my soft hands as my long finger nails press ~n~ 2 ur skull
It's sooo Hott when I'm done using ur face & then frenching U sharing my sweet juices making U taste mee off my SexXxie Lips

What fantasy(s) are you still waiting to experience?
I have sum Lol

What fantasy(s) have you already experienced?
Nooo he wasn't my aunt's bf...well mabe kinda sort'a Lol,,,
But she always complained about him calling him an xXxercise running freak & would say 2 him where are you running 2,,,but mee & him kno xXxactly where he ended up runnning 2 Lol
Fucck she was stupid becoz he had a really *nice* musclee tone fit Hott bod wit vieny arms & legs ! ! !
He was all healthy & shit didn't smoke or drink & i kno that's why he could fucck tha way he could & OMG when he would cUm he would cUm a lot i mean a lot would shoot out ! ! !
This dude I'm talkin about had a really really nice big, thick, juicy, veiny one i mean u could really see tha blueish purple veins along it & tha head was puffy, plump & swollen like a mushroom i was like OMG it's Huge ! ! !
I remember how *nice* & SexXxie it felt on my skin it was sooo velvety & smooth like a soft rose...
As we were kissing ~n~ secert i could feel it's silky hard warmth pressing againt my thighzzz as he slowly humped on them ! ! !
OMG i Luv'd all tha Hott shit he kept saying about meee & how SexXxie my legs were & how he would jus Luv 2 fucck my thighzzz every day ! ! !
I Luv'd it how nasty & gewd it felt & tha way he was doing it 2 them ! ! !
Looking up @ him & watching tha way he was looking down @ what he was doing 2 them ! ! !
Taking his sweet ass time fuccking my yummy SexXxie thighzz ! ! !
Asking mee 2 if it's ok...
Already letting him i said yesss it's ok as ran my finger tips & nails along his sides & back...
Jus laying therrrr only wearing my bright yellow t shirt & matching tangerine thong & bra my ~njoying~ it my pussy ~nawtaaleee~ getting wett down therrr as he's freakishly fuccking my tasty warm virgin thighzzz ! ! !
Poking ~n~ 2 them taking turns & asking mee 2 hold & press them 2gether 4 him ! ! !
Feeling his body buidlding up ! ! !
Let's jus say i didn't have 2 lotion my legs that day ;)

Do you have any STDs (Sexually Transmitted Diseases)?
Hell"s Noooo ! ! ! !

Are you looking for a one night stand, to play for a while, or a long-term Adult relationship?
Well honestly tha truth be told it has happened once or twice b4 Lol,,,
But they were all really cute Hott guys,,,
Plus i was a lil bit drunk & blazzed at those times & needed a place 2 stay ;)
I sumtimes 2 for sum reason seem 2 get seperated from my frens from time 2 time especially if were ~n~ tha city when we party Lol,,,
I'm not oppose 2 a one nite stand becoz it's my body & my life & sumtimes fun shit happens ! ! !
Nobody needs 2 kno my buzinezz xXxept mee ! ! !
It all depends tho on who it's wit & how feel about him @ tha time Lol,,,
I jus have 2 be safe about it tho ! ! !
My mom would kill mee if i got pregnant again Lol,,,
I mite be young but it's not like i Neva had SexXx b4 sooo tha SexXxual side of mee that i am sharing wit u ~nawty~ boyzz is stuff i Neva tell anyone but I'll admit it's fun & a lil Hott 4 mee sharing my own personel stuff & xXxperiences & xXxpress myself like this Lol,,,

Free Space. Say anything you want!
My Lol's mean Lots of Love:)
I like 2 try & have gewd time kno matter what but sumtimes that doesn't work out 4 mee:(
I live ~n~ a small town so i have 2 keep thangs on tha down low !
I'm not so intrested ~n~ local guys most drink way 2 much & not ~n~ a fun way:(
I like 2 chill, party & blaze(420) wit my bffs tho(:
Sooo 4 mee i have 2 keep all my baaddd ~nawty~ sinful wishful thots a big old secert !
I wonder sumtimes if there's sumthang wrong wit mee ?
I mean I'm very sensitive 2 thangs lately & i like get sooo easily trurned & get sooo freakin horny & sooo easy2 !
OMG sumtimes i want it sooo bad i could scream !
Get this even putting ~n~ sumthang as simple as my freakin tampon can get mee going !
Sooo yeaaa i like thangs being inserted ~n~ mee Lol
Actuallly i Luv it & don't mind touching myself either ~n~ that fun ~nawty~ way & taking care of that sneeky urge that likes 2 creep way up ~n~ between my SexXxie legs !
It's especially tempting when kno ones around !
I'll wiggle out of what eva i mite be wearing & slide my fingers tips nicely along on tha outside of my thong over my clit & rub on it first becoz of my long finger nails while i close my eyes & think of us fuccking until my thong becUmz nice & damp from my wett fresh young tender pussy "ya kno I'm still jus a beautiful fresh young tender" Lol
Then I'll slide my thong off & use my thumb & fingers & nicely keep fingeing myself sooo fuccking gewd until i make myself orgasm Big or sumtimes I'll even use my moms fren Buzzz !
I think i mite be a lil bit ~n~ tha confusion stage of SexXx ?
A horny confusion stage ha ha...I've gone bonkers...Lol
Sooo anyways there are sum reasons why I'm here...
Without a Hott steady man around 2 take care of mee when tha sun goes down ~n~ those *Specail* fun Luvin ways i have desires 4 nasty horny SexXx & OMGeee i kinda want it rite now Lol...

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