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34-year-old Male
Seeking Women: 18 - 30
Rochelle, Illinois
United States
Last Activity: > 3 months ago

Aquarius Aquarius
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Seriously Looking for a Life Partner

About myself
I am a very calm person in RL, though I am a very commuicative person. I love to have an indepth, intellectual conversation, and I love just being silly, but clever and tasteful. My two best friends are my cousin and a guy I only know online, who lives a good distance away from me. All three of us know eachother and play games online, just to pass the time when we need something to do, and on scheduled days to do some serious gaming. We play DND mostly ((if you don't know what that is and are curious ask me in the chat room)), but also SR, and when me and my cousin's table top gaming group meets in RL we play Magic as well. I love to role play, not becuase I hate my life and need to find an escape, but becuase I am extremely crative and love to look at situations from other points of view, doing things how this character would do them.

The person I would like to meet
To be honest I have a uniqe situation, I am disabled, skitzophreia to be exact. No it wasn't my idea to quit the nine to five job, that was my health care professionals who brought that up. Dose this mean I'm looking for someone to go out and work their ass off so I can sit on my ass all day? NO. What you do isn't important to me, only how we feel. I am looking for someone who will return my love for a lifetime.

About my work
I don't actually have a "job" not becuase I am lazy or a freeloader, and I am not ashamed to admit that I am disabled, In anycase what I do every day I do as long as I possilby can, about 3 hours. I am an artist. I focus my creativity into structured moments of interesting, someday hopefully profitable and mindbending stories that will leave you laughing one moment and crying the next. I once devoted every moment of my life to becoming a musician, but there is no way I could do anything that stressful now, and I was very good. I could play any instrument you set down infront of me, however now, I am strictly a guitar player, and I only play when I truely feel the need. a beautiful gibson les paul, gold hardware, yellow-gold wood finish, oh so lovely

What do you like to do for fun/hobbies?
I have three hobbies, RPing, RPing and RPing, JK. I do love to RP though and do it as often as I can, in as many different situations as I can, and see out the best RPers, who can describe their actions in as much detail as they possibly can. I also love to play the guitar, which I have been doing since I was about 15. My uncle gave me my guitar, a beautiful Gibson Les Paul with gold hardware, and a gold wood finish, oh absolutely beautiful. I suppose if I ever get a webcam ((just hope SS approves my disability)) that I will post a video of me playing some nice mellow stuff for you. I go for a walk every day, weather permitting, with the family pet a little shipoo ((half shitsu half poodle)) named Sampson P. He is the cutest little black dog you have ever seen, allways begging for food, and barking at squirls, rabbits and deer, that frequently run through our yard. The walk is good for both of us, and considering the fact that I spend such a great deal of time at the computer, I wouldn't give that up for anything.

My idea of a great date
My idea of a perfect date? Well that's easy, a simple relaxing dinner, where both people actually eat, and then we decide what we want to do after. No set itinerary for the night, but a rough idea before we go, then we decide what we are both in the mood for and do it. I would also like to see both of us being respectfull and attentive to one another, as if we both wanted to be there. OMG you mean we both have a slight bit of interest in one another, hmmm interesting The worst first date I can think of would involve deciding to go with akward moments, such as one person having backup plans just in case, because they weren't really interested in the other and still went through with the date despite having talked with the other for an entire week, trust me I've seen this happen.

If you are divorced/widower, you can talk about how that happened here.
Never been married.

What is your fantasy vacation?
IDK.... I don't think about going on vacations much, or getting away from reality. I do feel that I could use a change of pace quite frequently, and so I shift gears and work on one of my many different projects. However, the best vacation I ever went on was when I went to France for my highschool senior French trip, don't ask me to speak French to you its been so long since I've spoken it or heared it that I can't do it. I met these two wonderful girls in another group there and hung out with them the whole time as our groups were travling together. One day we were leaving a restaurant, and we were talking about psycodelic music. They were saying how much they loved listening to that genera and I leaned close and whispered, "So what if I said 4:20 to you?" One giggled in response and the other said, "Oh any time baby." Then I whispered, "What if I said tongiht?" They both put their arms in mine and said "Really?" That's when I regailed them with my exploit of smuggling four joints worth of pot through customs hidden in my pony tail, hehe yes I was a bad boy back then with no regard for my own safety but I've reformed myself now and actually take care of myself and don't do stupid shit. The three of us had a wonderful time and spent the last night in a village on the coast of the Mediteranian drinking wine and beer on a cramped little balcony, I'll leave the details to your imagination, because honestly, I don't ever kiss and tell what happens in RL.

What is your academic background?
I graduated HS and studied a great deal of music while I was there, though I only performed in the choir and played guitar in the jazz band. I studied music like crazy though and was offered an advanced music theory course, which I had to turn down on account of a required college course on writing, stupid course, I was a naturally born writier.

College was a different story. I was lazy and disinterested at the community college I went to and only passed my music class with a B and my math class with a D. The university I went to was even worse. I wasn't accepted into the music program, so I didn't go to classes altogether, unless there was someone I was interested in in that particular class, then I went, if I wasn't too hung over to get out of bed.

Being hungover in college was an every day event for me, and the best cure we could come up with, to start drinking as soon as you woke up. Ah yes, Keystones and video games from when you woke up at 1pm until you went to the kegger at 10pm. Then watered down keg beer until 1am. Followed by over rated boritos the size of Arnold Governantor's bicep. *nods and smiles* "Ah good times"

I have considered going back to college to actually learn something, but I just don't have the means. If SS dose accept my disability claim, and btw for anyone who has not had to deal with SS it is a fucking pain in the ass no matter what is wrong with you, I will be going back to educate myself, community college definately, strong consideration for a university but nothing decided at this point.

Where did you last vacation and did you like it?
My last vacation was decided on a whim after my life was so crazy that I decided I needed to do something so bizare that it would change my whole perspective. I decided that I NEEDED to swim in an ocean. Well having grown up and still living in illionis, which could not be further from an ocean than anywhere else in the US, that meant travling. My budget? $300 left over from the last job I had. My motivation? Get the hell out of here for a few days. So I get a round trip train ticket and got the hell outa dodge. Yea, the traip trip gave me plenty of time to think about what I was doing and get me real nervous. Here I was all by myself with very little of anything, including $ heading to LA, yea, I was beging to realize the stupidity of going to a city I had never been to before, did not know anyone who lived there and had no means to survive in, alone. So I stuck around for a day, trying to get a tattoo and got to swim in an ocean and see some street performers and what not. Well I could have stayed longer if I felt like finding a hostel, or wanted to sleep out in the open, but, enh, that wasn't going to happen, so I cashing my ticket and headed back just kind of shruging my shoulders about the whole event. I still have mixed feeling about the whole thing, but I got to do what I had set out to do, swim in an ocean. Too bad I didn't have the $ to get that tat, I really want it and still have yet to get it. Guess I just have to live with the two I have now for a while, cause my family sure as hell ain't gonna pay for it, and even if I could, like hell they're going to take me to get one.

What do you find attractive in people?
Attractive, hmmm, not something I think about too often, probably because I either find it attractive or I don't. But first lets start with apperances. I hate people that are so skinny that it looks like they're sticking their finger down their throat every night, and I hate people who are so fat that it looks like they need to stick their finger down their throat every night. But anything inbetween is just fine with me. I like dark hair, red hair or dyed hair, sorry blondes I just not like it that much. Eyes? So long as you look at me with them, I like them.

Other than physical, I like a person who is extremely open minded and willing to experiment and have fun. I hate a person who is a follower and wants to do everything I do though, I like to see you have your own interests and your own independant life. You know experiencing what each other dose once or twice is fine, but come on lets have some appart time, no matter how much we like each other, too much together time will drive even the most in love couple insane, and I do mean litterally crazy I've seen it happen and it ain't pretty. I like a person who pays attention to me, as much as I pay attention to them, well maybe not as much, its hard to be a receptive as I am and I rarely expect people to match what I can do as well as I can do it. But being receptive to those around you and showing that you care is a big thing I care about. You'll find that anyone I've roleplayed with I find attractive, well if they roleplayed well, because I want to see just how creative they can be, what can I say I like to RP a lot. So yes, creativity is one of the most attractive things I can find in a person, someone who makes me believe that I am doing something other than sitting in front of a keyboard is very attractive to me.

What do others do that irritate you?
Hmmmm.... I hate braggers who brag to the world about their exploits, you'll find I have to be asked about mine, or challenged. I hate people who pop into a chat room and say, "So who wants to fuck?" and then leave when no one says "Of course, why wouldn't I want to fuck some random person when I've been flirting with the people in here for four hours." I hate people who don't post their face in their photos, because its hard to get to know someone from a pic of their dick or tits. Especailly when they leave out their eyes, good do I love looking into eyes. And what iritates me the most is shitty role players, people who make shit up to suit their situation just because they don't like what other people did, or for example someone who decides they can see in total darkness just because they want to. Come on RP the situation. In RL nothing much bothers me, but then, I don't much associate with people who irritate me, then again, I don't much associate with many people, I have a tight nit group of friends and a large family, and those are the people I love and associate with.

What do you think is your best quality?
My best quality is my creativity. If anything is going to get me noticed for who I am, that is what its going to be. Oh what did you expect me to say my dic or my hair or my eyes? Come on, would you really want to show interest in someon so shallow that they feel their best quality if physical? Heh, if you do, why did you read this far in my proflie?

What one thing would you change about your personality if you could?
I wouldn't change a damn thing about my personality. The only thing I would change about myself, is this fucking disease that has me at home all the fucking time.

What one question would you want answered in an initial email from another member?
Picture this and asnwer it:

You are in a room lit entirely by candles and black lights. There is a bed in the middle of the room against a wall with two large windows looking out over the city. There is a dresser against the right wall with an incence burner atop it now holding a lit stick of incese with the fragrant aroma of jasmine lofting into the air. There is a leather couch against the right wall. A tv dinner tray is set up near the right head of the bed with a bottle of wine, a cork screw and two wine glasses. I am standing next to the wine wearing a black bathrobe with the belt tied around my waist and the chest pulled open revealing my hairy pecks, my hair is let down falling around my shoulders in brunette curls that loft about with every move of my head, my dull blue/grey eyes look at you through my thin wire framed glasses and a smile forms above my thick moustacheless beard. I pick up the bottle and work the cork screw into the cork, put the bottle between my legs and pull the cork out. I set the screw down and sniff the bottle before pouring two glasses. I pick them both up and offer one to you.

The question is; What are you wearing? What do you look like? And what do you do?

Describe your physique.
I am around 5'11" tall, my body carries a few extra pounds about 180 in the winter and 175 in the summer. My eyes are a dull blue/grey color and always looked relaxed. My lips are medium sized and clearly defined against my face. My face is an oval shape with the scar of a dog bite under my right eye and a beauty mark under my left eye. I have a beard without the moustache hate those things, neck or cheeks. My hair reaches my shoulders, though it is always pulled back into a pony tail, and it is extremely curly, brunette with natural auburn and in the summer auburn highlights. I have very little muscular bulge, but I don't care myself. On my left shoulderblade is a tatto of a lizard with its tail wrapping around my spine. On by left calf is a tatto of a frog sitting on a very colorful mushroom.

What do you do well sexually?
I do just about anything well sexually. I am open to experimentation and love to try new things. Both in RL and online. I can fufill fantasies and rarely ask for my own, hehe I like to be surprised. I have a lot of stamina, I don't stop until the job is done. I like to bring more than just our bodies into the equasion as well. But heh, I don't like to give to much away, *blush*, you'll just have to get into the chat room with me to find out what I can do there, and well in RL? heh you don't know me well enough to know about that yet....

What is the favorite thing you like sexually done to you?
Hmmmm.... I love to be surprised, but my favorite thing thus far? Hmmmm.... actually in RL I've kind of been disapointed cause nothing really spactacular has been done to me, the most creative thing was pouring beer on me, and well that didn't do much for me other than get my bed a little moist. Just surprise me, that's the best thing you can do.

What fantasy(s) are you still waiting to experience?
Anything that surprises me. In RL none of my fantasys have been fufilled, mainly the one about having sex with someone I actually want to and not just someone who was there at the time and said, "So I'm bored, do you want to have sex?" Online, Hmmm I've experience a lot, going to have to try pretty hard to surprise me there.... but if you're creative, I'm sure you can.

What fantasy(s) have you already experienced?
Hmmm... let's see.... RL noting worth noting. Online: Being 2 female vampires and a werewolf turn a man into a vampire, being 1 woman witha guy who could just fuck for god knows how long, deflowering a realy tight virgin, raping a vampire with a priest while a devil stood by and told them what to do, watching 2 vampires get it on, being a female werewolf fuck a male vampire, being tortured by two women but mostly by the inexperienced one while the entire room watched, heh that one was fun, adding to the list every day, heh, my favorite pass time as a matter of fact.

Do you have any STDs (Sexually Transmitted Diseases)?
Nope never have.

Are you looking for a one night stand, to play for a while, or a long-term Adult relationship?
Absolutely, unequivically, long-term relationship.

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