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Music during sex!
For me, stimulation of all senses - especially for the women that I have the privilege to have submit to me - is essential.

One aspect of this is music, and for this, I sometimes use my iPod, loade...More...
16 comments | 0 kudos | posted Jan 26, 2009 9:29AM


Which Would You Choose: Music, Movies, Books, or TV?
You know the old familiar "desert island" game — the "if you were stranded on a desert island, what ________ would you take with you?" question. Well here's today's variation: You can only choose one ...More...
30 comments | 4 kudos | posted Jan 13, 2009 12:27PM


What's your best song from each decade from the 60's to the 90's?
What's your best song from each decade dating back to the 60's to the 90's? I know this will be hard for most of you to name the best song you like from each decade, but I'm sure you can narrow i...More...
25 comments | 2 kudos | posted Dec 5, 2008 5:18PM


Favrite musicien and artist
Well it has been awhile since I came on and blogged. Well if you don't know I am a big music fan and listen to it all the time. I play saxephone whenever I get a chance. My music collection ranges fro...More...
14 comments | 0 kudos | posted Sep 28, 2008 8:39PM


Do you own an I-pod?
Geez, with all the technology out there these days it gets a bit annoying to some of us. Like most everyone these days, I have a cell phone. I'm okay with others having them until I see abuse with the...More...
25 comments | 2 kudos | posted Sep 17, 2008 3:32PM


What are your top 2 music videos of all time?
**************** A while back I did a blog asking what are your top 3 songs of all time. Now I'm asking everyone what is there top 2 videos of all time in your opinion. Mi...More...
21 comments | 2 kudos | posted Aug 7, 2008 3:28AM


Ear worms...

I know. Sounds disgusting, doesn’t it? But it means a song that you can’t get out of your head. One that plays over and over.
I’ve had one that has been going on and on today. Don’t know where ...More...
20 comments | 2 kudos | posted Jul 24, 2008 1:31AM


What are your top song(s) of the 80's? Three's the limit!
What's your favorite top song(s) of the 80's that you feel was underated at the time that was or wasn't given their just due? As for me, not only do I have one, but I have three to list. All th...More...
39 comments | 4 kudos | posted Jun 18, 2008 3:27AM


Wow, I own a business in downtown Charleston
{snickers} I guess with a rap sheet like mine anyone can get a business license. Since it is an honor and a priviledge to do business downtown, I dispense with the jokes. I'm just a peddler. By the wa...More...
1 comment | 0 kudos | posted May 22, 2008 9:06PM


Anybody heard that Mariah Carey song?
Any of you females, If you caught a camera in the bedroom taping you'll have sex would you hunt dude down for real?
0 comments | 0 kudos | posted May 16, 2008 1:58AM


Drivin down the highway doin seventy or so,
I smoke myself a doobie and I do a little blow,
drive right past a trooper so I wave and give a smile
I brought it up to eighty and he caught me in a ...More...
12 comments | 4 kudos | posted Apr 1, 2008 5:13PM


What shall we use to fill the empty spaces,
Where we used to talk?
How shall I fill the final places?
How shall I complete the wall?

I wanna go home,
Take off this uniform and leave the show, ...More...
3 comments | 0 kudos | posted Mar 21, 2008 2:26AM


Wynona's got herself a big brown beaver
and she shows it off to all her friends.
One day, you know, that beaver tried to leave her,
So she caged him up with cyclone fence.
Along came Lou with the ...More...
3 comments | 1 kudo | posted Mar 15, 2008 7:24PM


You think you're gonna to live your life alone
In darkness
And seclusion
Yeah i know
You've been out there
Tried to mix with those animals
And it just left you full of humiliated confusion
So y...More...
5 comments | 2 kudos | posted Mar 11, 2008 9:42AM


I Love to Sing-a
I love to sing-a
About the moon-a and the June-a and the spring-a,
I love to sing-a,
About a sky of blue-a, or a tea for two-a,
Anything-a with a swing-a to an "I love you-a,"
I love to, I...More...
0 comments | 0 kudos | posted Mar 5, 2008 3:21AM


Sunday Morning Funnies (Mostly)
Hey y'all
Once again it is 1am on a Sunday morning and I am hanging out on AMD.
Not that I don't love y'all but I gotta get a life
In the mean time, I think I'll write another blog.
4 comments | 0 kudos | posted Mar 2, 2008 5:28AM


What's the best romantic song ever?
I couldn't sleep so I decided to listen to some music and play on AMD for a bit. That got me thinking about what is actually the best romantic song to listen to. True, some people have differen...More...
22 comments | 4 kudos | posted Mar 2, 2008 3:03AM


The coughing has stopped (mostly) thank goodness! Not sure I could have taken much more.

I have slight discomfort (hate to call it a pain) between my shoulder blades and could really use a m...More...
11 comments | 0 kudos | posted Feb 29, 2008 10:24PM


Who's going to win American Idol?
Kim and I have been watching American Idol together this week, and from what I saw, there are 3 or 4 girls that can make it all the way to the final 5. For the guys I only see one that can make...More...
12 comments | 3 kudos | posted Feb 22, 2008 4:40PM


My Top 30 80's Songs...
After watching some VH1 this week when they counted the Top 100 1980's songs of all time and seeing some friends on here blogging about different songs I want to take time to give my top 30 1980's so...More...
8 comments | 3 kudos | posted Nov 5, 2006 5:17PM

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