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The Mahogany Row Restroom Incident...
I was on the forums today and came across a post asking if people had ever met their soulmate. Here's a story I posted 'on the other side' a year or so ago about the moment when I met my soulmate.
4 comments | 1 kudo | posted Jul 19, 2007 7:22PM


I wish this song were about me and someone else
I would love to say someone's name....

"Lips Of An Angel"

Honey why you calling me so late?
It's kinda hard to talk right now.
Honey why are you crying? Is everything okay? ...More...
4 comments | 2 kudos | posted Jul 17, 2007 7:44PM


personal observations of a day
this is "one of 'those' days". My pony tail is super great. It is a tight curl, the bald-spot is showing minimally, and I don't have too much crazy frizzy stuff on the sides. To bad I didn't have a...More...
2 comments | 0 kudos | posted Jul 8, 2007 7:04PM


love the women and she will love you
hi all girl gess a kiss
0 comments | 0 kudos | posted Jul 1, 2007 7:10AM


Name the Puppy! (yea...I'm back for now!)
Yes, I'm back! Never really left, even though I did cancel my account for awhile. I may just do like Canu did and orphan my profile rather than cancel it. But there's a reason I'm here today...and ...More...
28 comments | 0 kudos | posted Jun 7, 2007 8:30AM


If I could kiss you on your lips,
So gentle, soft, and tender,
A hand on each of your hips,
Just feel you surrender

I'd move my hands upward,
To each side of your face,
Pulling you evermo...More...
5 comments | 0 kudos | posted Jun 5, 2007 10:19PM


Why does it have to be so HARD?
Well, I wonder. I think I filled my profile out very plainly. I explained what I was looking for in no uncertain terms. I am looking for, very specifically, a 'best friend with benefits'.

I am happ...More...
3 comments | 1 kudo | posted May 17, 2007 12:13PM


No "Strings" Attached?
I often find this a puzzling statement, to say the least. Whenever you have an encounter with someone, be it emotional, physical, sexual in nature, there are always 'strings' attatched. At lea...More...
8 comments | 7 kudos | posted May 14, 2007 9:21PM


If the van is rockin' don't c(u)ome a knockin'! =)
Hey everyone, I just thought that I would update all our friends with Kim and I. Everything has been going great, but we're having a little trouble finding her a place of her own. She wants a place of...More...
14 comments | 0 kudos | posted Mar 31, 2007 6:43PM


Weekend Lovefest
I'm not going to be on here all that much in the next few days. As most of you know Kim will be arriving maybe Sunday, and with my house being a mess I will be totally cleaning it starting tonight. I ...More...
30 comments | 0 kudos | posted Mar 23, 2007 3:06PM


true love, plus appropriate amounts of sex
hello to all you lovely ladies out there, and might i say that this man is in some serious need of romance- and he is and has been trying this very shady internet BS and so i met a transvestite, shit ...More...
1 comment | 1 kudo | posted Mar 22, 2007 8:59PM


Update on Kim's trip
Kim was still trying to get everything packed last night and finally managed to get everything on the moving truck. By then it was a little late, going on maybe 8 or 9pm her time, so she decided to dr...More...
11 comments | 0 kudos | posted Mar 22, 2007 2:54PM


Get in my bed!
What is the one phrase that you say (or would say) or hear to/from your lover from time to time other than "I love you"? Ever since I met Kim, we have talked everyday since over the phone and...More...
5 comments | 2 kudos | posted Mar 7, 2007 3:02AM


Because.. There is simply not enough insulin in this world.
To my love, Gerald
Who had been there for me this week, who had helped me through the hard times, and loved me more, if possible because of them. I can't possibly say it any better than this, and th...More...
18 comments | 6 kudos | posted Mar 3, 2007 8:33PM


I don't even know where to start. I'm in this wirlwind, this rush of time and emotions. I feel like I'm loosing it, this can't possibly be happening. Can it? I know I'm loosing control, but some...More...
8 comments | 0 kudos | posted Feb 26, 2007 6:42AM


Sexpot, Honeybunch, Little Sweetie, FoxyMama, Hot to Trot....
Oh yeah, that's my sweetie I'm talking about here. I thought I would do my 200th blog for Kim. She is one hell of a catch and I never thought that I would have found someone all the way out in Washing...More...
5 comments | 2 kudos | posted Feb 19, 2007 4:43AM


What is "attractive" about a woman.
Just what is the fascination of a woman. How is it that of all the things on this green earth, for me at least, there is no "thing"; not money, not power, no material item with the attraction potenti...More...
5 comments | 1 kudo | posted Feb 18, 2007 4:52AM


My Sweetie!
Since I met my sweetie on here about three weeks, we have gotten to know each other more and more each day. Over the past two weeks we have talked over the phone on and off throughout the day and at n...More...
17 comments | 2 kudos | posted Feb 16, 2007 3:41PM


looking for love in all the wrong places
hello, good day and the like. i have been trying to find, very unsuccessfully, to find some ladies who would like to have someone to devote himself to then(her) most absolutely.and i am him- petey hix...More...
1 comment | 0 kudos | posted Feb 14, 2007 11:20AM


So what's wrong with her asking your hand in marriage?
Ladies, would you actually ask your lover's hand in marriage? As for what I think about this, I wouldn't have a problem with her asking me to marry her. I know there's a lot of women out there that is...More...
3 comments | 0 kudos | posted Feb 13, 2007 6:10PM

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