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Yea labels....You have em they have em ive got em. What are they good for? Absolutly nothin say it again "WAR HUH! WHAT THE HELL ITS GOOD FOR HUH! ABSOLUTLY NOTHIN! So why do we have em? Identificati...More...
0 comments | 0 kudos | 32 views | posted Jul 30, 2015 1:10 PM


All natural woman
I love a classy but unpretentious woman - maybe brunette, who does not shave down there.
0 comments | 0 kudos | 31 views | posted Jul 29, 2015 8:17 PM


Lets Hook Up for NSA Los Angeles, California!!!
Hi, to all of you Sweet and Lovely Sexy Ladies!!! I am looking for all of you Sweet and Lovely Sexy Ladies in the Los Angeles, California area specially by the beach!!! Please, all of y...More...
0 comments | 0 kudos | 36 views | posted Jul 27, 2015 2:42 AM


I have never jacked it so hard.
Actually passed out, lol.
1 comment | 0 kudos | 89 views | posted Jul 22, 2015 5:04 AM


Mockingbird and Watchman: Some Thoughts
The other day I stopped in at my local bookstore to pick up “Go Set A Watchman,” the new
novel by Harper Lee. While I was at it, I decided to purchase Ms. Lee’s debut novel, “To Kill A
Mockingbird ...More...
4 comments | 0 kudos | 99 views | posted Jul 17, 2015 8:26 PM


Penis in Vagina time. PENIS IN VAGINA TIME!!!
Dear god, that felt like nothing at all! Hullo AMD and hello to random people that happen upon this, because why the fuck not? It's seems like it's been a long time since I've done some real blogging ...More...
2 comments | 0 kudos | 115 views | posted Jul 15, 2015 2:11 AM


be careful out there
Well i met what appeared to good to be true" lol it was . Boy am i gullable. Very attractive but never spoke in a year and a halc" wrong" of course the money flowed and soon became daddy! "Not" after ...More...
0 comments | 0 kudos | 63 views | posted Jul 12, 2015 5:23 PM


Wonder how the 'WORKING' people are doing today? (The Scammers)
tagged: general
I'm just wondering if men and women are acting as women to team up on men? Or is it women gets all men and men goes after the poor older women?
I'm wondering where's the main offices for these 'worke...More...
0 comments | 0 kudos | 51 views | posted Jul 11, 2015 7:58 PM


What to do about all these scam girl ads?
tagged: scams
Every single girl for two weeks now has been complete scams. How in the world can we put up or calm down scams on this site. I think I've talked to one nice lady but, not sure if she would want a old ...More...
0 comments | 0 kudos | 45 views | posted Jul 11, 2015 2:38 PM


What does it take to find a woman to give THEM oral these days?
tagged: sex, oral, head
I'm on many sex dating and regular ones looking for oral encounters. It's either I'm a single male, not young enough or privates are not big enough for them. Lol I'm getting so depressed. I know I'm n...More...
0 comments | 0 kudos | 68 views | posted Jul 10, 2015 4:20 PM


A message to Dylann Storm Roof
tagged: storm, rant, rage
How does it feel to fail? Seriously, how does it feel to fail so hard in the eyes of the entirety of the human race? I’ve seen all the proof I need to realize that you… Dylann Storm Roof, are an epic ...More...
0 comments | 0 kudos | 54 views | posted Jul 10, 2015 5:15 AM


With 7+ Bil on Earth, 5.1% are female. Where's my Bi girl?
I have been thinking (that's proably a bad idea) to myself where is my Bi girlfriend? Or where is my submissive slave living at in this world who would actully want me in her life.
So, where ...More...
0 comments | 0 kudos | 51 views | posted Jul 9, 2015 2:08 PM


A Troll Is…
The following traits may sound familiar to members who have been here for several years:
A troll is intelligent. Anyone who interrupts what may be termed as a closed conversation, in an attem...More...
0 comments | 1 kudo | 65 views | posted Jul 9, 2015 12:42 AM


The Way To A Woman’s Heart…
tagged: humor
To me, the easiest way to get closer to a woman is through her pet (or pets). For example, one
woman I knew refused to see a gentleman friend a second time, all because he pushed one of
her three c...More...
0 comments | 0 kudos | 47 views | posted Jul 8, 2015 10:29 PM


So, it's been a while.
tagged: update
Since I've wondered into the blogs here. A few things in my life have changed. Let's see:

November 25, 2013, got a call 2 in the morning from my sister that our mother had passed away. That was the...More...
2 comments | 0 kudos | 90 views | posted Jul 8, 2015 7:23 PM


The Way Things Used To Be
The first two words one might want to research in order to understand this post are...
etymology......and dictionary!

3 comments | 1 kudo | 104 views | posted Jul 4, 2015 12:11 AM


Social Media - what do you use?
I seem to have hit a on a touchy subject with a young woman here on AMD whom I had been exchanging messages. This is a woman (I think) who I do not know where she lives (so many people here on AMD use...More...
5 comments | 0 kudos | 123 views | posted Jul 3, 2015 4:49 PM


"G" Rated Movie, "X" Rated Goodies!
Well, HERE'S something novel!...More...
0 comments | 0 kudos | 51 views | posted Jul 2, 2015 2:56 PM


0 comments | 0 kudos | 63 views | posted Jun 30, 2015 9:30 AM


On Veracity: Of Timekeeping, 4:20, and Snopes (With a Nod to Bruce)

It's been some time since I posted, or, indeed, commented to, any blog at this hallowed site,
so I thought I'd stop in and contribute a few thoughts (if for no other reason than to alleviate
4 comments | 2 kudos | 122 views | posted Jun 30, 2015 12:12 AM

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